Levoit core 300 vs vista 200. A Levoit Purifier Review

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Do you suffer from allergies and onsets of sneezing, coughing, and scratchy throat during seasonal changes? Then you should definitely look into getting yourself an air purifier. Usually, deciding you need an air purifier is the easy part. The challenge comes when you have to choose between two similar air purifiers. This levoit core 300 vs vista 200 article is a neat comparison guide that will help you make a quick and easy decision on which is better.

We generally feel the levoit core 300 is the better air purifier in this comparison battle and we clearly spell out why in this article.

The levoit vista 200 is still a good choice if you are looking to save some money.

Differences & Similarities (levoit core 300 vs vista 200)

For an proper understanding for how these air purifiers differ, we have to do a in-depth feature analysis of the levoit core 300 vs vista 200. Please read through our feature analysis below to find out more.

Performance (levoit vista 200 vs core 300)

When we do a match up like the levoit core 300 vs vista 200, performance is always a point of contention. Buyers of these products always want to know which air purifier will get the job done faster. Well, we have the answer here.

The levoit core 300 has a high performance output in filtering smoke, dust, and pollen. It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 135+ CFM which makes it a relatively high performance air purifier. With an added 360 operation angle, it can take in air from all directions. The levoit core 300 does all this while purifying air every 12 minutes. (This means it purifies air 5 times per hour). It carries various C.A.D.R. rates as follows: for Smoke - 141, Dust - 140, Pollen- 145.

Levoit vista 200 has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 40+ CFM which means it purifies air much slower. Though this figure is not officially documented anywhere by levoit at the time of writing this article, our investigations reveal it is in the range of 40 CFM to 50 CFM. It is also because of this that the levoit vista 200 cannot operate efficiently in larger spaced rooms.

Remember, the higher the CADR the faster the unit filters the air pollutants.

So in terms of performance, the levoit core 300 is a cleaner winner here.

Filtration System of the levoit core 300 and vista 200

Both the vista 200 and the core 300 have a 3 stage filtration system.

The Levoit core 300 has an upgraded 3 stages filtration system. This 3 stage filtration system includes an Ultra-fine Pre-Filter, a h13 True HEPA Filter and High-grade Granular Activated Carbon Filter.

It is important to note that the pre-filter can be cleaned every 2-4 weeks but the other two filters cannot be cleaned.

The levoit vista 200 also includes an activated carbon filter which results into a highly effective odor filtering process.  This is in addition to the other two filters i.e. the pre-filter and HEPA filter.

The 3 stage filtration system functions as follows:

  • Ultra-fine Pre-Filter to capture large particles such as dust, lint, fibers, hair, and pet fur.
  • HEPA Filter to trap fine particles such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and pollen
  • Activated Carbon filter that physically absorbs smoke, odors, and fumes. It is also filters compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia.

Both the levoit core 300 and levoit vista 200 are essentially similar when it comes to the filtration system. This leaves us with no clear winner here. It’s a draw.

Are Customizable Filters available for the core 300 and vista 200?

The levoit core 300 can use different filters customized to best suit the environment of your home. These customizable filters include;

  • A Mold and Bacteria filter which best used for mold, bacteria, and musty environments
  • A Toxin Absorber filter which is best used for high air pollution spaces, smoke and toxic gases.
  • A Pet Allergy filter best used for pet allergies, bad-smelling rooms at home

The levoit vista 200 is quite different from the levoit core 300 in this regard because it simply comes with a non-customizable true HEPA filter. This filter still gets the job done but just lacks the customizable option offered by the levoit core 300.

The winner here is the levoit core 300 if you like having the freedom to choose which filter works best for you and your surrounding environment.

levoit core 300 customizable filters

Noise Level during operation of the levoit core 300 and vista 200?

Levoit core 300 has noise level of 24 dB during sleep mode. This means the core 300 runs softly on the low and medium speed settings and you will hardly notice it is on. In contrast, the vista 200 is generally a bit louder with a noise level of 26 dB during sleep mode. When you consider this article from the CDC, am sure you will find the levoit core 300 to be a very quiet air purifier.

We believe the core 300 slightly edges out the levoit vista 200 on this one.

How much Space can they cover?

When we talk about space coverage, we are essentially comparing the levoit core 300 and levoit vista 200 to find out which device covers more area per sq meter of room space.

Levoit core 300 is designed to operate in spaces of up to around 219 sq ft. or 20 sq meters while the levoit vista 200 is made for spaces of up to around 161 ft² / 15 m² of space. This makes the levoit vista  200 a perfect fit for normal size rooms or office spaces.

The levoit core 300 air purifier works well for both small and medium sized spaces in homes and offices. This generally makes it the better option for larger sized spaces of up to 20 sq meters.

If you are looking to purify air in small to medium sized spaces, the levoit core 300 is the best choice.

Multiple settings

This section covers how the levoit core 300 and vista 200 differ in terms of settings available to either device. We basically list what settings are available for each device.

Levoit core 300 has the following settings available;  

  • A display off button whose function is to turn off the LED display lights for zero light disturbances in the night.
  • It has a 3 speeds i.e low, medium and high.
  • A Check Filter Indicator that will remind you when it might be time to replace the filter.
  • It has a timer with four options available 2,4,6,8 hours.
  • A Display lock that prevents current settings from being changed accidentally.
  • Silent/sleep mode that operates quietly by using the lowest possible fan speed.

While the Levoit vista 200 has the following settings;

  • A night light button that has 2 brightness levels for better sleeping conditions at night. According to the official user manual, the night button light can be put off by tapping it 3 times.
  • Sleep/silent mode to operate quietly by using the lowest possible fan speed.
  • 3 Fan Speeds to choose from including low, medium, or high fan
  • A timer that can be easily set to auto shut off after 2, 4, or 8 hours.
  • A Check Filter Indicator as well

How does the vista 200 compare to the core 300 in Energy Efficiency?

How well does the levoit vista 200 use energy when compared to the levoit core 300? We find out below.

The levoit core 300 doesn’t use a brushless motor for the fan so it consumes more power compared to the levoit vista 200 that has a brushless motor installed. The Vista 200 comes equipped with a brushless DC motor to ensure higher energy efficiency, reduced noise and longer lifespan of the fan.

The levoit vista 200 is a more energy efficient purifier and is the clear winner when it comes to energy efficiency as a comparison metric.

image of levoit vista 200 energy saving

Are they both Ozone Free?

Both the vista 200 and core 300 air purifiers avoid using UV/Ion light that can produce harmful ozone and secondary pollution in the air. These substances are very dangerous to the lungs and general wellness of our respiratory health.

Pet friendly

Both the levoit core 300 and the levoit vista 200 are pet friendly and tackle everything from dust to pet dander and hair.

Conclusion of levoit core 300 vs vista 200

Our pick for the levoit core 300 vs levoit vista 200 is the levoit core 300. It offers a better effective range, quieter operation, display lock, better performance and customizable air filters.

The levoit vista 200 is still a good purifier especially if you are on a tight budget .


Here, we document some of the frequent questions that arise in this levoit core 300 vs vista 200 match up. We try to ensure to keep updating this list of questions so that we give you a fresh comprehensive F.A.Q every time you visit this section.

When Should I Replace the Filter?

The filter should be replaced every 6–8 months.  This depends on how often you use your filter so it may be earlier or later.

What is the difference between the core 300 and the vista 200?

The main difference between the levoit core 300 and levoit vista 200 is the effective range of each model. The Core 300 works well for about 215 sq feet and the Vista 200 for 161 sq feet.

Do these units let you know the quality of your air with a light or anything?

No, they do not. You can only know the quality of your air by physically noticing a change in ease of breathing and fresher air

What does a 360 degree filter design mean?

This simply means the air purifiers are designed to have an all round circular area of purification. They therefore pull in air from all directions.

Do both filters have a 3 stage air filtration?

Yes, they do.

Are the filters recyclable?

The filters are not recyclable. You can search on amazon to find a replacement filter.

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