Levoit core 300 vs P350. Which levoit core is better?

Last updated on Jul 26, 2021 Air Purifiers
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In this match up of the levoit core 300 vs P350, we shall be looking at two compact air purifiers. These air purifiers not only provide comfort but also convenience to the user. Both air purifiers have unique features that aid in continuous efforts to filter the air.  Because the levoit P350 and core 300 are compact, it is easier for you to carry them around and place almost anywhere.

Summary of the levoit p350 vs core 300

A quick summary of the levoit p350 vs core 300 places the levoit P350 ahead of the core 300.

Why the levoit P350 is better?

  • Has wifi capability
  • Covers more square feet of space
  • Specially designed for pets

levoit core P350
levoit core P350

The levoit core 300 is still a good air purifier. This is especially if you do not have pets and do not need the wifi connection feature.

Levoit Core 300 Review

It has an internal filter that you can customize according to your filtration needs. The levoit has made it such that you have a special filter for a specific set of pollutants. You have options like choosing a filter for toxins or even for mold spores. With its toxin absorber, it provides extra freshness to prevent bacteria and mold from thriving. The Levoit Core 300 model has an activated carbon filter that also absorbs unwanted odors. Its 3 stage filtration also caters for people with general allergies associated with air pollution.

levoit core 300
levoit core 300

The Levoit Core 300 pros

  • 3 Stage Filtration

The 3 Stage Filtration consists of a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. It has a pre-filter which holds particles of dust and hair. The pre-filters serves to prevent the other filters from clogging up too quickly. This action helps to prolong the life and quality of the two internal filters. The third stage of filtration has activated carbon material that removes odors from pets and food.  Who would say no to a serene environment with fresh and clean air.

  • Easy maintenance

The Levoit Core 300 is easy to clean and this helps to extend its shell life and proper functioning. The pre-filter is non washable but it can cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum in a period ranging from 2 to 4 weeks. In addition to this, you need to replace the filter every 6-8 months to facilitate its efficiency. You should replace the worn out filter with a new clean filter.

  • Clean air delivery rate [CADR]

The Levoit Core 300 has a clean air delivery rate of 145CFM pollen, 140CFM for dust and 141CFM for smoke. It has a 5X hourly air exchange rate in rooms up to 210 square feet. It also features a 360 degrees air intake thus guaranteeing all round crisp clean air.

  • Energy star certified

The energy star certification is one of the most trusted marks of power efficiency. This therefore means that the Levoit Core 300 saves energy. It also means that it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. This hence makes it both user friendly and earth friendly as well.

  • Physical details

Cylindrical in shape, compact and weighing only 7.5 Ibs making it easy to carry from one room or position to another.

  • Efficient coverage in rooms of up to 210 sq feet

The Levoit Core 300 can filter a room of up to 210 square feet quite efficiently. It does so by cleaning out the air 5 times an hour. This work rate ensures that the air in the room is fresh almost all day long.

  • Has Sleep mode

When you turn on the sleep mode, the fan speed reduces to the lowest and becomes quieter so that you can sleep peacefully. The minimal noise level of the Levoit Core 300 is 24dB and highest noise level is 50dB.

The Levoit Core 300 cons;

  • The Levoit 300 Core works well for light odors but might not work so well for heavy odors. This limits to what extent it provides fresh and odor free air.
  • Lacks an automatic fan speed mode.
  • Its memory does not retain the timer setting and sleep mode as well.
  • The Levoit Core 300 does not have air quality sensors.

The Levoit P350 Review

This air purifier is also ideal for comfortable living because it serves its purpose of filtering the air in one’s surroundings. The Levoit P350 is ideal for pet owners. It has an enhanced pre-filter of non-woven fabric that can filter out particles of pet dander, fur and pet hair. Just like the Levoit Core 300 model, the Levoit P350 is also compact, cylindrical in shape and light weight. You can therefore easily move it from one room to another.

This air purifier takes in air from 360 degrees. It produces minimal noise in a range of 24-50db hence creating a conducive atmosphere. The Levoit P350 is efficient at capturing and filtering out various allergens such as, pollen, dust, hair and different odors. This is because of its 3 stage filtration that includes both a pre-filter and carbon filter. The combination facilitates excellent circulation of fresh and clean air.

levoit core P350
levoit core P350

Levoit P350 Pros

  • Clean air delivery rate

The Levoit P350 has high power vortex technology which boosts the effectiveness of air filtration thus leading to improved flow of fresh air. It also has a clean air delivery rate of 142 CFM per minute at the highest fan speed. This model can filter a room of 219 square feet five times hourly.

  • Physical appearance

The Levoit P350 is cylindrical in shape and therefore can easily feet into most positions. It weighs 7.5 pounds and is compact hence easy to carry and move from one place to another.

  • Efficiency of its air purification

This model comes with a 3 in 1 filter system and consists of a pre-filter, a HEPA and an activated carbon filter. The pre-filter consists of non-woven fiber that traps dust, pollen, fur, animal dander, hair and other allergens. This special pre-filter also gives it a huge advantage over other air purifiers in handling pet related pollution.

The next stage of filtration is the HEPA filter which eliminates most of ultra-fine particles of approximately 0.3 microns. The levoit P350 also has a special filter made using Air Reborn Carbon formula or ARC for short. This feature functions by converting dangerous components in the air into harmless particles.

  • Noise management

The Levoit P350 produces noise that ranges between 24-50 decibels. Therefore if you enjoy a calm, quiet and collected atmosphere, then the Levoit P350 will work for you. It has QuietKEAP technology that can keep noise levels as minimal as 24 decibels.

  • Pet control access

The pet proof button helps the user to control what or who can access the air purifier and change its settings. This therefore prevents unwanted access by pets and children who can tamper with the air purifier settings.

  • Sleep mode

It has sleep mode that makes sure that you can sleep comfortably as the air purifier still functions.

  • Reminder settings

It also has a unique feature, ‘check filter indicator’ which lights in a period of six months to serve as a reminder to have it changed.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

You can connect the Levoit P350 air purifier to Wi-Fi and control it remotely over the internet.

Cons of the Levoit P350;

  • The memory function does not retain the timer setting and sleep mode when reset or powered off
  • It only functions best in small spaces of about 219 sq feet.

Similarities between the levoit core 300 vs p350

3 stage filtration

Both the Levoit Core 300 and the Levoit P350 have a 3 stage filtration system. With this filtration system, each filter has a role it plays during the purification process. The pre-filter filters out and traps particles of hair, dust, pollen, fur, pet dander and other allergens. This stage cleans the air of large pollutants found floating in the air.

The HEPA filter is found in the 2nd stage and it filters out tiny harmful air pollutants. The HEPA filter makes sure to remove pollutants such as mold spores. Thus ensuring your air is free from air pollution whilst promoting the wellness of the user.

The final stage has an activated carbon filter whose role is to break down odors into harmless particles. Thus aiding in the elimination of light odors.

levoit 3 stage Filtration
levoit 3 stage Filtration

Noise management

The Levoit Core 300 and the Levoit P350 both minimize noise production as a way of making them more user friendly. The noise produced is based on the speed at which the fan is running. They also both operate at a minimal volume of 24 decibels. A special feature with the Levoit P350 is its QuietKEAP technology which facilitates its regulation of noise.


Both the Levoit Core 300 and the Levoit P350 do not save the sleep mode or timer settings. This means you have to renter them each time you power on the air purifier. On the other hand, the purifiers do retain the previous fan speeds in their memory chips. So, when you turn on the air purifier, the purifier sets the fan speed settings according to what it had stored in memory.


Maintenance is done the same way for both the Levoit Core 300 and the Levoit P350. For the pre-filter, it can cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum cleaned every 2 weeks.

The other filter is replaced every 6 to 8 months depending on usage. The old and dirty cartridge is replaced with a clean and new cartridge. Both the Levoit Core 300 and the Levoit P350 air purifiers have a notification reminder which lights up whenever there is need to change the air filter.

You should noted that the Levoit Core 300 and Levoit P350 are very much alike, more like siblings.

Differences between the levoit core 300 vs p350;


The Levoit P350 has a non-woven fabric pre-filter while the Levoit Core 300 has a nylon pre-filter. This makes the Levoit core P350 better suited to capture particles of hair and pet fur.

Odor Elimination

The Levoit P350 can handle heavy odors much better than the levoit core 300. This is because of core p350 uses AirReComposition in the Carbon filter. This technology puts the p350 in a better position to breakdown and remove heavy odors. It does this by increasing its ability to deodorize the air by a value of 60%.

Pet lock feature

The Levoit P350 has the pet control button that prevents accidental changes to the air purifier's settings. So you be sure that neither pets or babies will be changing any of the purifier's settings. The pet control feature is not available on the Levoit Core 300 air purifier.

p350 pet lock feature
The paw print is the pet lock icon

Room coverage

The Levoit Core 300 filters air in a room of 215 square feet while the Levoit P350 covers a space of 219 square feet. This shows that the Levoit P350 model covers a slightly larger space than the Levoit Core 300.

Wi-Fi connectivity

You can connect the Levoit core P350 air purifier to Wi-Fi unlike the Levoit Core 300 that does not have Wi-fi technology installed. This Wi-Fi feature gives an added advantage to the Levoit P350 over the Levoit Core 300 air purifier. This is because you can control the P350 remotely via a mobile application.

Comparison table between the levoit core 300 vs p350

Coverage areaUp to 215 square feetUp to 219 square feet
Air flow135CFM142CFM
PRE FIILTERNylonNon Woven Fabric

Conclusion levoit core 300 vs p350

Our conclusion to the levoit core 300 vs core p350 is as follows;

Both models are good when it comes to basic air filtration. However, when it comes to weighing the extra features on the Levoit P350, it definitely takes the win because it offers various added advantages over the Levoit Core 300.

The Levoit P350air purifier has a better activated carbon filter that does a better job of handling heavy odors. The Levoit P350 also has a pet control button which the Levoit Core 300 lacks. This special feature allows the owner to control access to the purifier. Therefore, it prevents pets and children from accidentally changing any settings on the air purifier.

Further more, the Levoit P350 has Wi-Fi connectivity and you can connect it to the internet while the Levoit Core 300 does not have the Wi-Fi feature.

Therefore, all the above features put the levoit core P350 ahead and make it the better air purifier in this comparison.

Frequently asked questions

How does the WIFI connectivity make the two purifiers different?

The Levoit Core 300 lacks wifi connectivity while the Levoit P350 is WIFI enabled. The implication is that the P350 can access WIFI therefore a user can choose to connect the purifier to their smart phone through a mobile application.

In what ways can a pre filter be cleaned?

A pre-filter can be cleaned in two ways for both the Levoit Core 300 and Levoit P350. One can either wipe it with a soft brush so as to remove the captured particles or by vacuum cleaning.

How often should the filters be replaced?

For the pre-filter, it can be cleaned more often because it captures large particles that swim in air such as hair, pet fur and pollen. This can be done on a weekly basis depending on how much dirt has accumulated there. The cleanliness of the pre-filter is important because the other filters depend on it to function well.

The other filters, the True HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter are equally vital. However, their cleaning is done differently. Replacement is usually done every 6 to 8 months depending on how dirty the filter was. The Levoit P350 also has a check filter indicator feature which notifies the user whenever there is need to change the filters.

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