Dyson dp01 vs dp04. Which Is Better for You?

Last updated on Jul 27, 2021 Air Purifiers
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An air purifier plays the role of capturing and cleaning the air around us in our offices, homes and apartments. In this article, we bring you two smart air purifiers on the market, the Dyson dp01 vs dp04. Both air purifiers are manufactured by the Dyson Company, well known for smart home appliances. In this post, we seek to answer questions like; between the Dyson dp01 vs dp04, which air purifier is better? We hope by the end of this review, you will have made a choice. Both air purifiers have a lot of similarities and very few differences, as you will see later on in this article.

Summary of DP01 VS DP04

dyson dp01

The Dyson dp01 is the first air purifier in this product line and it can be controlled by both an external remote control and the Dyson link application. It comes installed with a first generation 360 degree glass HEPA filter. This filter is able to capture ultra-fine particles from the air that include pollen and bacteria. The Dyson dp01 can be controlled remotely and it is powered by Air Multiplier technology. It comes with multiple speeds which can accommodate different user scenarios and all at an affordable price.

dyson dp04

With the same build and design as its counterpart, the dyson dp04 comes with more advanced technical features and additional specifications for an improved user experience. The dyson dp04 also has a more advanced air filtration system and a backwards airflow mode that can purify air without necessarily cooling it. It has a bit of a heavier build and is a bit pricier when compared to the dp01. The dyson dp04 is also Energy Star Certified. This means that it is efficient when it comes to power consumption. The dyson dp04 also has a fan which gives you a 2-in-1 purifying + cooling experience. The Dyson dp04 not only has the HEPA filter but also has a carbon filter for removing chemical vapors and odors. The dp04 air purifier is surely worth a try.

A brief summary of this comparison would put the Dyson dp04 ahead of its counterpart the Dyson dp01. However, that doesn’t mean the Dyson dp01 is not a good purchase to make. If you haven’t looked at the advantages of using each of these purifiers, read on and find out what each purifier has to offer. We also include some of their main differences and similarities to help you make a good and useful decision.

Main differences in the Dyson dp01 vs dp04

Air flow capacity

Air flow capacity is the rate at which the purifier takes in and cleans the air within a room or enclosed space. The higher the air flow capacity, the faster the air in your house will be cleaned. The Dyson dp01 has an air flow capacity of 334 liters per second. On the other hand, the Dyson dp04 takes in a maximum air capacity of 419 liters per second.

Carbon filter

Both the dyson dp04 and dp01 have a HEPA filter whose purpose is to trap all fine particles floating around in the air. The Dyson dp04, however, has a Carbon filter which removes odors or gasses which contaminate the air. These vapors include but are not limited to cigarettes, pet fat, bad surrounding odors or other smells.

The Dyson dp01 unfortunately doesn’t have a Carbon filter but only the HEPA filter. This means it doesn’t handle removal of gasses found in the air, it just removes physical particles.

The LCD Display

The Dyson dp04 has an LCD Display which shows different statuses and live air quality reports for your home or apartment while the Dyson dp01 doesn’t have this display.

DP04 lcd display
dp04 LCD Display

Cost and expenses

Sometimes as shoppers are looking to make decision, the y usually ask questions like; which is the more expensive air purifier, is it the Dyson dp04 or the dp01? Well the answer to this is that usually the Dyson dp04 costs more than the Dyson dp01. But from time to time, you will find offers and discounts that narrow down the price difference. Though with the more advanced features like the Carbon filter and higher air flow capacity which make the users experience worthwhile, you should expect the dp04 to cost a bit more. When it comes to maintenance expenses, these depend on how you use the air purifier. When the filters are due for replacement, you will be notified by the purifier.

To avoid any additional expenses, users are advised to look for authentic and authorized filters that have been tested and certified. Dyson filters are recommended, since they are manufactured and optimized for the Dyson air purifiers.

Main similarities in the Dyson dp01 vs dp04

Wireless connection

Both the Dyson dp01 and dp04 support wireless connectivity. This enables these air purifiers to connect to the Dyson link application which we talk about next. The Wi-Fi connectivity enables control of both air purifiers remotely, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch it off or on, after you’ve left home for work.

The Dyson link application

The dyson link application can be downloaded for both the Android OS and iOS. It is used to control and easily manage your Dyson dp01 and dp04 air purifiers. This simplifies and helps to automate many user functions.

The Dyson Link application enables you to;

  • View the current pollution levels of both indoors and outdoors.
  • Schedule purification routinely based on your days’ programs.
  • Displays the hours of life your filter has left
  • Reports on air quality
  • An option to make purchases of a new filter within the application

The application comes with a Graphical User interface with multiple usability functionalities which allow quite a number of features and support tools that simplify the user’s experience.

External remote compatibility

In addition to their wireless connectivity ability, both the Dyson dp01 and dp04 can be controlled with the help of a remote-control device. This is an external small device, with controls that a user can use, in case they don’t necessarily need to use the Dyson Link application.

Smaller Desk-fitting design

The Dyson dp04 and dp01 are both built to fit in smaller spaces. You can put it on your desk or at the top of a shelf. Both have a compact design, and look almost equal in size (the Dyson dp04 weighs heavier). Overall, they are very portable. They have circular opening with a thick base for a foundation to be placed well on a table or desk.

This design looks sleek and fits in well as a home appliance, not appearing to be so intrusive like some tower designed air purifiers. They work best in smaller rooms.

The HEPA filter

The Dyson dp01 and dp04 have an inbuilt HEPA filter, which mainly purifies air by removing any fine and tiny particles which are present in the air. These dirt particles are not visible to the eye and will fill up the filter and you continue using it. The filter will have to be replaced after a while. The HEPA filter works by trapping any external bodies and dangerous particles floating through the air.

Purification + Cooling

To add to the filtering, with the help of a HEPA filter, both the Dyson dp01 and dp04 come with a fan. With the help of your Dyson link application, you can select Fan mode so that you enjoy air cooling for a degree of oscillation of 00 to 3500 for both air purifiers.

Air Multiplier technology

Not only do these air purifiers clean the air around you, both the Dyson dp04 and dp01 can also spread clean air throughout a room. Using the air multiplier technology, the Dyson dp01 and dp04 purifiers can project and spread over 290 liters of cleaner air per second across a room.

Multiple fan speeds

Both the Dyson dp04 and dp01 can be adjusted between 10 different fan speed settings. When you adjust to higher fan speeds, purification is done faster and the fan can tend to be a bit noisy. When you select lower fan speeds, the purification process can be slower and the fan is quieter.

Special features of the Dyson dp01

Multiple usability modes.

The Dyson dp01 comes with two main usability modes, and the fan mode.

Night Mode: This mode monitors air floor quality. The device operates quietly and dims the display. It works best during night hours. The Night mode uses preset commands, but you can adjust them with the help of the Dyson link application.

Auto Mode: This mode adjusts its speed based on the air quality in the room. If you turn on auto-mode, the intelligent sensors of your Dyson dp01 air purifier will start to automatically monitor the air and will begin cleaning it if it detects that the air needs purification.           

Fan Mode: It projects air flow to your preferred direction. So as to change the angle which you want the air to be projected, the app has a button you can use. Or the external remote control to help you turn the purifier in your direction. The degree of oscillation is up to 3500, so it can turn to almost any direction of the room.

There is not a lot of special features for the Dyson dp01. Many of its features are also found on the Dyson dp04. You can check them out in the Similarities section above.

Dp01 Pros

  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto-mode and night mode functions are enabled
  • Pocket friendly price. The Dyson dp01 initial purchase price is fairly affordable.
  • Air Multiplier technology
  • Fan mode
  • Compatible with voice command options

Dp01 Cons

  • No Carbon filters. Not able to purify air from chemical vapors and odors.
  • It does not have backward air flow mode
  • No Diffused mode
  • No LCD Display
  • It doesn't have jet focus mode
  • Maintenance expenses

Special features of the Dyson dp04

Dual functionality

The Dyson dp04 has both forward and backward air flow modes. The Forward airflow mode serves the function of purifying air while simultaneously using its fan to cool the air. The Backward airflow mode works a little bit differently. It purifies the air without cooling it.

Sensor technology and Reporting

The Dyson dp04 has sensors which enable it detect air quality levels and automatically show reports on the small LCD display of the purifier. Based on the nature of the surrounding air quality, these reports help a user to adjust the air purifier in response to these reports.

Diffused mode and Jet focus mode

To add to the Night and Auto mode, the Dyson dp04 has two other modes which the Dyson dp01 doesn’t have.

Diffused Mode: In Diffused mode, the air purifier introduces another source of air that mixes with the main flow of air and causes the air to be diverted outward.

Jet Focus mode: In this mode, the air purifier directs and blasts soothing air towards you.

Dp04 Pros

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Compatible with voice command options
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly
  • Backward airflow mode: This mode purifies air without cooling. It achieves this by instead passing air through the back of the machine. It still purifies the air though.
  • Fan mode
  • Jet focus mode
  • Diffused mode
  • Air Multiplier technology
  • LCD Display

Dp04 Cons

  • Price: The Dyson dp04 costs more than the Dyson dp01. Even with its advanced features, this can make some potential skeptical about making the purchase.
  • Expensive maintenance fees: The Dyson dp04 requires that filters are replaced, and a notification is always sent to your phone application when a new replacement is needed. If over used, you might have to replace filters more often, thus the costs can add up over time.

Dyson dp01 Vs Dp04: Which one is better?

In the table below, we show you which features are similar and those that are different in the dyson dp01 vs dp04.

Specifications/FeaturesDyson dp01Dyson dp04
Maximum Air flow capacity334 liters per second419 liters per second
Night modeYesYes
Fan speeds1010
Wi-Fi connectivityYesYes
Weight6.6 pounds10.18 pounds
Dimensions16 x 8.7 x 24.3 inches8.77 x 13.85 x 27.2 inches
Degree of Oscillation35003500
Auto modeYesYes
HEPA filterYesYes
Carbon FilterNoYes
Dyson Link app compatibilityYesYes
Manual remote-control compatibilityYesYes
Backward air flow modeNoYes
LCD DisplayNoYes
Diffused modeNoYes
Air Quality reportingYesYes
Height24.3 inches27.2 inches
ColorsWhite/SilverIron/Blue, White/Silver
Voice command optionsGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple SiriGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri

Conclusion: DP01 VS DP04

The dyson dp01 vs dp04 is one of those tricky comparisons where you have to weigh between price and extra features. With the Dyson dp04, having more advanced features but costing more, and the Dyson dp01 having all the basic features for a standard Dyson air purifier and costing less.

In our opinion, you can avoid the more costly Dyson dp04 and go for the Dyson dp01 which still comes with Wi-Fi capability, two crucial functionalities – the Auto and Night modes, and also an inbuilt fan.

You still lose out on a few features like the Carbon filter, dual functionality and air flow capacity. Though, you get to save a bit of money. But if you don’t mind the price of the Dyson dp04, then you can go ahead and make that purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dyson dp01

Q: What is the main difference between the Dyson dp01 and Dyson dp04

A: The Dyson dp04 has more advanced technology, more functionality modes (backward flow mode, jet focus and diffused mode) and a Carbon filter. The Dyson dp01 doesn’t have these modes.

Q: How often should I change my filter?

A: If you put your Dyson dp01 in auto mode, you can use the filter for approximately one year.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dyson dp04

Q: Does the Dyson dp04 work like an air conditioner?

A:  No. The Dyson DP04 Pure Cool air purifier doesn’t chill the air like an air conditioner does.

However, with its Air Multiplier technology, it creates a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow which fills the room with clean air. It also cleans the air around you removing any small particles and dealing with odors.

Q: Does the Dyson dp04 also capture viruses in the air, like the Corona Virus?

A:  The Dyson dp04 is tested to clean and purify air of external bodies like allergens and bacteria, but also captures viruses. However, the new Corona Virus is not a part of those viruses, and the Dyson company has not confirmed its products performance against the COVID-19 virus.

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