Levoit core 300 vs lv-h132. Which one is better?

Last updated on Jul 27, 2021 Air Purifiers
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In general, the levoit core 300 is not better than the levoit lv-h132 by much but it out performs in terms of performance, effective range of operation and extra special features. It is on this note that the levoit core 300 is our winner for this comparison. We do encourage you to still read through this levoit core 300 vs lv-h132 article to understand exactly why the levoit core 300 is our pick for this comparison.

image of levoit core 300
Levoit core 300

The levoit lv-h132 is still a good budget friendly option that out performs most air purifiers on the market.

levoit lv-h132
Levoit lv-h132

Break Down of the Levoit core 300 vs lv-h132

In this levoit core 300 vs lv-h132 comparison, we list their features below and give you our analysis of each feature. We use this style so that you understand how they compare against each other feature-wise.


The levoit lv-h132 comes packed with a pre-filter that has real carbon pellets that serve the function of absorbing odor while the levoit core 300 uses a high grade Granular activated Carbon coated filter.

The levoit core 300 further comes equipped with the option to customize its filters according to different environments while the levoit lv-h132 comes with a standard non-customizable filter. What this means for the core 300 is that you can get filters specifically for mold, toxins or pet allergies.

Though most people say that the real carbon pellets in the levoit lv-h132 do a better job at filtering the air, I still think the levoit core 300 has an all-round better performance at filtering the air.

For this round, the levoit core 300 is the winner here.


The Levoit lv-h132 circulates room air over 4 times per hour to achieve rapid air purification while the levoit core 300 purifies room air over 5 times per hour. The levoit core 300 therefore purifiers air better and faster than its counterpart the levoit lv-h132.

The levoit lv-h132 has a clean air delivery rate of 40 CFM while the core 300 has a clean air delivery rate of 135+ CFM which makes it a far better air purifier in terms of performance and ability.

Filtration system

Both the levoit core 300 and levoit lv-h132 air purifiers are equipped with 3 stage filtration system that is state of the art. It contains the standard parts of most 3 stage filtration systems i.e. a pre-filter, a hepa filter and a carbon filter. This guarantees that most air borne particles even those as small as 0.3 microns will be removed. Pollen, mold spores and smoke particles are also part of the contaminants that are easily removed from the air.

Both the core 300 and lv-h132 both score equal points here.

image showing levoit 3 filters

Noise Level

At its lowest speed, the Levoit lv-h132 has a noise level of 25dB compared to a noise level of 24dB of the levoit core 300. While at its highest speed, the levoit lv-h132 has a noise level of 46 dB and the levoit core 300 has a noise level of 50dB.

For the noise level, I would say the levoit core 300 is still a slightly quieter air purifier and will definitely guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Effective Range

The levoit lv-h132 air purifier is designed to operate in smaller rooms or office spaces of about 129 sq. feet (12 sq. metre). On the other hand, the levoit core 300 has an operating space of 219 sq. feet. This makes it quite clear that the levoit core 300 out performs its counterpart the levoit lv-h132.


Looking at the levoit lv-h132, it has a sleek design and unique size that makes it a good fit for small rooms like offices. The levoit core 300 is a bit similar in shape and sleekness but it is bigger in size. This makes it a bit less portable than the lv-h132. Portability is usually a plus for most people that like moving around with their gadgets.

The levoit lv-h132 also comes in two colors i.e. black and white. This means you can put your homes design into consideration by picking a color that suits it.

For its nice compact design, portability and dual color options, the levoit lv-h132 takes the win.

Multiple Settings / Control Panel

The levoit core 300 has a richer control panel than the levoit lv-h132. Though, the lv-h132 has night light installed on it that is not available on the levoit core 300. This night light makes it easier to use in a child’s room or parts of the house that may need extra light.

Both the levoit lv-h132 and core 300 have a check filter indicator that issues a reminder when you need to replace your filter.

The levoit core 300 does offer extra features on its control panel that are not available on the lv-h1132 like;

  • Timer: this function allows you to set the purifier to auto shut off after 2, 4, or 8 hours.
  • Sleep mode: this is so that you can operate the purifier at night without any major disturbances to your sleep
  • Display lock: acts a child lock that stops settings from being unintentionally changed

Ozone free

None of these levoit air purifiers use UV light that produces harmful ozone and secondary pollution. If air purifiers are producing ozone in your home then they are not doing their job.

The pollutants are removed from the air but never leave the room. This means they are not captured in the filter of the air purifiers. They instead fall to the floor or on walls and can easily be reintroduced into the air. You can find out more about ozone at the EPA website.

Both the levoit core 300 and levoit lv-h132 get a plus on this one.

Power Consumption

The Levoit lv-h132 has a power consumption of about 28W while the levoit core 300 has a power consumption of about 45W. With a power consumption difference of over 15W, the levoit lv-h132 consumes way less power than its counterpart the core 300.

The lv-h132 is a good option for users who are very cautious about their utility bills but are still interested in a decent purifier that the gets the job done.

Conclusion of levoit core 300 vs lv-h132

In this match up of the levoit core 300 vs lv-h132, our clear winner is the levoit core 300. This is because it offers better performance, customizable filters, more control panel options and is very effective in small to medium sized rooms.


Does the levoit core 300 come in different colors like the levoit lv-h132?

No it is does not. The core 300 comes in one standard white color while the lv-h132 comes in both black and white.

Are the control panels on the levoit lv-h132 and the levoit core 300 the same?

No, they are not. The lv-h132 has 5 options on its control panel while the core 300 has 9 options on its control panel.

I have children who like tinkering with my gadgets at home. Do these purifiers have some kind of child lock?

The core 300 has a display lock can act as a child lock as well.

Can't I rinse the filter off instead of buying a new one?

No, please do not use any form of liquid to clean or rinse the filters. This can lead to permanent damage of the filters. You can instead vacuum the filters or shake off any dust.

Do both the levoit core 300 and levoit lv-h132 have h13 true Hepa filters?

Yes, they do.

Is the levoit lv-h132 the same size as the levoit core 300?

No, they are not the same size. The levoit core 300 is 8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 while the levoit lv-h132 is 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 in

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