The Roborock s6 vs Neato d7. Which one should I buy?

Last updated on Jul 27, 2021 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
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The Roborock s6 vs Neato d7 are both industry certified Robot Vacuums competing on the market. Both robot vacuums support smart cleaning and are able to connect to Wi-Fi, however, we hope our comparison and differences reveal to you which option is better.

The difference in design is one of the massive changes you immediately notice about these two robot vacuums, but that’s not all. Both the roborock s6 and neato d7 are heavy and tall with the Neato d7 being taller, and thus cannot fit under low furniture.

The Roborock s6 is the better option in this comparison. Even with though it has a considerably high price, it proves to have more functionality (like the mopping) and also comes with a quad-core processor which will talk about in the sections that follow.

Roborock S6
Roborock S6

The Neato d7 is also a good robovac because it has all the crucial features any standard robot vacuum can have including large dust bin, voice assistant technology and multiple cleaning modes. If you are not interested in the extra functionality like the mopping feature in the roborock s6, then you can go ahead buy yourself the Neato d7.

Main differences between the Roborock s6 Vs Neato d7

The Design Shape and size

The Roborock s6 has a circular form, like many other Robot vacuums on the market. The Neato d7, however, is D–shaped. This D-shape helps make its cleaning rounds in corners more effective. For the roborock s6 vs neato d7, the difference in design is very distinct and clear.

Talking about the size of these robot vacuums, the Neato d7 is slightly taller than the Roborock s6. This means that for really low furniture, it might not be able to pass under it. The wheels of a Neato d7 however have a suspension mechanism which helps them move over objects easily. Furthermore, the suspension mechanism enables neato d7 to be flexible while moving over objects.

Dustbin size

The Neato d7 has a larger dustbin size than the Roborock s6. Remember that each time your dustbin gets full, the robot vacuum stops cleaning and you have to empty it.

This means that for a larger house or apartment, your Neato d7 will not fill up that often. So, you will not have to empty it so frequently during a standard cleaning session.

Mopping functionality

The Roborock s6 comes with the mopping functionality. This feature has a mop with a water tank as well to help the unit do the mopping seamlessly. So you can be sure to get a vacuum and mop experience in one go. The mopping option is not available with the Neato d7.

The Cleaning Brushes

The Neato d7 has one long clean brush at its front, and a small side brush near it. The roborock s6 on the other hand has a main brush in the middle and a side brush. The Neato d7 can do better edge cleaning with its long brush, and is more effective at cleaning than the roborock s6.

Main Similarities between the Roborock s6 Vs Neato d7

Smart mapping

With the use of a LiDar navigation sensor, both the Roborock s6 and Neato d7 can create a map of your house or apartment. This is done after setting up your robot vacuum for the first time.

Smart mapping helps you clean your house in the order you prefer, from one room to the next. Here is how it works.

First, a full-on map of your house is made. This usually takes long, since the Robot needs to know its way around the house, and then automatically generates a mapping of the whole house. All obstacles and turns are noted and included in your map.

With the map, you can now identify, send and direct the robot to where you specifically want it to clean.

Zoned cleaning

Both the Roborock s6 and Neato d7 support zoned cleaning. With the smart map in play, you are able to create zones and no-go areas on your map.

These zones are areas where your robot can clean, and no-go areas are places you do not want the robot vacuum to visit (either a store room or any no-go room). This way, you clean your house based on your zone preference.

Schedule cleaning

Both the Roborock s6 and Neato d7 support setting up cleaning schedules. So, when you are away, your Robot Vacuum can do the cleaning and you will find everything is done when you get back.

Features of the Roborock s6

Quad-core processor

The Roborock s6 is embedded with a 32-bit quad core processor which makes its automated cleaning experience even smarter. With this processor, it always calculates the best and most optimal route, thus using less time to complete the cleaning.

Multiple Cleaning modes

The Roborock s6 vacuum cleaner has a variety of cleaning options, depending on the floor or power-usage you prefer to use. These include:

Carpet: For cleaning carpets.

Quiet mode: It uses less power during operation and makes the least noise.

Mopping mode: The mopping equipment is detachable. The robot effectively uses its water tank to wet mop as it vacuums the floor at the same time.

Balanced: In this mode, the robot vacuum cleaner makes use of medium power to do its cleaning.

Turbo: This mode operates a bit faster than balanced mode.

Max mode: This is the mode where the robot uses its maximum power.

The multiple modes available allow the user to operate the robot vacuum cleaner depending on how much power the user requires to complete a task.

Mopping functionality

The Roborock s6 vacuum cleaner has an external mop that can be fixed onto the cleaner. It can also be cleaned and connected to its water tank. The water tank automatically releases water in small bits while the robot mop is cleaning.

roborock s6 disposable mop
roborock s6 disposable mop

Room Specific Scheduling

We showed in the feature comparisons above that the Roborock s6 supports zoned cleaning, which is a feature that helps specify particular zones/rooms to clean.

You can go ahead to schedule cleaning for a particular room.

The Roborock application

The Roborock s6 vacuum cleaner is run and controlled with the help of the Roborock application. For a new user, there is a first time set up you are supposed to follow so as to have your automatic cleaning experience started. The steps are simple and here is a quick guide.

How to set up the Roborock application (for the first time)

1. Download the Roborock app from the Google Play store or App store.

2. Open the app after its installed on your smartphone

3. Sign up with your user details (Select New user registration and follow the steps)

4. Make sure both your internet connection and robot vacuum cleaner are turned on. (First charge your robot vacuum to 100% before making the connection)

5. Enter your Wi-Fi connection credentials in the Roborock app

6. After that, press the “Connect to robot Wi-Fi” button.

7. Add the Roborock vacuum cleaning device to the app. At the top of the application, you will find a “+” button. You can use it to search for and add any new devices to the app.

8. After completing the step of adding the robot vacuum, you will see the Enter Robot button. Click it and you are done.

For more set-up details, follow this guide from the official Roborock website support.

The Roborock S6 application has many cleaning options to choose from. For example;

  • Smart mapping of the floors in the house
  • The option to clean the entire house in one go
  • Being able to clean a whole room
  • Create cleaning schedules remotely
  • Selecting a particular area of a room to clean
  • Cleaning a particular area in a room that needs cleaning more than once,
  • Storing of cleaning maps for future reference
  • Selecting no-go areas or boundaries for sections you would not want the robot to mop

The Battery life

The roborock s6 has a battery of 5200 mAh which means it can operate for approximately 2 hours of continuous battery time when it is in the lowest power mode. If you have a larger house or big apartment, then you won’t have to worry about having to charge the device many times.

For a smoother experience, Roborock implemented another feature which helps the robot automatically go back to its charging station when the battery power is low. We talk about it next.

Recharge and resume capability

This is a special feature from the Roborock family of Robot Vacuums. Here is how it works;

When your Roborock s6 runs out of battery, it will automatically return to its charging station to recharge. When it is fully charged, it will return to the exact place where the battery had run low and resume its cleaning.

Roborock s6 Pros

  • Voice Assistant Compatible: The Roborock s6 allows users to make commands with the available voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri. You do not always have to get out your Roborock app and manually move the Robot Vacuum around.
  • Recharge and Resume
  • Maximum 2 hour battery
  • Quiet mode: The Roborock s6 makes less noise while running the quiet cleaning mode, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort due to noise.
  • Moving over high obstacles: This comes in as a handy feature, however some obstacles may be mistaken for dust i.e. carpets with fluffy ends.

Roborock s6 Cons

  • Poor side brush design: The Roborock s6 side brush was changed into a rubber kind of design. This design prevents the side brush from rotating when on a carpet, and thus it would not effectively clean such an area.
  • Sensor Malfunction due to dust: As you clean, the robot sensors usually pick-up dust and get covered. This often affects their sensitivity thus failing to detect a cliff, ladders or steep drops. The way around this is to constantly clean your robot sensors; they are located on the under side of the robot vacuum.
  • Maintenance not straightforward for first time user: The Roborock s6 needs a once-in-a-while maintenance of its internal parts. This can be done with the help of a screw driver and cleaning cloth. If you are a new user, this experience might not be as obvious, so you might need technical know-how and guidance.
  • Price: The Roborock s6 is a bit pricier as compared to other options on the market. There are many smart robot vacuums on the market and their price differences can end up becoming a deal breaker for most people.

Special features of the Neato d7

Multiple cleaning modes

The Neato d7 has different cleaning modes, each of which comes with different operation formats.

Eco: Consumes less power and produces less noise

Turbo: Consumes maximum power, has high suction ability and can be noisy.

Extra-care: Performs a gentle vacuuming navigation on a specific area

Manual: The user directs the robot cleaner to clean in specific areas they want, by moving it around manually with the help of the application gears.

The Application

The design and uniqueness of the Neato Robotics applications is user friendly. After setting up the application with your Robot Vacuum, it shows 3 options on the side panel. There is My Robot, Robot Schedule and My floor plan.  All these have clean user interfaces, which make management of your vacuuming experience easy.

Draw multiple no-go lines

Within a particular room or floor, the Neato d7 allows for creating multiple no-go lines so that you are able to limit its travel within a specific section.

neato d7 no go lines
image of d7 no go lines

Neato d7 Pros

  • Effective dust pickup: The Neato d7 is very efficient when it comes to collecting dust from surfaces of different kinds.
  • Smart obstacle navigation: The Neato d7 is able to dodge any barriers and pass under a table or chair. It may slightly knock the obstacle, but it intelligently sets course backwards. In some cases, it fails to pass over cables as it may mistake them for obstacles too.
  • Unique design: The D shaped design helps it navigate walls and clean sharp corners
  • Large wheels: These help it to move over higher thresholds than robots with very small wheels.
  • Large dustbin size: It is approximately 2 and a half cups in size. So, if you are not home, you don’t have to worry about your bin getting full and the robot pausing the cleaning.
  • Works with boundary strips: In addition to virtual walls, some set ups of the Neato d7 come with boundary strips. These are physical strips that prevent the robot vacuum from passing specific boundaries. As an additional feature, one can use it so that they don’t have to create virtual walls in the application.

Neato D7 Cons

  • Its height: Due to its height, the Neato d7 cannot move under low furniture. The circular receiver unit at its back prevents it from doing so.
  • Has no mopping functionality. So you cannot vacuum and mop at the same time.

Roborock s6 Vs. Neato d7, which is the best?

The Roborock s6 and Neato d7 are very good robot vacuums, each with their own individual custom features that make your cleaning experience enjoyable.

In the table below, we list the different functionalities of the Roborock s6 vs Neato d7 robot vacuums and how they compare against each other.

 Roborock s6Neato d7
Smart mapsYesYes
Weight7.94 pounds7.72 pounds
Dustbin size0.5L0.7L
Mop tank capacity140 mlN/A
Height3.7 inches3.9 inches
Maximum Climb Height0.74 inches0.74 inches
Drop detectionYesYes
Running time (on low power)150 minutes120 minutes
Battery size capacity5200 mAh3300 mAh
Color optionsBlack (more expensive), WhiteBlack
Max suction2000 Pa2000 Pa
Daily SchedulingYesYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
Voice Assistant OptionsSupports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and SiriSupports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri
roborock s6 vs neato d7 features table

Conclusion: Roborock s6 Vs. Neato d7

In our opinion, the Roborock s6 takes the crown in the roborock s6 vs neato d7 match up. With a powerful battery, mopping functionality and a quad-processor the roborock s6 guarantees that it’s worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Roborock s6

Q: Is it okay to add a detergent in the water while cleaning?

A: This is not advised. This is because adding a detergent into the water tank creates bubbles which may block the filter.

Q: My Roborock s6 has brought an internal error message. What should I do?

A: You can go about this by restoring the robot cleaner to its factory setting.

In case the error persists, contact the Roborock Customer Support team via their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Neato d7

Q: Does the Neato d7 support 5GHz internet band?

A: Yes. The Neato d7 support both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

Q: What do I do when my Neato D7 brings the reboot me error?

A:  When you get the REBOOT ME error, please follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the neato d7 start Button for about 10 seconds. The robot will be turned off.
  • Secondly, turn the robot back on by pressing the start Button again. Wait for the robot to finish rebooting. You will know it’s done when you hear a beeping sound.

After rebooting the robot, it should start functioning normally again

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