Dyson hp02 vs hp04. Which one is better?

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The Dyson hp02 vs hp04 is a comparison between two Dyson purifiers in the Pure Hot + Cool product line. This line of Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifiers have very good amount of airflow combined with heating and cooling abilities. While the Dyson hp04 and hp02 are a fan + purifier, they are not air conditioners. Because unlike air conditioners that use Freon to cool air, the purifiers use fans to cool the air and do work better than the standard traditional fans in cooling the air.

Quick Summary of dyson hp04 vs hp02

Our winner for this comparison of the dyson hp02 vs hp04 is the Dyson hp04 because;

  • The Dyson HP04 has a more advanced filtration system.
  • The Hp04 features a LCD display showing the air quality data and other reports.
  • The hp04 also has more advanced real-time monitoring of the air quality and includes indoor pollen/allergen levels.
  • The HP04 has the backward airflow mode which gives the device the ability to turn off the heating and cooling functions.
  • The hp04 has a carbon filter that filters gasses and odors that are really be troublesome for people sensitive to them.
  •  This purifier also provides one of the best airflow at max settings. This means it cools, heats or purifies the air in the room faster than its counterpart.
image of dyson hp04
The dyson hp04

The Dyson HP02 is still a perfect choice because it still has decent air flow rate compared to other air purifiers on the market. A winning feature it has is the ability for you to control and schedule heating through the app. This is not possible with the hp04 because the function was removed due to new safety regulations in the US. If you want to control the heating function with HP04, you need to activate it with the provided remote while you can do that with the app on HP02.

image of dyson hp02
The dyson hp02

Please read through as we compare dyson hp02 and hp04 air purifiers and find out more about their similarities and differences. We also include a quick comparison table and conclusion.

Differences in the Dyson hp04 vs hp02

In this section, we show you the differences in the Dyson hp02 vs hp04 and what we think about each feature.

Airflow Rate

The HP02 has an Airflow rate of 53 gallons at maximum setting while the HP04 has airflow rate of 82 gallons at maximum setting. This means the dyson HP04 purifies, heats and cools air at a faster rate than the dyson hp02. Though, for both purifiers, you are able to adjust the airflow from concentrate to dispersed.


The Dyson purifiers in the Pure Hot + Cool category can oscillate and tilt. This Oscillation allows the purifiers to project and circulate purified, cooled or heated air across the room.

The dyson HP04 can oscillate at 350° angle while the dyson HP02 oscillates at 70°. So the hp04 has an adjustable oscillation angle from 45˚ to 350˚ to allow it project purified air around the whole room. The hp04 generally has more air blowing directions and air distribution when compared to the hp02. It also features a backward air flow mode to allow air purification without heating or cooling the air. The HP02 has only front blowing.

backward airflow hp04

The dyson hp04 has the option of setting the oscillation rotation to; no oscillation, 45⁰, 90⁰, 180⁰ and 350⁰. So for any angle smaller than 350⁰, you can rotate the hp04 using the app without having to physically rotate the fan yourself.


The dyson hp04 has a carbon filter while the hp02 doesn’t have one. The activated carbon filter removes odors and gases from the air. This guarantees that you get odor free purified air.

image of hp04 carbon filter

Though they both have HEPA filters, the HEPA filters are different in make. The hp04 has a glass HEPA media filter type while the hp02 has a 360 glass HEPA filter type. These filters capture 99.97% of fine foreign particles in the air like allergens and pollen.

Data Display

For this feature, the dyson HP04 analyses air quality plus the indoor temperature and filter life which it then displays on a LCD screen. It can also display the indoor humidity levels. The HP02 doesn’t have this LCD display screen so its visual monitoring is limited to the mobile app only. The HP04 offers more data and diversity on pollutants while the HP02 is limited on what data is has to show e.g. does not show data on allergens.

lcd hp04 display

Heater Control

For the Dyson HP04, you can't control the heater from the Dyson Link App because of the US government UL1278 compliancy regulation. The phone app cannot let you adjust the temperature but with remote control you can. While for the Dyson HP02, the heater can be controlled with the app. So with this feature available in HP02, you can schedule heating using the app. This cannot be done with the hp04. Please note that for this hp02 vs hp04 dyson comparison, this feature is actually a deal breaker for some buyers. You might want to keep this in mind as you read on.

Similarities with hp02 vs hp04

Even though devices are created for different purposes, companies still make sure not to stray so far from their core features of that product line. Here, we look at how the dyson pure hot+cool link hp02 vs hp04 comparison intersects.

Triple Function

Both the Dyson hp02 and hp04 offer a Triple function of purifying, heating and cooling the air all in one device. The Dyson pure hot + cool purifiers can be programmed to purify without heating or cooling. You can be sure that during the summer or winter, these Dyson babies got you covered.

Night Mode

This is a setting you cannot do without especially if you like your beauty sleep. The hp04 and hp02 both come with a night time mode. In this mode, the purifier monitors and purifies the air while using the quietest available settings. In addition to the quiet settings, it also dims the display.

Smart Phone Application

Both the dyson hp04 and hp02 can be accessed and controlled using the Dyson Link app mobile application. With this mobile app, you can connect to your machine from anywhere in the world. Remember this communication requires an active Wi-Fi connection and app-enabled gadget. The smart phone app offers real time data about the air quality and constantly monitors it for any changes. You can intelligently schedule operations, remotely personalize and control your machine from your device.

As a side note, if you are really keen on making savings, you can actually use this data to find out what causes dips in air quality and take measures to prevent this in the future. By doing this, you can improve air quality by other means and reduce the time taken to filter. Therefore, reducing costs of filter replacement over time.

mobile app image for hp02 and hp04

Voice control

Using a compatible voice service like Amazon Echo, you can control your Dyson hp02 or hp04 with simple voice instructions. All you have to do is to speak to it. This allows you have a somewhat hands free operation of the Dyson purifiers.

Air Multiplier technology

The air multiplier technology is a technology that amplifies the surrounding air thus providing a constant stream of purified flowing air. This makes the Dyson hp02 and hp04 great at purifying and spreading air across the room.

Remote control

The Dyson remote control is curved and magnetized to allow it be stored on the machine. A number of functions are available on the remote including the heating control. Therefore, you can use the machine's remote control when you wish to utilize the heater functionality of the machine. This remote control is available for both the dyson hp04 and hp02.

Jet Focus control

This nifty feature is best used for long-range and directed personal heating. You can also use it to quickly evenly heat up a room. For the Dyson hp02 and hp04, this feature makes directed heating and cooling easy to achieve and control by simply directing the device and turning on the jet focus.

Safety design

Both the Dyson hp02 & hp04 boast of not having any blades as part of their design. This is a very good thing because you would not want your child putting their fingers or hand into a rotating fan unit. With these Dyson purifiers, you can be sure that this will not be happening and your children are safe around it.

The hp02 and hp04 also have a feature that notifies you if the unit has been moved. So no one is going to be moving your unit without your knowledge.  Another safety feature is that the Dyson units have an auto shut-off that is activated after 9 hours of continuous use while in heat mode. The heat will be turned off if the machine is accidentally knocked over. You can put the machine back on manually or by using the remote control.

image showing bladeless dyson hp02


The hp02 and hp04 are both equipped with sensors that automatically detect airborne particles. These units then automatically start removing the pollutants and airborne particles. They also have sensors that detect change in air quality and then create data reports. These units are also sensitive enough to detect animals in the vicinity and then automatically start purifying the air.

Both the Dyson hp04 and hp02 have a filter replace indicator that lets you know when the unit needs a new filter.

Dyson HP02 VS HP04 TABLE

FeatureDyson hp02
Dyson hp04
Jet focus Control
Auto Mode
Angle Rotation180350
Carbon filters
HEPA Filter360 HEPA Glass
Hepa + Carbon Glass HEPA Media
LCD Display
Dyson Link APP
Night-time mode
Air Multiplier technology
Voice control
Remote control
Diffused mode
Backward airflow mode
Room sizeLargeLarge
Max Power Consumption21 W90 W
Airflow at max setting53 gal/s82 Gal/s
Dimensions (inches)6 x 8.7 x 24.95 x 8.0 x 30.1

Conclusion of the Dyson hp02 vs hp04

The Dyson HP02 VS HP04 comparison is about devices that are both great and are worth investing in because they do a great job at purifying air. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifiers will do justice to allergy sufferers, asthmatics, light smokers, and pet owners when put to use.

If your budget plays a big role in you making this decision and you are not into the hype that comes with extra features, the Dyson hp02 is the obvious choice. You can even control its heater function remotely.

If you want an air purifier with more advanced functionalities and you are willing to add a few extra bucks to your budget, then the Dyson hp04 is a definite yes. Even though the hp04’s ability to remotely control its heater function was removed, it still goes far and beyond to make up for that.

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