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Traffic pollution is a cause of major concern in many cities around the world. This becomes an even greater concern as more and more people flock the city in search of better opportunities. Because of this, our city homes are at greater risk of being exposed to traffic pollution and its adverse effects. That’s why an air purifier at home is more of a necessity these days. Today, we are looking at the best air purifier for traffic pollution at home or office.

5 best air purifiers for traffic pollution

1. Colzer 142C Air purifier

Colzer 142C Air purifier
Colzer 142C

If you are looking for the best air purifier for traffic pollution, then the Colzer 142C is a worthy contender.

It is a large room air purifier with reliable air coverage in rooms of up to 550 sq feet. On top of that, the colzer air purifier has a 4 stage air purification process that guarantees all traffic pollutants will be dealt with. The purifier will eliminate VOCs, fine particulate matter or combustion fumes emitted by vehicles. It uses a composite filter that combines the HEPA filter and activated carbon for better efficiency.

Its 4 stage purification includes;

  • A polypropylene pre-filter to capture small to large particles
  • A medical grade H13 HEPA filter that filters 99% of particles as tiny as 0.1 microns
  • Activated Carbon filter that is composed of activated carbon and zeolite to absorb gases like formaldehyde
  • And a cold catalyst filter that goes after VOCs and harmful chemicals 

This colzer 142C has an Auto Mode function that uses intelligent sensors to detect a decrease in air quality and automatically begin purification. So immediately traffic pollution starts getting into your house, the Colzer 142C will automatically kick into action. 

Why the Colzer 142C air purifier is good for traffic pollution?

  • Has Auto mode
  • Has 4 stage air purification
  • 550 sq ft room coverage
  • Has Air quality sensor with display indicator
  • Uses a Medical grade  H13 True HEPA Air Purifier Filter

Colzer Pros

  • Sleep Mode
  • Change Filter reminder
  • Child Lock
  • Timer mode
  • 29db low noise level so that you can sleep without disturbance

Colzer Cons

  • No way to turn off lights when machine is in high mode

2. Levoit Core 400s Air purifier

levoit core 400s
levoit core 400s

The levoit core 400s has a 3 Stage Filtration that utilizes HEPASmart technology to enhance its filtration capabilities. The levoit company reports that it can also capture 99.99% of bacteria and mold.

This technology makes its super-efficient against traffic pollutants. The levoit vortex air technology also increases its circulation of air indoors and boosts its filtration efficiency against traffic pollution.

For its auto mode, the 400s utilizes laser dust sensors that scan the surrounding for airborne articles. When airborne particles are detected, the purifier automatically switches itself on to begin filtering the air.

The core 400s has a particulate matter display that shows the amount of particles in the air that the laser sensor has detected. It also has its trademarked ARC formula that eliminates odors and smells including those that are a result of traffic pollution.

The levoit core 400s is a fully up to the task and that’s why it has been included in our list of best air purifier for traffic pollution.

This air purifier also has smart phone control capability. Therefore, using you smart phone and an app you can control and schedule what your air purifier does. Some of the functions you have access to are;

  • Control settings
  • Check filter life
  • Get real-time air quality updates.

Therefore, you can easily schedule the air purifier to start running so that by the time you reach home, the air is clean and fresh.

Why the Core 400S air purifier is good for traffic pollution?

  • Has Auto mode
  • Air Quality Indicator Display
  • 3 stage filtration
  • H13 True HEPA filter

Levoit Pros

  • Smart Control using mobile app
  • Check Filter Indicator
  • Uses Wi-Fi
  • Sleep Mode
  • Voice control capability
  • QuietKEAP Technology with noise levels as low as 24dB.
  • display lights can be turned off

Levoit Cons

  • Filters are a bit pricey.

3. Airthereal AGH550 Air Purifier       

Airthereal Agh550
Airthereal Agh550

The Airthereal AGH550 is a 360 intake air purifier with 3 stage air purification. It has a true HEPA filter that can remove most airborne particles introduced into the air by traffic pollution.

This air purifier features very accurate edge laser technology that can count, weigh and measure all airborne particles. This information is then durably displayed on the purifier’s display for you to see. It uses readable and understandable numerical and color coded values.

The technology used here supports the Auto mode function. It does this by ensuring that whenever it detects pollutants in the air, the purifier is turned on and working at optimum capacity.

The optimum performance also ensures that you are saving energy. It also has a powerful engine that will guarantee that it reliably delivers air throughout the room. These features and so much more make the Airthereal a perfect addition to this list of the best air purifier for traffic pollution.

Why the Airthereal  Air Purifier is good for traffic pollution?

  • Smart Auto mode
  • Laser dust sensor
  • True HEPA filter
  • Air Quality Display

Airthereal  Pros

  • Noiseless Sleep Mode
  • Energy efficient
  • Child safe lock
  • Filter Replacement Indicator
  • 5 speed fan
  • Timer mode

Airthereal  Cons

  • Gets loud on higher fan settings

4. HIMOX H04 Air Purifier                         

Fourth on our list of the best air purifier for traffic pollution is the Himox H04 air purifier.

The HIMOX air purifier like most of the air purifiers on this list is a 3 stage air purifier. It consists of the standard pre-filter, followed by the H13 True HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter.

The 3 filter combination is enough to filter out most airborne particles that are a result of traffic-related pollution. The H13 medical grade HEPA filter ensures that even particles as small as 0.1 microns are filtered out.

Himox h04 also has an air quality sensor that works in real time. The sensor immediately shows the air quality value on its display. This display is a PM1.0 particulate matter numerical display with color codes as well. Therefore, you will easily understand the air quality readings on display.

In case of any traffic-related pollution, the sensor will detect it and cause the air purifier to appropriately start purifying the air.

Why the Himox H04 Air Purifier is good for traffic pollution?

  • Auto mode
  • H13 Medical Grade HEPA filter
  • Real-time Air Quality sensor with digital display

Himox Pros

  • Sleep Mode
  • Timer mode
  • Filter Change Indicator
  • Child Lock

Himox Cons

  • Only has an effective area coverage of 290 sq ft
  • No remote control

5. Bissell Air220 Air Purifier                   

Bissell Air220
Bissell Air220

Rounding up our list of best air purifier for traffic pollution is the Bissell Air220 Air purifier.

It also includes a 3 stage filtration that is comprised of the following;

  • A fabric pre-filter
  • An activated Carbon Filter
  • HEPA filter for particles of 0.3 microns in size

This 3 Stage filtration will filter out most traffic-related pollutants including smoke, dust, vocs and pet dander.

The activated carbon filter has a honeycomb structure that simplifies the process of capturing fumes and VOCs. Therefore, any traffic-related fumes and odors will be reliably dealt with.

The Bissell Air220 also has an auto mode system. This, like most auto modes, monitors air quality and displays the value using color codes. Based on the prevailing air quality, the Bissell will adjust and use the required fan speed.

The Bissell air purifier also features a noiseless fan speed option along with an automatic night mode. Peaceful sleeps are certain with the Bissell Air220 purifier.

Why the Bissell Air220 Air Purifier is good for traffic pollution?

  • Auto mode
  • Volatile Organic Compound air quality Sensor
  • True HEPA filter

Bissell Air220 Pros

  • Sleep mode
  • Ozone free
  • Has a night mode with auto dimming
  • Filter Replacement Indicator

Bissell Air220 Cons

  • Only has a recommended room size of 266 sq. ft.    

What is traffic pollution?

Traffic pollution is a form of air pollution that comes from motor vehicles when they burn fossil fuels like gas and diesel. The emissions arising from this process are what cause air pollution.

How does traffic cause air pollution?

Traffic causes air pollution when vehicles stuck in traffic combust fossil fuel and release compounds like carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides and fine particulate matter.

Because the vehicles are stationary but still running, they end up polluting the air faster because they spend a significant amount of time in one place.

This traffic congestion increases the level of exposure and risk to individuals living and working near roads or traffic-prone areas.

All around the world, populations are increasingly living closer to main roads and highways. This is due to urbanization and how cities are designed. This sect of people is constantly exposed to emissions from vehicle traffic. The noise, not withstanding, is another significant air pollutant as well.

In fact because of their close proximity to this traffic, they are further exposed to non-tailpipe emissions like car tire and brake wear

According to many studies done in urban areas, traffic is one of the major sources of air pollution. It is because of this that the term traffic-related air pollution was coined, TRAP in short. The traffic related air pollution comprises of exhaust from vehicles, emissions due to tear and wear and other non-combustion related car emissions.

Pollution from traffic also contributes to production of green houses that also aid in global warming.

Air pollution caused by vehicles is a big contributor to overall air pollution in cities and towns. Traffic pollution is serious has a number of effects that we shall look at in the next section.

Effects of traffic pollution

Effects of traffic pollution range from health effects to environmental effects like global warming.

The ever increasing urban population and related traffic congestion leads to an increase in pollutants emissions. These emissions lead to a significant drop in air quality.

They further contribute to mortality risk for car drivers, commuters and individuals living near roads that are frequently exposed to these emissions

How is traffic pollution affecting people’s health?

Traffic-related air pollution has been associated with a wide range of adverse human health effects. The traffic pollution effects on health include;

  • Traffic Pollution can cause development of asthma in children
  • Traffic-related pollution can also worsen already existing asthmatic conditions
  • It can lead to impaired and improper lung function

Some severe cases can lead to respiratory diseases, heart disease and premature death

 Traffic pollution effects on health can range from mild cases like allergies to more severe effects like death.

  Does traffic pollution cause asthma?

Traffic pollution is strongly linked to asthma. Some research has shown that traffic pollution can exacerbate asthma and in some cases kick start asthma incidents. This is in addition to other complications like reduced lung function and heart disease.

How to reduce traffic pollution?

Traffic pollution is here to stay and unless we do something about it, we shall continue paying the price for years to come.

Some of our suggestions to reducing traffic pollution and also limiting our overall exposure to traffic pollution include;

  • Using an air purifier at home to help reduce the level of pollutants in the air.
  • Maintaining your car carefully and using it less.
  • Adopting clean energy alternatives like electric cars
  • Walking more often and reducing how often we drive our cars
  • We can use public transport more to reduce number of cars on the road
  • Emphasis on carpooling to limit the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road.
  • Proper travel scheduling so that you can commute during non-peak hours and reduce traffic congestion scenarios
  • Working remotely from home can also help reduce movement of cars
  • Focusing on use of other transport means like cycling to work for those who stay close

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