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When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, it is difficult to know if you will find a pocket-friendly vacuum. Mostly because we want to be sure that it can challenge its more expensive and multi-functional counterparts. In this article we tackle this challenge, and curate for you a list of the 5 best robot vacuum cleaners under 100 dollars. After which we sum it up with the best robot vacuum under $100

You should know that cost is not the only measure of the quality of a robot vacuum cleaner. This article breaks down some of the factors you should consider when shopping for one.

It is important to note that some features might be absent in these robot vacuum cleaners. If your home is large or is mostly carpeted space, you should consider a Robot Vacuum designed for such an environment. The robot cleaners will cut down on the time you spend cleaning your home. As a side note, these robot vacuum cleaners will mostly be efficient on tiles, hardwood floors, and very low-rise carpets. If you are interested in robot vacuum cleaners for thick and high pile carpets, you can check out our top 5 picks.

How to choose the best robot vacuum under $100?


It is paramount to understand how the vacuum works to get rid of dirt in your home. For example, what technology does it use to pick up dirt? What types of filters it has? The cleaning process? i.e. some vacuums use mapping and navigation systems while others solely rely on sensors and infrared light. However, mapping and navigation are more common among the more expensive vacuums.  Also, how big or small is the bin on the vacuum cleaner? After how many cleaning cycles do you need to empty the bin? Is the bin easily detachable or does it involve a long process of removing screws? Remember, no matter how cheap you go, a vacuum should make your life easier, not harder. These are the questions we answer, as we breakdown our list to identify the best robot vacuum under $100.


A good vacuum cleans for a reasonable amount of time. But in comparison to the run time is how long it charges. A robot vacuum that has to charge for more than five hours is not considered to be efficient. This is unless it probably cleans for ten hours. Some of the best robot vacuums under $100 can run for as long as 1 hour. A good vacuum should also have a strong battery with good suction power.

How loud is the robot vacuum?

Some robot vacuums can mean to be very loud, you should choose a vacuum that you can tolerate. This is such that you can get your home cleaned without being bothered by the noise. For example, it might be inconvenient to stop watching T.V. just so that your vacuum can clean. But if you get the right robot vacuum, you can be certain that the noise won't be an issue.

Room coverage

Most vacuums operate between 50 to 150 minutes. So depending on how strong the suction is and the kind of technology it uses, it might cover about 250 sq. feet to 400 sq. feet. The good news is that even if you have a very large home, you can carry the vacuum from one room to another. Robot vacuum cleaners also have a set of cleaning modes that they use to clean different parts. Some vacuums have a mop and can easily take care of spills while others only pickup dry dirt. The vacuum should also have a set of sensors to help it navigate the home. These include sensors that can detect and avoid obstacles and also not fall over stairs.

Power consumption

Most robot vacuums usually charge for two hours or even longer. For this matter, it is key to choose a vacuum with reasonable power consumption. Since no one would love to pay a staggeringly high electric bill month. Most especially if you are looking at buying a cheap robot vacuum. This would defeat the purpose of cutting costs on the vacuum purchase in the first place.

Suction power

Suction power is important because it determines how much debris can be picked up off the floors. It also determines how well the robot vacuum cleans edges and carpets. The best robot vacuum under $100 actually has very good suction and rivals some of the more expensive vacuums.

Back to our top five robot vacuums under $100. We feel confident that you will agree with us on our pick for the best robot vacuum under $100. Especially, now that you know what features to look out for.

5. Amrobt SI-295W Robot Vacuum

The Amrobt is a dedicated to getting rid of dirt, dust and mud. It even goes as far as removing stains on all types of floors.

This vacuum has a strong suction power of 1500 Pa. The amrobt is paired with four side brushes that round up dust and other particles to be sucked up by its vacuum port. This vacuum has a dry-wipe feature which helps it to remove stains and mud alongside all other dry particles. It does this while cleaning to give your home a clean and shiny finish. The Amrobt is small and low enough to clean under couches and beds with ease.

This device has a remote control that helps the user change between three cleaning modes. The modes include; Focus cleaning, Edge cleaning and auto cleaning mode. Like most vacuums, the Amrobt has a set of bump and cliff-detection sensors that work pretty well to keep it from bumping into stuff. The device is low profile and has a low noise level of 65 dB. The armrobt can clean for up to 60 minutes and charges for five hours.

One of the minor issues with the Amrobt is the limited set of options on the control panel and the single push-button for cleaning. Without the remote control, it is a bit hard to make or adjust its settings.

Amrobt SI-295W Robot Vacuum
Amrobt SI-295W Robot Vacuum

4. SereneLife Pure

 The SereneLife is one other robot vacuum that works best on slim carpets, linoleum floors, tiles, and hardwood floors.

This vacuum cleaner has a strong suction of 1200 Pa that is strong enough to pick up small and large particles of debris alike. It also has a 1500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This battery supercharges to give you uninterrupted cleaning time of up to 90 minutes. Though, after the 90 minutes, the owner will have to manually plug in the robot to recharge. The charging time of the SereneLife Automatic Robot Cleaner is four hours on average. Unfortunately, this robot doesn't have an automatic docking and recharge feature.

The robot is small enough to get under small spaces to clean and is very light (4.3 pounds). You can move around with it from one room to another.

The Serenelife little vacuum gives your home a fresh look. Serenelife uses two pairs of side brushes that spin and lift debris that it then sucks into the bin. The bin on the other hand is a bit small and has a capacity of up to 200mls therefore you will need to empty it quite often. The bin, however, is easily detachable and has a standard filter that traps particles and helps to keep the suction power strong enough to pick up all kinds of dirt. In addition to the brushes, this vacuum has a mop that takes care of spills.

The robot vacuum has a self-navigation system that helps it adjust its path. It can also adjust its path to focus on cleaning floors with patterns of high traffic.

This vacuum also has a relatively low noise setting at 65 dB so it won't be too distracting while the owner is catching up on sleep or a movie. Ultimately, you can rest assured that the robot vacuum will not distract you in any way.

SereneLife Pure
SereneLife Pure

3. Pure Clean PYLE AZPUCRC 25

This robot has an 850mAh Ni-MH-based battery that allows the vacuum to clean for up to 90 minutes. It cleans uninterrupted before needing to recharge. The Pure Clean PYLE AZPUCRC 25 has a recharge time of up to 4 hours.

This vacuum is wireless and remote-controlled in case of the need to change the cleaning modes. The pyle azpucrc 25 has a set of brushes that spin and pickup dirt as it vacuums. Sensors and infrared light to prevent it from crashing into obstacles. The Pure Clean robot will not get stuck because it is small enough to clean in tight and small spaces. It also uses a set of edge cleaning brushes to make sure that it does not forget the corners when its cleaning. This vacuum can run for 50-90 minutes. It will then automatically dock for recharging which takes four hours before it can do another cleaning cycle. The vacuum is light and portable and you can easily move it from one room to another.

It has self path navigation that is self-programmed depending on its observation of which spots require extra cleaning. This helps it to focus more on these areas while cleaning.

For spotless floors, the pure clean robot vacuum cleaner has three cleaning modes that are auto or random, edge cleaning, and spiral cleaning mode. The bin is easy to detach by the click of a button on the led display screen of the vacuum. It has a capacity of 200 mls and will need to be cleaned regularly depending on the number of cleaning cycles per day or week. The bin has a washable dust filter and a True HEPA filter that help to maintain the suction power of the vacuum.

Just like most robot vacuum cleaners, the Pure Clean vacuum has a set of sensors for object and edge detection. The sensors are necessary in helping the robot not crush or fall.

Pure Clean PYLE AZPUCRC 25
Pure Clean PYLE AZPUCRC 25

2.  Golongele HB1001 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Golongele HB1001 is a super slim robot vacuum that has three sets of cleaning modes. A random mode where it cleans in a zigzag pattern. The focus cleaning mode where it will choose a specific direction to clean until that area is clean. An auto cleaning mode that cleans in a spiral pattern. The Auto cleaning mode is the default mode but can be changed by either using the local controls found on the vacuum or by using a remote control.

The Golongele HB1001 is equipped with a set of side brushes that are specially designed to sweep corners and get rid of dirt in all places including under your furniture. Because of the slim build, the robot vacuum will easily navigate under small spaces without getting stuck.

The HB1001 uses a nickel battery to store charge and offer your home 50-60 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning before it requires to recharge. The HB1001 can clean rooms of up to 650 sq. feet. With a suction power of 1000Pa, the Golongele HB1001 will be able to pick up almost all the debris in your home. It will efficiently clean your tiles, marble floors, hardwood floors, and low-rise carpets. This vacuum is also equipped with a HEPA filter in addition to the preliminary filter such that all microns under 0.3 are captured too. The HB1001 keeps your home clean, crisp and allergen-free.

This vacuum cleaner has a set of bump and anti-fall sensors to ease navigation of your home and easily get around objects or barriers. It uses a set of four dual brushes that sweep up the debris that is then sucked up into the dust bin by a vacuum port. The dust bin has a capacity of 250 ml that is easily detachable from the vacuum for emptying. Our number 2 best robot vacuum under $100 comes packed with a good number of features.

Golongele HB1001 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Golongele HB1001 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The only issue with the Golongele HB1001 is that it requires to be charged manually for up to four hours. If that doesn't seem like too much of a hassle for the buyer, the Golongele HB1001 is a very solid vacuum that will meet your cleaning needs and give you extra time to enjoy your hobbies. This device does include a warranty of one year.

1. Sysperl V10 Robot Vacuum

The Sysperl v10 is by far the best option on this list of the best robot vacuums under $100. It has a brush-less motor and two-speed cleaning that works really well on pet dander and hair.

The v10 is an intelligent robot vacuum with a number of modes that include; auto cleaning and spot cleaning modes. The robot has also been designed with the ability to climb over simple raised surfaces. This means it can easily climb over obstacles like when it is moving from a hard floor to a low pile carpet. The Sysperl V10 is versatile enough to handle various cleaning demands you might have for it.

The Robot Vacuum can be controlled via its control panel or with a remote control. The remote control allows you to control things like the speed of the robot and its direction. You can also use the remote control to send the robot back to its dock for recharging.

The Sysperl v10 Robot Vacuum has a 1800pa suction power that enables it to suck up all kinds of debris including confetti, human hair, dust etc. The large 650ml dust bin means it can clean your home for longer without you having to frequently empty the dust bin every other time.

The auto adjustable suction power also enables the sysperl v10 Robot Vacuum to operate on multi-surfaces for a decent all round clean. So, whether its a hard floor or low pile carpet, the v10 sysperl will be able to vacuum it with the necessary suction power.

The vacuum cleaner has a large battery and can run for 120 minutes. This makes the sysperl ideal for large space cleaning. It has an auto docking and recharge feature that programs it to automatically return to its docking station for charging. The vacuum cleaner also has a charging sensor that allows it to detect the charging dock.

The Sysperl v10 Robot Vacuum has a decent routing system that gives it good navigation while it cleans. It has anti-collision sensors for avoiding obstacles. The v10 also has cliff detection technology for improved navigation and to prevent it from falling over stairs.

Sysperl v10
Sysperl v10

Because the Sysperl v10 has superior technology, is easy to use, has powerful suction and a large dustbin among other things, it is our pick for the best robot vacuum under $100.

Here is a comparison table to remind you of all the key features we have looked at in our top 5 best robot vacuums under $100.


NameSysperl v10 Robot Vacuum
*best robot vacuum under $100
Golongele HB1001 Smart Robot VacuumPure Clean PYLE AZPUCRC 25 Robot Vacuum CleanerSereneLife Pure Robot CleanerAmrobt SI-295W Smart Robotic Vacuum
Battery typeLi-ionNi-MHNi-MHLi-ionLi-ion
Suction power1800 Pa1000 Pa800 Pa1200 Pa1500 Pa
Self -navigation?YesNoYesYesNo
Bin capacity650 mls250 mls200 mls200 mls 
Automatic recharge?YesNoYesNoNo
Charging time4 – 5 hrsFour (4) hours4 hrs3 – 4 hrs5 hrs
Floor typesHardwood, linoleum, tiles and low pile carpetsMarble, Hardwood, linoleum, tiles and low pile carpetslinoleum, Hardwood, tiles and low pile carpetsHardwood, linoleum, tiles and low pile carpetsHardwood, linoleum, tiles and low pile carpets
Run time120 minutes50-60 minutes90 minutes90 minutes60 minutes
Remote controlYesYesNoNoYes
Voice and Smart AppNoNoNo
FiltersStandard filterStandard filter +HEPA filterWashable dust filter + HEPA filterStandard dust filterStandard dust filter

When you buy any one of the above-mentioned vacuums, here are a few things to expect.

  • Both cheap and expensive vacuums can get stuck at some point while some might do a good job of not getting stuck. But if your vacuum gets stuck too often, i could probably be the sensors not doing enough to provide correct direction or the roller brushes are tangled in pet hair.
  • Some of these vacuums will not always go up to the specified runtime as indicated on the box because the cleaning needs, environment and level of dirt can vary greatly. However, if the running time is always low and never gets better even if when you think it should, please contact the customer care of your robot vacuum manufacturer.
  • All of the robot vacuums listed above are most effective on hardwood floors, tiles, linoleum floors, and hard carpets. If you use the robot vacuums on high pile or thick carpets, they may not work as well as expected. They are not designed for vacuuming high pile carpets.
  • Most of the vacuums listed above require manual operation and charging because they cannot automatically return to the charging base. The control panel always has a feature that shows how much battery is left and a display that shows when the robot is charging.
  • The robot vacuums all require a certain amount of time to recharge and it is advised that they should be constantly monitored to avoid cases of charging for far too long.
  • You should regularly clean the dust bins and their filters. The user manual is the best guide at helping you through the necessary steps for cleaning the robot vacuum.
  • If you do not frequently use the robot vacuum, its battery will start to degrade. In cases where the robot is rarely used, the robot should be charged until its full to preserve the battery.

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