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Are you struggling with indoor air pollution and low humidity levels? An air purifier with a humidifier can help you solve these problems at a low cost. Indoor air quality has become an important aspect that needs proper attention. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlights that the levels of indoor pollution are about 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. 

In the wake of this assertion, many people have hurried to purchase air purifiers to reduce pollution. But, during winter many start experiencing the effects of dry air. As you may be aware air becomes drier during cold conditions. This is another air quality issue that requires thinking about. 

Many of us may think of adding a humidifier to add moisture into the air. If added, it means you are having two machines at home. While many may like the idea, when they think of electricity bills skyrocketing, they end up using either an air purifier or humidifier. However, the problem of air quality will persist because both issues have not been addressed. 

The good news is that such situations can be avoided. You only need an air purifier and a humidifier combined into one device. While few people have thought about this idea, some may think that such appliances are not available on the market. In this article, we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions about air purifiers with humidifier features. Afterward, we will provide a list of the best air purifiers with a humidifier.

By the time you finish reading the article, we hope you will have gained much knowledge concerning air purifiers with a humidifier combo.

Summary of Our Selected Air Purifiers with Humidifiers

ProductBrondell Air Purifier O2+ BONECO H300Sharp True HEPA PlasmaclusterWestinghouse AntimicrobialAfloia Miro Pro
Tank Capacity  -4.5L-4L1.9L
Area coverage627 sq.540 sq.254 sq.  -219 sq.
Humidification TypeEvaporativeEvaporativeEvaporativeUltrasonicEvaporative
Multiple Control MethodsNoYesNoYesNo

Is an Air Purifier with Humidifier Combo Effective?

Yes, an air purifier with a humidifier is very effective. The unit can perform both roles concurrently or one at a time depending on your preference. An air purifier with a humidifier can remove airborne pollutants while maintaining good humidity levels. This is not possible with either an air purifier or a humidifier used alone. Therefore, an air purifier with a humidifier is an ideal solution for ensuring good air quality that is safe for your family.

Do Air Purifiers Also Humidify

Yes, some air purifiers are specifically designed with the capabilities to humidify. We have selected some of the best air purifiers with humidifying features to make your search easier.

How Does an Air Purifier with Humidifier Works

An air purifier with a humidifier works like a standard air purifier, with a fan that pulls air towards the filters to trap pollutants, releasing clean air back into the room. The difference is that this device also has humidifier features, releasing moisture into the air when enabled. Most of these devices use evaporative or ultrasonic humidification models.

These appliances are commonly large in size, which allows them to balance both functions. You can fill the unit with water to switch on the humidifier function to add moisture to the air.

Can I Run an Air Purifier and Humidifier?

Yes, you can run an air purifier and at the same time humidify. You should note that air purifiers with humidifier combo functions are not mutually exclusive. You can run them concurrently. 

You can also run an air purifier and humidifier even if they are two separate appliances. However, this might come at a cost. When running these two units, the energy consumption becomes high. You will notice a difference in your electricity bills. But, if you are using an air purifier and a humidifier combo, it could be a different story. Such 2-in-1 devices consume less energy compared to separate devices.

Best Air Purifier With Humidifier

1. Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive Air Purification System with Humidifier

Image showing Brondell air purifier with Humidifier
Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive Air Purification System with Humidifier

The Brondell air purifier with humidifier is a great device for improving indoor air quality by filtering and moisturizing the air at the same time. It is a 2-in-1 device that can help relieve health complications.

The device is equipped with a true HEPA filter that can remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants up to 0.3 microns in size, such as pollen, dust, and smoke. The carbon filter can also remove indoor gases and VOCs that contribute to respiratory diseases. The air purifier has two suction sides on the front and back, which makes the purification process quicker.

The humidifier uses an evaporative humidification model, and it has filters that trap impurities, so you do not have to worry about releasing polluted air. The device can purify and moisturize rooms up to 627 square feet.

Why Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive Air Purification System with Humidifier is Good

  • Cost-Effective

If you want a device that can help minimize expenses that go on improving the air quality, checkout this Brondell device. While this air purifier with humidifier costs slightly higher, it becomes cost-effective in the long run. In the first instance, this 2-in-1 device saves you from spending on two separate appliances. Moreover, since it is one machine, it consumes less energy compared to two separate units. So, you can enjoy clean and safe indoor air at a low cost. 

  • Protects Your Health

Indoor air pollution and dry air are responsible for common allergy and sinus problems. If you want a unit that can protect you from frequently experiencing the above problems, Brondell can be a good choice. The HEPA and carbon filters embedded in this unit can remove common indoor allergens. Also, the humidifier feature moisturises the air saving you skin, eyes, and nosebleed problems. In general, this 2-in-1 air purifier with a humidifier can help improve your health.

  • Effective Area Coverage

If you need a device that can improve air quality in large rooms, Brondell might be good for you. This air purifier with a humidifier function has a wide coverage capacity of up to 627 square feet. This means you can use the unit in living rooms, bedrooms, garage, basement, and gyms.


  • Humidity indicator
  • Timer
  • Filter change indicator
  • Humidity indicator


  • No remote control 

2. BONECO H300 - Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier

Image showing Boneco H300 air purifier & humidifier
BONECO H300 Air purifier & humidifier

The Boneco H300 is a versatile device that can function as an air purifier, humidifier, or both. It has high-capacity filters, including a pre-filter that removes large air pollutants such as dust particles. The air purifier also has a filter that deals with other common indoor air contaminants. Additionally, you can add a few drops of essential oil to enjoy pleasant fresh air.

The Boneco H300 air purifier with humidifier has multiple control methods, including a touch control panel and a Boneco app. With these options, you can easily control your air purification and humidifier system. The humidifier has an automatic shut-off feature that ensures the unit shuts off when the water tank is empty.

Finally, cleaning components such as filters is made easier as they are dishwasher safe, saving you the hassle of scrubbing.

Why BONECO H300 - Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier is Good

  • Provides Optimal Humidity and Clean Air

If you need good humidity levels and healthy air quality, Boneco H300 might be good for you. This 3-in-1 hybrid can ensure the air is filtered and has the required humidity levels. Moreover, Boneco H300 is also an essential oil diffuser. This means you can add drops of fragrant oil to improve air freshness.

  • Improves Allergy Symptoms

For those battling indoor allergies, Boneco H300 can help alleviate the symptoms. The air purifier comes with filters that trap allergens such as dust, pollen, and smoke. For allergies that are triggered by dry air, the humidifier can manage this problem. It can help ensure the humidity levels are above 30%. This frees up the airways, making breathing easier.

  • Real-Time Air Quality Measurement and Control

If you are looking for an appliance that can give you real-time air quality control, H300 could be of great help. Boneco H300 comes with air quality sensors. These detect air pollutants and humidity levels and automatically adjust purification or humidifying speed. However, this is only possible when you enable auto mode.


  • Two control methods
  • Sleep mode
  • Timer
  • Filter change reminder
  • Low energy consumption
  • Essential oil diffuser


  •  Costs slightly higher than normal air purifiers or humidifier

 3. Sharp True HEPA Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

Image showing Sharp True HEPA Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function
Sharp True HEPA Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

You can get yourself a sharp plasmacluster air purifier with humidifying function for good indoor air quality. This unit is recommended for rooms of up to 254 square feet.

The purifier is designed with three levels of filtration. A washable pre-filter which acts as the first layer of filtration. It removes large airborne particles. It also has an activated carbon filter, which removes odors. Lastly, it comes with a true HEPA filter, which removes 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. These include pollen, dust, mold, and bacteria.

You do not need to monitor this device. It is designed with an auto mode feature. When enabled, the unit monitors the air quality and automatically adjusts air purifier fan speed and humidity levels depending on the air quality.

The air purifier Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is 164 for dust, 164 for smoke, and 174 for pollen.

This air purifier is designed with an advanced technology known as plasma cluster ion. This technology allows the air purifier to remove small pollutants that the filters may fail to trap.

Why Sharp True HEPA Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function is Good

  • Constant Monitor Indoor Air Quality

Sharp air purifier with humidifying function can help you monitor and ensure it remains safe. It is designed with smart sensors that detect air pollution and humidity levels. When you enable the auto mode feature, the air purifier automatically adjusts the fan speed or humidification mode. This means your indoor space can have good air quality all year round. This might save you medical expenses from diseases resulting from dry air and air pollution.

  • Makes You Comfortable

If you want an air quality device that helps you be comfortable, checkout for Sharp air purifier with humidifying function. This air device does not only removes pollutants suspended in the air but also generates soothing moisture. This means the air you breathe will have enough moisture with no pollutants. This can relieve your dry skin, sinuses, and other respiratory conditions. Ultimately, this makes you live or sleep comfortably in your house.

  • Improves Household Air

To ensure your indoor air is safe for everyone, you can invest in Sharp True HEPA air purifier with humidifying function. The two functions on this device can help you maintain the required air quality. When the air is dry, moisture can be generated to restore your preferred humidity levels.

  • Remove Microscopic Pollutants

In case you want an air purifier that can remove tiny impurities suspended in the air, Sharp might be good for you. The air purifier comes with patented Plasma cluster ion technology. This technology can remove tiny pollutants that normal filters may not trap.


  • Washable wick filters
  • Water level and humidity sensor
  • Auto mode
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet on low setting


  • No timer
  • No remote  

4. Westinghouse Antimicrobial Air Sterilization Humidifier 2-in-1 Humidifier and Purifier

Image showing estinghouse Antimicrobial Air Sterilization Humidifier
Westinghouse Antimicrobial Air Sterilization Humidifier

Next on our list is the Westinghouse humidifier and air purifier. This can also be good for you if you need an air purifier combined with a humidifier.

This humidifier uses an ultrasonic method to release moisture. The humidifier carries a four litre water tank. This allows the unit to operate for up to 31 hours on a low setting.

Westinghouse air purifier is 100% chemical-free. It uses antimicrobial sterilisation to kill germs, bacteria, and some viruses.

In addition to purifying the air, Westinghouse also acts as an aroma and essential oil diffuser. You can add drops of essential oils to the tray to make your indoor air smell fresh.

You do not need to worry about excessive humidity when you are not around. This device comes with a smart humidity control feature. You can preset your preferred humidity levels that favor your health and environment.

Why Westinghouse Antimicrobial Air Sterilisation Humidifier 2-in-1 Humidifier and Purifier is Good

  • Improve Air Quality

If you need to improve your indoor air quality, Westinghouse can be a good addition. This humidifier and air purifier can generate soothing moisture in the room. When the relative humidity levels are good, you are comfortable. This is because skin and breathing problems related to dry air can be alleviated. You can also benefit from the reduced air pollutants.

  • Easy Control

The unit comes with a digital touch control panel along with a remote and a LED display. This gives a better way of controlling and adjusting the device. You do not need much training to understand how it operates.

  • Regulates Humidity Levels

During winter periods, humidity levels tend to drop significantly. This may lead to various complications such as dry skin, sinuses, and nosebleeds. However, this air purifier with a humidifier can help you balance humidity levels to avoid such complications. The smart sensors on the unit can detect and display humidity levels on the LED screen. When humidity levels drop, the machine automatically adjusts the humidification to restore the required levels.


  • Intelligent humidity setting
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Chemical-free
  • Extended run-time
  • Remote control


  • Loud on high setting
  • No timer

5. Afloia Miro Pro 2 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier with Humidifier

Image showing Afloia Miro Pro 2 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier with Humidifier
Afloia Miro Pro 2 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier with Humidifier

This is a 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier that can be good for you. The main body is an air purifier, and a humidifier is just fixed at the bottom. This means the humidifier part is detachable. You can use the air purifier without the humidifier. But, the humidifier cannot be used without the air purifier.

The air purifier comes with 3 levels of filtration. These include a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter. It can purify rooms of up to 219 square feet. This is good for offices, living rooms, bedrooms, small garages, and basements.

The humidifier follows the evaporative principle. The water is turned into a Nano-water molecule to moisturize the air.  The water tank on this device has a capacity of 1.9 liters.

Although this air purifier has double functions, it consumes less energy. The maximum power consumption is 23 watts. 

Why Afloia Miro Pro 2 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier with Humidifier is Good

  • Maintains Good Air Quality

If you want to maintain good air quality inside your house, Afloia Miro Pro can be good for you. The air purifier with a humidifier combo can ensure your air quality is of a required standard. It can remove airborne pollutants and at the same time moisturize dry air. This can help improve your health as it prevents lung diseases, alleviates respiratory and skin complications.

  • Saves Energy

In case your indoor air is polluted and dry, Miro Pro can help improve it with less energy being used. As discussed above the maximum power consumption is 23 watts. This can be equated to a 100 watt LED bulb. Therefore, Afloia Miro Pro can help you enjoy soothing air quality at a low cost.


  • Filter replacement reminder
  • Washable humidifier filters
  • Timer 
  • 7 color light


  • Loud on middle and high setting

In conclusion, air purifiers and humidifiers are all good units that every home should have. Due to this challenge, air purifiers and humidifiers are becoming a necessity. However, the cost of maintaining these two might be high. Besides, if you have limited space you might be inconvenienced. 

But this does not mean we ignore one or both to cut maintenance and electricity bills. We can use air purifiers with humidifiers combined in one unit. This approach is cheaper when compared to having both units. The above-selected air purifiers with humidifiers are good and can help you improve your indoor air quality.

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