Levoit Vista 200 vs Lv-h132. What should you consider ?

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Indoor air pollution is a reality, even when many people think that the air inside their houses is cleaner just because they have their houses closed almost at all times. The World Health Organization reports that indoor air pollution is one of the leading risk factors of premature deaths. Today, we bring you a solution to the dirty and unclean air in your house. The Levoit company has 2 efficient air purifiers that we shall compare the Levoit vista 200 vs LV-h132.

In this blog review, we look at the Levoit vista 200 and levoit lv-h132. The vista 200 and lv-h132 both come at very affordable prices and are one of the good air purifiers under $100. Many users just need an air purifier that will get the job done at an affordable price.

Quick Overview of the levoit vista 200 vs lv-h132

The Levoit vista 200 has a three-stage filtration process, that is, air first passes through a fine pre-filter, a True HEPA filter and then lastly an activated Carbon filter. This filtration process also applies to the Levoit LV-h132.

Considering air flow capacity, the Levoit company hasn’t listed any definitive figures for the two air purifiers, however, we think it is around 50 cubic feet of air per minute. Both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 have up to 3 fan speeds and which are not very many as compared to other competitors on the market.

The Levoit LV-h132 comes at a similar price (depending on the retailer) with the vista 200 and they share some design aspects and a few differences when it comes to features. The LV-h132 was released before the vista 200, and has been tried, tested and loved by many of its users. The Levoit LV-h132 is designed for rooms of up to 129 square feet and the Vista 200 for rooms of up to 161 square feet.

The prices being being more or less the same must have you wondering why but let us look at a more detailed comparison of the Levoit vista 200 ad LV-h132 that can enlighten us.

What are the main differences between the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132?

Even with the two air purifiers looking alike, it is shocking that one is twice as heavy as the other. The Levoit vista 200 weighs only 3.3 pounds, and its counterpart the LV-h132 weighs up to 6.45 pounds. Two major functions which significantly distinguish the Vista 200 from the LV-h132 are the sleep mode and the timer-off mode.

If you want a device that you can set to automatically turn itself off after a particular amount of time then the Levoit Vista 200 is the obvious choice. The sleep mode function is another plus for the levoit vista 200. The sleep mode operates by automatically reducing the fan speed so that less power is used.

Levoit vista 200 vs lv-h132 room square footage

Both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 are used for filtering air within indoor spaces, however, the size of a room that each air purifier is recommended to cover effectively are different. For the Levoit vista 200, the largest room square footage it can cover is 161 sq. ft. while in contrast, the Levoit LV-h132 covers a lesser room square footage of 129 sq. ft.

Levoit lv-h132 and Vista 200: Size, Height and Weight

Both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 look alike when viewed next to each other. But the two have a difference in height, the Levoit vista 200 is 12.91 inches in height and the Levoit LV-h132 is 14.5 inches.

Despite having a similar cylindrical shape, it is easy to see that the two have a bit of a difference in size with the LV-h132 being a bit bigger. For weight, the Levoit LV-h132 is way heavier than the vista 200. The LV-h132 weighs up to 6.29 pounds and the vista 200 is a bit of a light weight at 3.3 pounds.

What are the main similarities between the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132?

The levoit vista 200 and lv-h132 Fan speeds

For both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132, a user can adjust between 3 different fan speeds. These include Low, medium and high.

Low fan speed offers a quieter, more serene and power-efficient mode. This is perfect for sleeping hours (There is, however, a dedicated sleep more for the vista 200)

Medium fan speed sound is not so loud and its power consumption is higher.

The High fan speed is the loudest and consumes the highest power. The advantage is that it gets the job done quicker.

lv-h132 and vista 200 Touch Control Panels

Both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 feature a touch control panel with buttons that can be used to change settings of the air purifiers.

The difference in the control panels is that, for the Levoit vista 200, once you touch a button on the control panel, it will light up. This gives the panel an aesthetically pleasant look and user-friendly feel. This is not the case with the Lv-h132, whose buttons do not illuminate with light upon each touch. However, for the Lv-h132 touch control panel, whenever you touch a button, a sound is made.

touch control panel
touch control panel

Cylindrical design

Both the Levoit vista 200 and lv-h132 are compact in shape and design. The beauty with these air purifiers is their portability. They can easily be carried and as well fit in any room of choice. Looking at their small cylindrical compact design, it is obvious they were intended for smaller rooms or offices and not large apartments. This compact design comes fitted with a 3-stage filtration process and up to 3 fan speeds.

Vista 200 and lv-h132 HEPA filter

The Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 have an inbuilt H13 HEPA filter, whose main purpose is to purify the air by doing away with tiny and very small particles.

It removes 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

Carbon filter

In addition to the HEPA filter is a carbon filter for both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132. This specifically purifies air from chemical vapors like in cigarette smoke, mold odors and gasses or other smells in the air which might affect your respiratory system.

Three-stage filtration process

The Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 support up to 3 stages of air purification. These include,

Pre-filter: To capture large pollutants and particles like pet fur, hairs

HEPA Filter: This is said to capture 99% of fine dust and allergens

Activated Carbon filter: It absorbs odors and fumes like smoke, cooking smells, wildfire fogs, etc.

Levoit 3 stages of filtration
Levoit 3 stages of filtration

The Purchase Price

It is surprising how both the Levoit vista 200 and lv-h132 are priced the same even though the Levoit vista 200 has some extra features.

The prices of both devices are usually the same but may differ depending on the retailer.

No wireless connectivity

Both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 are manually controlled and do not have wireless connectivity like some other high end air purifiers.

Noise output level

Both the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 have a noise output that falls within the same range. For lower power modes, they produce less noise since less power is being used. However, for higher power modes, some of these air purifiers produce weirdly loud sounds which may not be user-friendly.

The Vista 200 produces a noise output level between 26 – 52 dB and the LV-h132 produces noise within a similar range.

Distinct features of the Levoit vista 200

Dedicated Sleep Mode

The Levoit Vista has a dedicated sleep mode function. At just a touch of a button on the vista 200, the sleep mode will be activated and will run at the lowest fan speed. The purifier will continue cleaning the air while it operates at a very low sound. This works best in the night and it runs without disturbing your sleep or making breathing any harder.

Timer-off feature

In case you want to turn off your Levoit vista 200 air purifiers for some time, the device has a dedicated timer off button. The timer comes calibrated with turn off times, that is, 2 hours, 4 hours or even 8 hours. This works best for example; if you have an 8-hour working day and you don’t want to have to remember to turn on your air purifier when you are back from work.

Levoit Vista 200 Pros

  • CARB compliant
  • Pocket friendly price
  • The Levoit’s purchase price is affordable. It is a low cost air purifier which gives you good value for your money.

Levoit Vista 200 Cons

  • No wireless capability
  • No air quality reporting
  • Maintenance expenses
  • The purchase price for replacement filters is high over time.

Unique features of the Levoit LV-h132

Gentle Night Light

So as to cover up for not having a sleep mode, the Levoit LV-h132 has a gentle night light feature. This reduces the display light brightness during night time. In addition, the LV-h132 comes with two brightness settings.

Levoit Lv-h132 Pros

  • It is affordable in price
  • HEPA + Carbon filter
  • For an air purifier in its price range, having both the HEPA and Carbon filters, necessary for perfect air purification, this is a plus.

Levoit Lv-h132 Cons

  • Small room square footage: It can purify air for rooms of sizes up to only 129 sq. ft.
  • No wireless capability
  • No air quality reporting
  • Expensive Maintenance expenses: You have to change the air filters rather frequently.

Levoit vista 200 Vs LV-h132: Which one is better?

With all the features, pros and cons explained above, we give a tabular break down of the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132 features.

 Levoit vista 200Levoit LV-h132
Fan speeds33
Wi-Fi connectivityNoNo
Weight3.3 pounds6.45 pounds
Dimensions7.9 x 7.9 x 12.91 inches8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches
Construction typePlasticPlastic
Auto modeNoNo
HEPA filterYesYes
Carbon FilterYesYes
Room Square footage161 sq. ft129 sq. ft
Power Consumption15 Watts28 Watts
Warranty (depending on retailer)2 years1 year
ControlsManual buttons on deviceManual buttons on device
Height12.91 inches14.5 inches

Conclusion of the levoit vista 200 vs lv-h132

Finally, our review of the Levoit vista 200 vs Levoit LV-h132 comes to an end. Both air purifiers are identical in design and shape but with a few differences in features.

In our opinion, the Levoit vista 200 is a better buy and worth it. Since we know that both air purifiers are similar in price, we end up only considering their individual specifications in this match up.

In conclusion, the Levoit vista 200 is better at purifying larger rooms and also has two additional features (night mode and timer-off) that are very handy and give it a more competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Levoit vista 200 and LV-h132

How often should the filters be replaced for the Levoit Vista 200 and LV-h132?

For the Levoit vista 200 a filter needs to be replaced approximately between 5-6 months. For the Levoit lv-h132, a filter needs to be replaced between 6-8 months.

However, filter replacement highly depends on the air quality and the frequency of use. If you run the air purifier more frequently, even at low settings, the filter replacement indicator light might come on earlier than the approximated replacement time.

What is the main difference between the Levoit vista 200 vs LV-h132

The main difference is that levoit vista 200 has a sleep mode and timer button on its touch panel while the levoit lv-h132 doesn't have those features available.

Another difference is in the control panel design and the room area they can cover. We have the levoit vista 200 covering rooms of up to 161 sq. ft while the levoit lv-h132 can cover rooms of up to 121 sq. ft.

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