Roborock s6 vs s6 pure. How different are they?

Last updated on Jul 29, 2021 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
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It is almost impossible to mention Robot Vacuums and fail to mention the Roborock. With all the smart robot vacuums on the market, cleaning your house has never gotten easier. Today, we shall be looking at the Roborock s6 vs s6 pure.

In consecutive succession with the S5, S5 Max, and the S6, the Roborock company also introduced the s6 pure on the market. Today, we are focusing on the Roborock s6 and s6 pure. For your home or apartment, these 2 automated robot vacuums will provide you with the simplicity, ease, and effective cleaning that you need in the most convenient ways possible.

However, before we go deep into what these robot vacuums can do, we shall delve into a quick summary for the readers that want a quick answer.

Quick Summary: Roborock s6 vs s6 pure

The Roborock s6 pure is the winner here. Even though its by a slim margin. It does have a bigger Mop tank but a smaller dust bin when compared to the Roborock S6.

The difference is not so significant and if you are just interested in having the latest gadget of the two, we suggest you go for the Roborock s6 pure.

Otherwise, you cannot go wrong with the Roborock S6 because the difference between the two is so small and you might not even notice.

Why we say the roborock s6 and s6 pure are so similar?

Both the Roborock S6 pure and S6 have the same cleaning technology but different operation features and application capabilities, as we will see in detail below.

The Roborock s6 and s6 pure both come with smart mapping technology powered by LiDar sensors. The only slight difference is that the S6 has 2 sensors more than the S6 pure. The build, shape, and design of the two are identical. What can help you spot the difference is the front-facing side of the robot vacuums.

The Roborock s6 has 3 buttons, the first one is for turning the robot on or off (long press) and to start a cleaning cycle (short press), the next one is for initiating a spot clean (the middle long button), and a third to send the robot back to the charging station (the button with the home icon). The roborock s6 has a bigger dust bin which means it will vacuum for a longer time without needing to be emptied.

roborock s6 vertical view
Roborock s6 vertical view

Roborock s6 Pure vertical view
Roborock s6 Pure vertical view

On the other hand, the Roborock s6 pure has 2 buttons, the first one is for starting a cleaning cycle and the other (the one with the home icon) for sending the robot vacuum to the charging dock.

The two robot vacuums are Wi-Fi enabled and can be monitored remotely with the help of the roborock mobile application. Both double down as a mop and vacuum cleaner. The only difference here is that Roborock s6 pure (180ml) has a larger water tank than the s6 (140ml). This makes the roborock s6 pure better suited for mopping because it can hold more water than its counterpart.

For you that still have the lingering question, which is the better option between the Roborock s6 pure Vs. s6? We go into more detail about these two devices and give a conclusion on which robot vacuum you should buy.

 Let us find out the main differences between the Roborock s6 pure and s6 below.

Main differences between the Roborock s6 pure Vs Roborock s6

 Noise level

When running smart robot cleaners, different power modes produce different noise outputs. In general, the Roborock s6 has been tested and is quieter than the s6 pure.

For example, while in Balanced mode, Roborock s6 is quieter than the s6 pure. To be more specific, the Robot s6 produces approximately 67db of sound, while the s6 pure produces approximately 70 dB.

Dustbin size

The Roborock s6 pure has a slightly smaller dustbin size than the roborock s6. The difference is not that significant but the extra ml can still go a long way in keeping the roborock cleaning for longer. The Roborock s6 pure dustbin capacity is 460 ml while that of the Roborock s6 is 480 ml.

No-go mop zones

In addition to no go boundaries, the Roborock s6 has an additional functionality known as no-go mop zones. This helps to specify areas where a robot vacuum shouldn’t go when mopping. For the Roborock s6 pure, this feature is not available. However, you can use no-go lines for when your roborock s6 pure is mopping.

s6 series no go zone
s6 series no go zone

Another way to go about this with your Roborock s6 pure is by creating a new map and setting up boundaries around the areas which you don’t want to be mopped. This way, each time you want to mop, you just switch to that map.

Water Tank Capacity 

The roborock s6 pure has a larger water tank as compared to the Roborock s6. With up to 180 ml of water tank capacity, the roborock s6 pure holds more water than the s6 that has only a 140 ml capacity. This means the robot vacuum can mop for a longer time without needing a refill.

The Purchase Price

When it comes to price, the Roborock s6 pure is usually more expensive than the Roborock s6

There is not a lot of differences when it comes to features between the two, however, the prices vary over time based on the prevailing market forces.

Main Similarities between the Roborock s6 pure Vs Roborock s6

Processor technology and speed

The Roborock s6 and s6 pure are both supported by the 32-bit quad-core processor technology. The quad-core processor gives the robot vacuums smart navigation intelligence and efficient mapping of the house. This makes the process of smart mapping quicker and cleaning is done efficiently so as to properly utilize the battery well.

The Design, Shape and size

The Roborock s6 pure and s6 are circular, and it is very hard to differentiate them at first sight.

Both have a top circular knob. This contains LiDar technology sensors that assist in navigation for example; by spotting barriers or hindrances so that the robot vacuums can take an alternate course without running into them.

s6 series top knob
s6 series top knob

Room specific scheduling

After setting up the map of your apartment with the Roborock application, many smart robot vacuums have a scheduling function. This is used to program your smart robot cleaner and set the days you want it to vacuum your house.

Both the Roborock s6 and s6 pure have an additional feature to specify a room cleaning schedule. You can also distinctly name your rooms.

After which, you can choose particular days when you want each room cleaned.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Both the Roborock s6 pure and s6 vacuum cleaners have a variety of cleaning modes. These include:

Quiet: It uses less power.

Mopping mode: It uses a wet mop to clean dry floors.

Balanced: It uses medium power.

Turbo: This is a bit faster than the balanced mode.

Max mode: Max mode simply means the robot uses maximum power.

With this multi-mode functionality, you can switch between them to meet the requirements of different floor types.

Mopping functionality

The Roborock s6 pure and s6 vacuum cleaners have an external mop that can be attached and detached from the robot vacuum when it is not needed. The mopping is done with a help of water which is why a water tank is included with the mop and can be filled with water.

In contrast to smart water tanks which can be regulated with the help of a smart application, the roborock s6 pure and s6 both don’t have smart water tanks. Their water tanks disperse water with the help of gravity.

Multiple floor support

The Roborock s6 and s6 pure both support saving of maps for different floors. For a two or three-storied apartment, you can set up maps for the multiple floors. This means that each time you want to clean a certain floor, you just specify it on your application and carry your roborock vacuum cleaner to that floor.

smart mapping and multifloor support
mapping and multi-floor support

Smart mapping and Zoned cleaning

Smart mapping technology helps you to create a map of your house or apartment. In simple terms, this technology gives your robot the ability to learn, map and adapt to your home. 

For any new robot vacuum user, this technology helps in making an initial outlay of your house so that the robot vacuums know where to navigate and where not to navigate. This is done with the use of LiDar technology with the help of smart sensors on your robot vacuum cleaner. 

Both the Roborock s6 pure and s6 support this technology putting them above many in the world of robot vacuums.

The Roborock application

Since the Roborock s6 and s6 pure are Wi-Fi enabled, they can be monitored and accessed remotely with the help of a smart application.

The Roborock application comes with additional features and a user-friendly interface to guide new users on how to run their robot vacuums. In case you want to be guided on how to set up your robot vacuum for the first time, follow this link for details.

The beauty of it all is, you just need access to the internet from anywhere you are. This will allow you to monitor, switch on or off the robot vacuum, schedule cleaning routines, and more. 

The Battery life 

Both the Roborock s6 and s6 pure come with a battery size of 5200 mAh. Your robot vacuum can stay running for up to approximately 180 minutes while in quiet mode.

Smart recharging capability. 

The Smart recharging feature is one of those desirable features any robot vacuum should have. This feature is also known as the recharge and resume. Here is how it works:

When your Roborock s6 pure or s6 runs out of battery, it will automatically return to its charging docker to recharge. When it is fully charged, it returns to the exact place where it stopped and resumes its cleaning. 

Your robot vacuum smartly calculates and assesses when it is about to run out of battery and it moves to its charging docker. You don’t have to worry about it running out of battery abruptly while it is cleaning.

Side brush Design

Both the Roborock s6 pure and s6 have a side brush that is meant to push debris to the main brush. When it comes to cleaning sharp corners, both robot vacuums are not effective at sweeping them. This is due to their circular shape and also the fact that while on edges, the brush rapidly increases speed therefore just spreading debris rather than collecting it.

Special features of the Roborock s6 pure

Automated with smart sensors

When the Roborock s6 pure senses that it is on a carpet, it automatically adjusts to maximum power to allow it clean the carpet more thoroughly. Since the carpet requires more power for it to be cleaned. 

After it leaves the carpet area, it will revert back to the previous power mode.

As you might have noticed, there are not a lot of special features for the Roborock s6 pure as it shares many similarities with the Roborock s6.

Roborock s6 Pure
Roborock s6 Pure

Roborock s6 pure Pros

  • Durable battery life of up to 180 minutes on quiet mode
  • A user-friendly app
  • Voice control options

Roborock s6 pure Cons

  • High price : The Roborock s6 pure is expensive when compared to the Roborock s6. This gives it a less competitive edge since they have almost similar features

Special features of the Roborock s6

Recharge time

The Roborock s6 can recharge faster and quicker than the Roborock s6 pure. From zero battery to full charge, the Roborock s6 can take up to 3 to 4 hours while the Roborock s6 can take up to 4 to 5 hours.

NOTE: Many special features for the Roborock s6 can be found in the differences section above.

the roborock s6
the roborock s6

Roborock s6 Pros

  • Quieter on balanced mode
  • Voice control options like Alexa, Siri and Google assistant can be synced with the roborock applications and voice commands made.
  • Low price

Roborock s6 Cons

Poor side brush design

Failure to clean corners

Roborock s6 pure Vs. Roborock s6, which is the best?

The Roborock s6 vs s6 pure is a comparison of robot vacuums that both come from the same family. They have more similarities than differences, as you may have already noticed from the sections above.

In the table below, we compare the specifications of the two robot vacuums and we get to see what they both have to offer.

Features/FunctionalityRoborock s6 pureRoborock s6
Smart mapsYesYes
Weight7.04 pounds7.94 pounds
Dustbin size460 ml480 ml
Room specific schedulingYesYes
Mop tank capacity180 ml140 ml
Height3.78 inches3.7 inches
Maximum Climb Height0.74 inches0.74 inches
Drop detectionYesYes
Running time (on quiet mode)180 minutes180 minutes
Battery size capacity5200 mAh5200 mAh
Warranty12 months12 months
Colour optionsBlack, WhiteBlack, White
Max suction2000 Pa2000 Pa
Daily SchedulingYesYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
Voice command optionsSupports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and SiriSupports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri

Conclusion: Roborock s6 vs s6 pure

When you assess and compare the differences between value and price, you realize that the Roborock s6 gives as much value as the Roborock s6 pure.

Most of the functionality and tech are all similar. The difference between the two is fairly subtle and is only noticeable to keen researchers. These include; the difference in water tank size, dust bin size, recharge time and buttons. So we suggest that if you are keen on having the latest gadget, then you should go for the Roborock s6 pure.

Otherwise, you might as well go for the Roborock s6 as it will give you a fair balance of value and price.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Roborock s6 pure and s6

Which is better, the Roborock S6 or s6 pure?

The Roborock s6 and s6 pure are almost similar, but in my opinion, the roborock s6 is better. 

First, it is cheaper, and you get just as many features and similar cleaning technology as with the Roborock s6 pure.

Do I need to have Wi-Fi at home to use the roborock robot vacuums?

No. You do not need to have wireless internet to use your robot vacuum. However, without internet access, you will be limited with the functionalities available with the roborock application. Follow the details on how to connect your robot vacuum in the review sections above.

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