Levoit vital 100 vs lv-pur131. Which levoit should you pick?

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Are you worried about the quality of air around your home or office? Are you considerably looking for air purifying options among the Levoit models? Levoit has different models of air purifiers and these include but are not limited to Levoit vital 100, Levoit core 300, Levoit LV-H133, and Levoit LV-PUR 131. In this article, we are specifically focusing on only two models: levoit vital 100 vs lv-pur131. We analyze for you the similarities, differences and the better option of the two. 

Summary of the levoit vital 100 vs lv-pur131

Both purifiers perform well, and there should be no worry for those who have purchased either of them. However, in this comparison we find the levoit lv-Pur131 a better option. 

Why levoit lv-Pur131 is better

  • Ultra-quiet performance
  • Electronic touch and smart features
  • Auto mode fan adjustment depending on the changes in the air quality

levoit lv-pur131
Levoit lv-pur131

In case you find it a bit pricey, you can equally opt for the Levoit vital 100. This is because they share a lot in common and levoit vital 100 can still do a good job. 

Differences between Levoit vital 100 vs lv-PUR131

Design and Size

The Levoit vital 100 is almost identical to other previous models. It is bulky and measures about 16.1 inches in height and 6.4 inches in width. In fact, Levoit 100 weighs about 10 lbs. This makes it portable and suitable for small and medium rooms. Design ways, lv-PUR131 is quite different from vital 100. It comes with a control panel that makes it unique compared to the Vital 100. Besides, PUR131 measures about 7 and 18 inches in depth and height respectively.

Room Coverage 

Before making a decision on which type of purifier to purchase. You should know that room coverage is an important factor to consider. This is because purifiers vary in terms of how they cover the rooms. Notably, this makes the standing difference between our purifiers. This is because lv-PUR131 effectively covers about 360 ft2 while Levoit vital 100 covers about 300 ft2. Ultimately, this means that in terms of room coverage, LV-PUR131 is the better purifier. 

Air Quality Monitor

LV-PUR131 has a real-time air quality monitor, while levoit vital 100 does not. This feature is used to monitor the air quality and display the results. The PUR131 monitor keeps changing colors ranging from red, yellow, green, and blue depending on the pollution level. You will always be aware of air quality in the room if you choose to go with the levoit lv-pur131. 

levoit pur131 control panel with air quality display and auto mode
Control panel with Air quality display and auto mode

Auto mode

The lv-PUR131 has an auto mode feature while the Vital 100 does not. The auto mode feature detects the air quality and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This means PUR131 is more advantageous in terms of air quality control. 


Performance wise, PUR131 also outclasses vital 100. Typically, this is because PUR131 purifies air much faster in a specific period of time. PUR131 has a CADR rating of 135 cfm/230 m3/h. While Vital 100 has a CADR rating of 130 cfm/ 221 m3/h. This means lv-PUR131 can filter air more quickly than the vital 100. 


This is also a vital factor as many people are averse to loudness, especially at night. The vital 100 noise levels range from 23–50dB depending on the fan speed. LV-PUR131 noise levels range from 27–52dB depending on the fan speed. This therefore means that the lv-PUR131 is somewhat louder than vital 100.

Energy Consumption

The lv-pur131 is rated 40W while the Vital 100 is rated 55W. Under normal circumstances everyone would think that vital 100 performs better but it is not the case. Seemingly, lv-pur131 has an inbuilt technology that boosts the energy efficiency to ensure it meets its duties with minimal power usage. Therefore, for those who think a lot about bills, lv-pur131 should be your obvious choice. 

Similarities between Levoit vital 100 vs lv-PUR131

Three level filtration system 

Both air purifiers operate with three filtration stages. These stages include the True HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and pre-filter. These filtration stages help the purifier to clear up to 99% of airborne particles. 

3 stage filtration lv-pur131 and vital 100
3 stage filtration for lv-pur131 and vital 100


Both purifiers operate with a timer. You can set the time you wish to have the air purified and when it elapses the device turns itself off. In doing so, these purifiers tend to be effective in saving energy. 

Air filter indicator

Both purifiers share this feature as it enables the user to know when to change the filter. You do not need to stress yourself opening the device to check whether the filters need to change. Ultimately, this makes both devices comparable in terms of functionality. 

Sleep mode setting

These purifiers give the user a continued indoor purification even when they are asleep. When adjusted to sleep mode, both purifiers work perfectly without the user having to worry about noise. 

Setup and Usability

Both models are easy to set up as they operate on a few steps. The usability set up of these purifiers entails about four steps of assembling and starting the purification. 

Levoit vital 100 Review 

Levoit Vital 100
Levoit Vital 100

Vital 100 is one of the good air purifiers on the market. This purifier comes with a three-stage filtration system. These help it remove the common pollutants. The filters include: 

  • Pre-filter
  • True HEPA filter
  • Activated carbon filter

The pre-filter is designed to capture large particles such as hair, dust and lint. It also protects other internal filters from getting damaged. 

True HEPA filter. This filter captures 99.97 percent of the small particles of up to 0.3 microns. These include pollutants such as bacteria, pollen, allergens, dust mites and some viruses. 

Activated carbon filter. This filter enables vital 100 to absorb irritating odors produced by smoke or cooking. It also removes Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Although vital 100 is of an average size, it has the capacity to cleanse the air in a room of 300 square feet. Such clean air delivery ratings make vital 100 a good choice. 

Levoit Vital 100 is equipped with a LED display. With this display you can adjust the air purifier settings. This makes it user-friendly.

The unit also comes with 3 fan speeds. These function by you manually turning up the fan in case you want it to run quickly. Or turning it down, if you would rather a slow paced purification. When there are many contaminants, you can run the fan speed at maximum.

Vital 100 has a timer. This allows you to schedule it depending on how you want it to operate. 

It is also equipped with sleep mode. When activated it virtually operates quietly. You can turn on sleep mode and switch the display off. Your sleep will not be interrupted. 

Levoit Vital Pros

  • Energy efficient
  • Washable pre-filter
  • 100% ozone-free
  • Quiet operations

Levoit Vital 100 Cons

  • No auto mode
  • limited room area coverage

Levoit Lv-PUR131 Review

levoit lv-pur131
Levoit lv-pur131

  • The device weighs about 11 pounds. This makes it easier to shift in case you want to switch rooms.  
  • Lv-PUR131 also has a three-level filtration system. These include pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter. 
  • Lv-PUR131 has an energy start certification which means it is an energy-saving air purifier.  
  • It also comes with the LCD display that displays all the necessary machine and air quality information, and you can make adjustments with the provided buttons. 

Lv-Pur131 comes with a standard set of smart features. Although they are not so advanced, they are pretty adequate for any user. Among these features includes 

  • Timer. This enables the user to adjust the air purifier as they wish. The timer allows an increment of up to 12 hours. 
  • The air quality indicator. This provides real-time information using colors red, yellow, green, and blue depending on the quality of air in its surrounding. 
  • Auto mode. This allows the device to automatically turn off or on upon detecting the air quality level. 
  •  Sleep mode. When turned on, the fans operate at their lowest producing almost no noise. However, the sleep does not turn the light off. This may become a problem for those who are sensitive to light when sleeping. 
  • Filter change indicator. It reminds you of when it is time to change your filter. It should be noted that pur131 has no indicator for pre-filter. 

The coverage area of pur131 is about 360 square feet. This is good enough for medium and large rooms. 

Pur131 does not have an ionizer. This is good news for people who distance themselves from ozone-producing appliances. 

Levoit lv-pur131 Pros

  • Ozone free
  • Three-stage filtration
  • Timer 
  • Sleep mode function
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto mode

Levoit lv-pur131 Cons

  • Requires changing filters every six months
  • Slightly costs higher
  • No handle 

Levoit lv-pur131 vs vital 100 Comparison Table

Features Levoit vital 100pur 131
Coverage area300 ft2360 ft
Stages of filtration 33
Noise level23-50 dB25- 52dB
Auto modeNo Yes 
Air quality indicatorNo Yes 
Filter change indicatorNo Yes 
Timer Yes Yes 
Energy star ratingYes Yes 
Air purification99.97%99.97%

Conclusion: levoit vital 100 vs lv-pur131

There is no doubt that air purifiers are vital for our health. They have the ability to capture air pollutants that can be inhaled. Although air purifiers play a significant role, not all perform the same. It is against this background that our comparison of the Levoit vital 100 vs pur131 recommends the levoit pur131. 

We suggest the levoit lv-pur131 because it has better features that would make the whole experience simpler. It has a wider coverage area, meaning those with large rooms can benefit more. The auto mode further makes the levoit PUR131 smarter and the better option.

Levoit vital 100 and pur 131 share a lot in common. Levoit vital 100 is still a fantastic purifier and there are no significant disadvantages if anyone opts for it.


Frequently asked questions 

  1. Do these air purifiers purify cigarette smoke?

Yes, both of the above purifiers come with the activated carbon filter, which helps remove the smoke smell odor particles. However, home smoking may make the filters become dirtier faster. This may lead to additional expenses resulting from frequent replacement of the filters. 

  1. How do I detect that there are pollutants in the home?

You do not need to detect as most purifiers come with auto sensors that detect contaminants and cleanse automatically. 

  1. Which is the standard noise level for an air purifier?

The standard noise level for an air purifier is 36 dB. 

 4. For how long should I run my air purifier in a day?

You can run your air purifier for at least 12 hours a day. It is still okay not to schedule it. But you should note that the longer you leave your purifier on, the cleaner your air will be.

  1. Can I leave my windows open with the air purifier on?

Yes, you can run your air purifier with the windows open. It is good to mix in the fresh air. Your purifier will work regardless of whether windows are open or not.

  1. Where can I place my air purifier?

You know your home or office better than anyone else. The best idea would be to place the air purifier next to the primary source of air pollution.  

7. What happens if the filter requires replacement even before 6 months elapse?

If the intelligent life calculation function shows that the life span of the filter has elapsed before six months then it should be replaced as soon as possible.

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