5 Best Air Purifiers with White Noise

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The air quality in most environments we live in is not good for our health. In wake of this problem, most people have been quick to get themselves air purifiers. These are good air cleansers that everyone needs to have. However, air purifiers can quickly become a complete nuisance. This is because of the sound most of them produce. You may fail to sleep or have good conversations with your family. If you are experiencing such a problem or you want to avoid it, you do not need to worry.  Air purifiers with white noise can help you get rid of such inconveniences. In this article, we have identified the 5 best air purifiers with white noise.

Summary of our selected best air purifiers with white noise. 

Product nameBlueair Blue Pure 411+ Air PurifierTechCare Air PurifierLevoit Vista 200 Air purifierLasko Portable 4 Speed Air PurifierGermGuardian True HEPA Air Purifier
Noise level17-4623-4526-4326-5326-55
Fan speed33344
Sleep modeyesYesYesYesYes
Type of filterHEPA silentTrue HEPATrue HEPATrue HEPATrue HEPA
Stages of filtration33323

What is pink noise vs white noise?

The color of noise usually depends on the distribution of energy over different frequencies or sound speed. Pink noise entails all frequencies that can be heard. But, the energy is not distributed equally. At low frequency, it can become more intense, thus creating a deep sound. It can use both deeper and lower sound waves and become gentle. Examples of pink noise include waves on a beach, steady rain and wind going through trees.

White noise also contains all audible frequencies. Unlike the energy in pink noise, in white noise it is equally distributed across all frequencies. This equal distribution generates a steady humming sound. Some examples of white noise include humming air conditioner, radio static and whirring fan.

Can a white noise machine be too loud?

White noise machines are sufficiently loud to obscure noise pollution. However, they may become too loud to an extent of damaging your hearing. According to the CDC the sounds below 60 dB do not cause any hearing damage. However, anything more beyond that may not be good for you. Some white noise machines can be louder, generating more than 85 dB noise levels. This is  considered too loud for your hearing. This is particularly harmful to young children. 

What is a safe dB noise level?

Noise levels below 60 dB can be considered safe. Between 60-80 you might feel very annoyed with the noise.  Any noise above 85 dB can be harmful to your hearing. 

Do air purifiers produce white noise?

Yes, air purifiers produce white noise. However, you should note that not all of them do. There are specific air purifiers that have the capability to produce white noise. 

Do air purifiers make a lot of noise?

In most cases, noise from air purifiers is ambient, when compared to other noise-producing appliances at home. However, depending on the fan speed and the model of the air purifier, the noise produced can be high. CDC articulates that anything below 60 dB can be considered average noise. This can be compared to a normal conversation or an air conditioner. However, due to the effects of loud noise, we recommend not to have your air purifier beyond 50 dB. This will help you keep your hearing safe. 

Should I sleep with an air purifier on?

You can sleep with your air purifier on. It is okay to leave your air purifier on, since air pollution is a continuous problem. There are no significant health effects to leaving your unit operating the whole night. In fact, the air from the air purifier will aid in easing your breathing as you sleep. However, if you are sensitive to dryness, you need to ensure that the air purifier is not directly blowing into your face. Also, you need to ensure the noise levels generated by the air purifier is less than 50 dB  for adults and you can possibly try to take it to 30 dB if you have infants. Just to be on the safe side.

Is it ok to play white noise all night?

Yes. There is no problem with playing white noise all night. You would not want noise episodes to interrupt your nighttime sleep. You can put on white noise while you sleep. Average white sound noise levels have no effect on your health, even if it is on for the whole night. The average noise levels can be 50 dB, which is equivalent to the sound made by a properly working refrigerator. 

What noise level is safe for babies?

Babies’ ears are more sensitive and can easily be affected by excessive noise. To protect your baby, you need to at least keep the noise levels below 50 db.This can be equated to a quiet conversation or home refrigerator. If you are too cautious you can go as low as 30 db which is equivalent to a whisper or the ticking of a wall clock

The benefits of white noise for babies

  • White noise calms down babies and makes them get the sleep they need.
  • White noise can block other noises to keep the child’s sleep uninterrupted. 

5 Best air purifiers with White noise

1. Blueair Blue Pure 411+ air purifier

Blueair 411 plus Air purifier with white noise
Blueair 411+

First on this list of the best air purifier with white noise, is the Blueair Pure 411+ air purifier. This blue pure air purifier also produces white noise. You can produce white noise with the lowest setting all the way up to the maximum. Depending on the fan speed, Blueair pure 411+ generates noise between 17-46 dB.

This air purifier comes with 6 optional colors for its prefilters. You can also leave it in its white mesh frame if you are comfortable with that look.

Blueair pure 411+ air purifier filters air at an industry-recommended rate of 4.8 times per hour. This helps to lower the levels of airborne contaminants. The device uses HEPA silent filtration technology.

The HEPA filter helps remove odors and gases. This technology is proven to remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles such as dust and pollen.

The device has a 3600 air intake. This means it can be placed anywhere in the room.

You do not need to stress with complex control panels. This air purifier comes with only one button that you use to operate the air purifier. You only have to press it when starting the unit. When there is a need to replace the filter, the purifier will notify you.

Why Blueair Blue Pure 411+ is on our list of air purifiers with white noise 

  • Noise output. The unit provides varying noise levels depending on the fan speed. However, you can still get white noise with all its fan speed settings. Blue Pure 411+ generates noise levels between 17-46 dB. You can purify your air at maximum speed and your hearing will not be affected by the generated white noise.  
  • HEPA silent filtration. This technology is as efficient as true HEPA. However, it uses less energy and produces less noise. So, you can have your device operate at maximum speed, but still produce less noise (46 dB). Therefore, at the highest fan speed, you can still read your book, or have uninterrupted sleep.
  • Energy efficient. The unit uses less energy than the average LED light bulb. An average LED light bulb consumes 10 watts. This means for this air purifier, you can let it run all night. For those who enjoy white noise during sleep, you can have it on all night.


  • One button control
  • Energy star rated
  • Washable pre-filters
  • 3600 air intake
  • Quiet operations


  • No auto mode

2. TechCare Air Purifier

TechCare air purifier with white noise
TechCare Air Purifier

TechCare is our second entry to this list of best air purifier with white noise. This air purifier generates average sound levels to ensure your hearing remains safe. The noise levels it generates ranges from 23-45. 

This comes with an advanced 3-stage filtration that includes a true HEPA filter. These are proven to trap and remove 99% of particles of up to 0.3 microns.

The unit has a filter indicator. This will help you know when the filters need replacement.

TechCare air purifier is designed with 3 fan speed levels. These can be used depending on the current levels of air pollution. Higher pollution will need stronger fan speed.

This air purifier is ARB certified. It emits zero ozone and uses low energy during operation.

Why TechCare Air Purifier is on our list of air purifiers with white noise 

  • Generates white noise. The unit generates noise levels between 23- 45 db. This means you can enjoy the comfort of white noise without affecting your hearing in the long run. The air purifier can give you double service. You will have your air cleansed while masking irritating noises especially during sleep.
  • True HEPA filters. These remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns in size. In addition to uninterrupted sleep, your air quality will be safe for breathing. You will get rid of allergens, congested noses, and other irritations caused by airborne pollutants.
  • Ozone free. TechCare air purifier is 100% ozone-free. Ozone is known for causing health problems. These include throat irritations, coughing and congestion. It can also worsen respiratory conditions such as asthma. Since it is ozone free, you can also put the unit in your child’s bedroom.
  • Area coverage. The unit can cover up to 120 square feet. This coverage can be good for your bedroom, sitting room or office.
  • Filter indicator. TechCare air purifier will always update you on when the filters need replacement. This will help you not to risk your air quality due to malfunctions caused by worn-out filters.


  • Night light
  • Silent operations
  • Ozone free
  • Timer


  • No child and pet lock

3. Levoit Vista 200 Air purifier

levoit vista 200 air purifier with white noise
Levoit Vista 200

Vista 200 is another good solution for those who want to address the quality of air. On top of purifying the air, it also generates white-noise.

This unit is designed with a 3-stage filtration. These include pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter and Activated carbon filter. These work together to effectively remove dust mites, allergens, odors, mold spores, VOCs and pet dander.

Vista 200 is energy efficient. It uses a brushless motor that makes it consume less energy. It can consume as little as 0.9W of electricity. This means you can easily run it for 24 hours without incurring huge financial costs.

The unit is equipped with sleep mode. This mode makes the device run at the lowest fan speed producing 26 dB of white noise.

The device does not use UV or ions. These elements are known for producing trace amounts of ozone. Ozone can irritate the lungs and cause respiratory complications.

During night, vista 200 provides a warm night light with level 2 brightness. This gives you a nice uninterrupted sleep.

Why Levoit Vista 200 is on our list of air purifiers with white noise 

  • Noise levels. Vista 200 generates less than 43 db noise on maximum setting. With this average noise level it creates  good white noise. You will easily be able to mask out any unwanted noises.
  • Air pollution control. Vista 200 is equipped with a true HEPA filter. This can capture up to 99.97% of allergens such as dust, pollen, dander and others of up to 0.3 microns in size. Additionally, activated carbon filters help remove unpleasant odors from cooking, smoking as well as diaper changing. This means your sleep will not be disturbed by noise or by lingering smells.
  • Ozone free. Vista 200 is 100% ozone free. This means there is no risk of respiratory conditions if you use the air purifier. In this regard, you can have it in your baby’s room. So, you can have your baby comfortably sleep while covered with white noise. This will prolong its sleep and overall health.
  • Energy efficient. As discussed above, visita 200 consumes 0.9W of electricity per day. This means you do not need to worry about energy consumption. You can have it operate for the whole day, without having a noticeable difference on the electricity bill.


  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Timer
  • Night light
  • Ozone free


  • No child lock
  • Not durable

4. Lasko Portable 4 Speed Premium Air Purifier

lasko lp450 air purifier
Lasko LP450 Air Purifier

Lasko portable air purifier is another good device that produces white noise and is on our list of best air purifiers with white noise. It comes with HEPA filter premium. The 2-stage True HEPA filtration removes up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants. 

Lasko generates noise in the range of 26-53.  You can achieve white noise with this unit but you need to take caution  and avoid the highest setting. This is because the noise created at the highest setting might be a bit dangerous and unsettling especially within the proximity of a baby. This is because it may have a significant impact on its hearing.

This air purifier is good for a room of up to 232 square feet. It is capable of capturing odors, smoke, VOCs, dust, pet dander, mold spores and more.

The unit is equipped with electronic touch controls. You adjust the device settings according to your preferences. You can set it to auto off timer mode, operate dream mode and you can also choose from 4 cleaning speeds. Similarly, you can activate the unit’s ultra-low settings. This makes it quiet and dims the display light by 75%.

Lasko Portable 4 Speed Premium Air Purifier has a CADR of 150 for smoke, 180 for pollen and 157 for dust. All these ratings are based on a 232 square feet room.

Why Lasko Portable is on our list of air purifiers with white noise 

  • White noise. Lasko produces white noise when operating. On a low setting, the air purifier will help you have uninterrupted sleep as the white noise will mask small noises around. It will also help you make your baby sleep. 
  • True HEPA filtration. The unit uses a 2-stage filtration that helps protect you against common airborne pollutants. This means your room will be free from VOCs, odors, mold, pet dander and others.
  • Cleans air fast. Lasko Portable 4 Speed Premium Air Purifier can cleanse the air in 15X15 rooms in just 15 minutes. This air purifier can be a good addition to bedrooms, or any other room in your apartment or house of up to 232 square feet.
  • 4 fan speed. Lasko Portable 4 Speed Premium Air Purifier comes with 4 fan speed. You can get white noise on medium and high settings. So, you will be protected from other noise frequencies that may come from televisions, people’s conversations and others.
  • Easy to use. The unit comes with a simple control panel. You can easily adjust the fan speeds and also set the 8-hour auto-off timer. Moreover, it has a filter replacement reminder light.


  • Large coverage capacity
  • Reduces odors
  • Cleans air fast
  • Electronic touch control
  • 4 fan speed


  • Loud on speed 3 and 4
  • No child or pet lock

5. GermGuardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier

GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier
GermGuardian Air Purifier

Last but not least, on our list of best air purifiers with white noise, is the GermGuardian True HEPA filter air purifier. This 5-in-1 air purifier can also produce a decent amount of white noise. It is equipped with True HEPA filters. These can reduce up to 99.97% of airborne particles such as dust, pet dander, germs and mold spores.

More so, the unit comes with UV-C light. This helps kill airborne viruses like rhinovirus, influenza and staph. It also works with Titanium dioxide to deal with volatile organic compounds.

The pre-filters on the device help trap large particles. These include pet hair, dust and others.  This helps prolong the life of its HEPA filters because it reduces how quickly the HEPA filters get clogged. 

This GermGuardian air purifier has an activated charcoal filter. This reduces odors from cooking fumes, smoke and more.

The unit operates quietly. At the lowest setting the GermGuardian produces white noise. So, you will have a restful sleep the whole night.

The unit can cover up to 915 square feet. This coverage is good for small and medium sized rooms.

Why GermGuardian is on our list of air purifiers with white noise 

  • Sound levels. The device generally produces minimal sound that can hardly interrupt you. The unit generates noise levels ranging from  26-55 dB. This means you can use GermGuardian in your room as well as your baby’s room. The best white noise output is any fan setting below its maximum setting. The unit is also good for houses and apartments near roads. Your air will be purified as you are protected from sudden noises such as hooting cars. 
  • Reduces odors. As discussed above, this device comes with a charcoal filter. These help reduce common household odors produced by smoke, cooking, and pets.
  • Traps allergens. With HEPA filters, the air purifier can capture 99.97% of allergens like dust mites and pet dander. The filters come with an added antimicrobial agent. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the filter. So, you do not need to worry about unpleasant odors that come from most air purifiers.
  • Fight germs. The unit has an optional UV-C light technology. This works with Titanium dioxide to kill airborne bacteria, germs, mold spores and viruses. You can use this air purifier in your child’s room. This will protect him/ her from diseases caused by those germs.  


  • Energy star certified
  • Reduces odors
  • High CADR rating


  • louder on highest setting

Generally, with this article, we hope you have gotten an idea of what air purifiers with white noise are. We also hope that you have also understood how air purifiers with white noise can help you with the air quality. 

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