Winix c545 vs c555. Which is the better option?

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For this Winix c545 vs c555 comparison, we are going to take you through the various features they have to offer and we will then give you our conclusion on which of the two we think you should buy. We have tailored this comparison to suit the needs for anyone trying to make an informed decision using easily digestible information.

If you want a purifier that has all control features in built and you want air that has undergone anti-bacterial treatment, we suggest you buy the Winix c555.

But if your home is WIFI enabled and you don't mind the standard Winix 4 stage filtration, we suggest you buy the Winix c545. Its convenient WIFI feature allows you to instantly access your unit with the Winix Smart App from anywhere. This will give you access to all of the inbuilt features found on the Winix c555 and much more.

image of winix c545
The Winix c545

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You can continue reading to find out more about the Winix c555 vs c545.

Main Features in the Winix c555 vs c545

In this section, we show you how the c545 and c555 are similar or different based on the various features listed. We then give you a feature summary of each device. And finally, we give to you a conclusion with a suggestion of which purifier is best for you.


The Winix c555 boasts of 5 stage filtration while the Winix c545 comes with a 4 stage filtration. The differentiating stage is the anti-bacterial treatment that is only available in the Winix c555. This stage uses the Winix CleanCel Technology.

Otherwise, the Winix c555 and Winix c545 both have the following:

  • Washable fine mesh pre-filter: removes large particles such as hair, pollen and lint
  • Activated carbon filter: Filter absorbs odors and household VOCs
  • True HEPA filter: Captures 99.9% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns
  • Plasmawave technology: Attacks pollutants at a molecular level thus providing advanced control of these pollutants. It does so by creating Hydroxyls to neutralize Bacteria and Influenza A virus (H3N2)* from the air.


Both the Winix c555 and c545 have an in-built auto mode button. When in Auto mode, the fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the indoor air quality. As the indoor air quality improves, the fan speed will automatically be reduced. If the indoor air quality decreases, the fan speed will automatically increase.


Both the Winix c545 and c555 have a sleep mode feature. This sleep mode is automatically activated when the room is darkened. This provides a quiet and energy-saving operation. It turns off the air quality indicator and dims LED lights to reduce light emission.  During sleep mode, the fan speed is also reduced to is lowest setting.


Both the Winix c545 and Winix c555 have built-in smart sensors that detect and monitor quality of air in your room.  The changes it detects in the air quality are then visually represented on the air quality indicator.

Both the c555 and c545 also come with an inbuilt light sensor. It detects if the room is dark and adjusts the brightness of the LED indicator. When in auto mode, it activates sleep mode automatically if the room is dark.

image showing winix c545 smart sensors
image of winix c545 smart sensors


The Winix c555 has a timer button on its control panel while the Winix c545 doesn’t have one. The timer can be set to let the unit run for a specified period of time e.g 1 hour, 4 hours or 8 hours.


Winix c555 comes with a remote control that operates within a 20 foot radius while the Winix c545 doesn’t come with one. The remote control allows you to power the unit on/off, enable auto-mode and control fan speed.


The Winix c545 is WIFI enabled and smart phone app compatible while the Winix c555 neither WIFI enabled nor smart phone compatible. The Winix C545 can be controlled remotely using the Winix mobile phone App.

This means for the Winix c545 you can do the following remotely from your mobile device;

  • remotely monitor indoor and outdoor air quality
  • set timers for how long you want the unit to run
  • Schedule air purifier operation
  • Wirelessly enable different modes like sleep mode or auto mode

This also makes the Winix c545 Alexa compatible.

Feature Summary

The Winix c555 filter is an air purifier with ;

  • Plasma wave Technology
  • Odor control carbon filter
  • 5 stage air purification
  • In built features like timer button for scheduling

While the Winix c545 filter is an air purifier with;

  • Plasma wave technology
  • Carbon filters
  • 4 stage air purification
  • WIFI Enabled

One thing you should know is that both the Winix c555 filter and the Winix c545 filter are good filters but it all boils down to which features you feel will suit your needs best. Are you looking at price? Or are you more concerned about whether it will be able to properly purify the air in your large room? Our comparisons generally guide you through the decision making process to make things clearer and offer definitive differences that will help you make the right choice.


FeatureWinix c545
Winix c555
Winix c545 vs c555
General SpecificationsHepa Filter
Winix c555
Timer button
Verified Room Size (360 sq.ft)
Cigarette Odor Removal
Germ removal (kills germs)
Allergen (pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold)
control and removal.
Washable PreFilters
Filter Replacement
Auto Airborne Particle detection
Sound control during operation
Energy use Efficiency65 watts 70 watts
Sleep mode
Extra Features Filter Replace ReminderWinix c555 & Winix c545
Control Panel and Modes e.g. Standby, fan speeds, Auto etc
Remote Control
Alexa Compatible
No ozone Emissions
Child lock
Other Important AspectsFilter Durability (9 to 12 months)
Dimensions(size)13.7 in(W) × 8.4 in(D) × 20.5 in(H)14.9 in(W) x 23.6 in(D) x 7.8 in(H)
Weight11.5 pounds17.6 pounds

Our pick from the Winix c545 vs c555?

It is always fun for us when we get to compare different devices for our readers because it always gets us to the point where we appreciate both products. Sometimes we wish we could keep them all to ourselves, lol, just kidding. After that brief informative guide on the different device features and which device has what, we are just about ready to hear the verdict. Drum roooolllssss, please!


For this Winix c545 vs c555 comparison, we suggest you buy the Winix c555 filter for the following reasons;

  • It is Affordable because you get more inbuilt features for that price
  • Has a Remote control for easy management
  • Does not require WIFI for you to operate it. All functions are available on the control panel.
  • 5 stage air filtration for cleaner germ free air.

But if you have WIFI enabled at home, then the Winix c545 is our preferred choice. This is because you get access to many more features via the smart phone app like scheduling, monitoring air quality, a timer and remote access of the unit from anywhere.

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