How Long Do Air Purifier Filters Last?

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Air purifiers help maintain quality indoor air. According to research, air purifiers can be effective in controlling indoor pollutants. However, for effective performance, specialists recommend periodical filter replacement. You are probably asking yourself what is periodic and how long do air purifier filters last. An answer to this question can surely help you know when to replace your air purifier filters.

Today, many air purifiers come with filter replacement indicators. These can help you know when you should replace your filters. However, for units that lack these indicators, it may be hard to tell how long they can last.

Moreover, air purifiers use various filters to counter different particulates. The lifespan of these filters may vary significantly. So, other than the time provided by manufacturers for replacing filters, determining the actual time may not be easy. However, we are here to help you with this.

In this article, we discuss how long your air purifier filters might serve you.

When Should I Change My Air Purifier Filters

  • When the Filters Get Clogged

As highlighted in the introduction, there are various types of filters. Each of these works differently, and may therefore last for a different amount of time. Take an example of a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. This uses thin porous layers to trap airborne particulates. When the filter gets clogged, it stops being effective. Therefore, when you see it is clogged or microorganisms growing on the filter, you should change it.

  • Failure to Reduce Pollution

When you switch on your air purifier in a polluted room, you should notice a difference in a short time. If your air purifier takes long to reduce or remove pollution, then you may consider replacing the filters. You can use air quality monitors to keep track of your air purifier performance.

Factors That Influence The Longevity Of Air Purifier Filters

  • Filter Type

As discussed above, different types of filters may have varying expiry times. The HEPA may last longer because it mainly captures small particles. Whereas, pre-filters deal with larger particles, which makes their lifespan shorter. 

  • Filter Material

Filter material also plays a great role in the filters’ longevity. Filters are made from different materials including fiberglass, and pleated material. Fiberglass filters can only be used once. Whereas pleated filters are washable. This means you can reuse these washable filters for long before they wear out.

  • Area Coverage

Air purifiers working in large spaces may have their filters worn out in a short time than those purifying in small rooms.

  • Pollution Level

Your air purifier filters may last for a short or long time depending on the pollution levels around. For instance, highly polluted areas may make filters last for a short while. Contrary, the time might be longer for filters operating in a less polluted environment.

How Long Do Air Purifier Filters Last

With the above information and air purifier manufacturer advice, we can probably estimate how long filters can last. This time may vary depending on the filter type as highlighted below. 

HEPA Filter: Depending on the above factors, HEPA filters may last between 6 and 12 months.

Activated Carbon Filter: These can last for about 3-6 months depending on the pollution levels.

Pre-filter: These are sensitive and crucial filters, but they can last for about 2-4 weeks.

Can I Reuse My Air Purifier Filters?

Yes, you can reuse your air purifier filters. Some air purifiers come with washable filtersThese can be reused several times before they wear out. However, most models have non-reusable filters. In this case, before you wash your filters you need to ensure it is washable. You can confirm with the air purifier user manual or from the labels on the air purifier.

If the filters are not washable, washing them will only risk the effectiveness of your purifier. Therefore, you have to ensure the manufacturer has explicitly indicated it on the label.

How To Change Air Purifier Filters

To change your air purifier filters, you need to follow a few steps. 

First: you should check with your user manual and find out where the filters are.

Second: You need to turn off the air purifier and unplug it from the power outlet. After powering off, you can open the cover and remove the used air filter. As a precaution, do not smell the filter as it contains collected pollutants, which might be harmful. Then you can dispose the removed filter as advised by the manufacturer.

Thirdly: You can unpack the new filter and place it in your air purifier. After that, you can put back the cover.

Lastly: Plug the air purifier into the power outlet and press the power button. If your air purifier has a filter replacement indicator, the LED light or beep sound should be off. At this moment the filter replacement process is successful.


To effectively purify your indoor space, your air purifier filters should be in good condition. For this reason, you need to keep checking the filter performance. Or if your air purifier has a filter change indicator, you may wait for the reminder. This should help you know the state of your air purifier filters. 

Generally, air purifier filters may last for about 3-12 months depending on the pollution levels. However, this may not apply to pre-filters as their lifespan is usually shorter (2-4 weeks).

We hope this information has helped you understand how long your air purifier filters can last. 

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