Roomba 614 vs 675. Why either might be good for you?

Last updated on Jul 29, 2021 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
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Roomba vacuum cleaners come with inbuilt advanced technologies and a wide range of sensors. This explains why they have very intelligent floor navigation. They can easily detect obstacles and avoid them by changing direction. They can also identify staircases so they cannot fall over. This review, however, shall focus on two versions of the Roomba vacuum cleaners. That is, Roomba 614 vs 675.

For the best cleaning experience and better technology, we recommend Roomba 675 for you. You can schedule your robot to do cleaning even in your absence. The Roomba 675 gives you the convenience you need since it can be remotely controlled using your Smartphone. Also, considering its better cleaning performance, we think this is the home cleaning tool you need.

Though, the Roomba 614 comes with adequate technology needed for any robot vacuum cleaner. It does have a few shortfalls when compared to the Roomba 675 as we shall see below.

Features of the Roomba 614

Let us kick this off with the Roomba 614. Roomba 614 is housed in a circular model design that you can quite easily accommodate. It is available on Amazon and can be shipped to your doorstep. This section lays out in detail everything you need to know before purchasing the Roomba 614.

Technology and Efficiency

Roomba is based on AeroVac technology which ensures effectiveness and ease of operation. With its thorough cleaning process, there is no chance for missing out dirty spots while vacuuming. Its circular shape allows the Roomba 614 to effectively use these three stages of cleaning as follows;

The first stage of vacuuming

In the first vacuuming stage, Roomba uses its inbuilt side revolving brushes. These brushes are used to clean walls before vacuuming starts.  It involves a variety of sensors that must detect if it’s either a wall or some other obstacle. Using this intelligence, Roomba gains the ability to clean around walls and raised upright surfaces. Such places include sideboards or even shelves, making it an effective and efficient cleaning tool.

The second stage of vacuuming

The second stage is focused around vacuuming the floor rather than the walls. Unlike in the first stage, this time round, Roomba makes use of two sets of brushes revolving in conflicting courses. They usually emerge from its base. The reason for this mechanism is that the dirt collected must be stuffed into the vacuum without pouring back onto the floor. This ensures that no spot is left out and thorough cleaning is done on each section of the flooring or carpets.

Roomba 614 brushes
Roomba 614 brushes

The third stage of vacuuming

Dirt has already been removed from walls and floor surfaces around. Roomba 614 then clears the way for the vacuum to perform the real cleaning by sucking all dirt into its inbuilt vacuum bin. This is the last stage before Roomba 614 navigates to another spot. It happens very swiftly to leave a very flawlessly clean surface without you realizing the stages behind it.

Dirt Filtration Mechanism

To deal with dirt collected from wall surfaces, floors and carpets, Roomba 614 uses AeroVac filters. These ensure that dirt collected from all these surfaces is collected into the bin. There is no chance for it to fall back to the vacuumed sections of your room. One thing to consider in this case is how often you clean up these filters because they are likely to get stuffed. And this all depends on how dirty your room is.


Roomba 614 doesn’t take a straight line while vacuuming a room. The next question probably on your lips must be; how does it clean the entire room without missing a spot? The answer is iAdapt Technology.

This enables Roomba sensors to detect the untidy sections of the floor, and the robot will attend to them first.  Note that, the time it takes this autonomous vacuum cleaner to tidy up a section of the floor depends on how dirty the floor is.

An important aspect to note about Roomba 614 is; it comes with a very good rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. This is capable of doing a complete and thorough cleaning session.

Dual Multi-surface brushes

Roomba 614 comes with Dual multi-surface brushes capable of removing dirt from hard floors and carpets. It also has the Edge-sweeping brushes responsible for sweeping around edges and corners. These brushes capture and remove large dirt particles from the floor. The navigation of the first brush ensures that dirt particles are loosened from the floor. Then, they are lifted and pulled towards the machine before being moved into the suction channel.


Roomba uses sensors to sense and eliminate dirt. These enable it to locate the untidy part of your room and the robot will clean them.

Cliff Detector

Roomba 614 won’t fall downstairs. The inbuilt sensors give Roomba 614 intelligent navigation around the floor. It can detect cliffs and drop-offs. In addition to that, the robot can go under and around the furniture to help you clean the floor.

Roomba 614 cliff Detection
Roomba 614 Cliff Detection

Roomba 614 pros

  • It’s affordable
  • The lithium-ion battery that is preinstalled in Roomba 614 provides longer hours of cleaning. It saves you the burden of having to recharge every other time in a day.
  • With its technology, you can rest assured your room will be cleaned thoroughly. The 614 roomba will clean all reachable walls, floors, carpets etc.

Roomba 614 Cons

  • The 614 has a poor air filtration mechanism that doesn’t catch all the dust very well as compared to other Roomba models.
  • Whenever the bin is full, other models detect and indicate the need for emptying. The Roomba 614 doesn’t have a provision for such an important feature.
  • You can only make use of this cleaner if you are physically available since it lacks scheduling and remote control capability.
  • It lacks a remote control so don’t think about remote access of the device.

Features of Roomba 675

The Roomba 675 sits in between the roomba 614 and 690. However, the popularity of the Roomba 675 does make it a robot vacuum cleaner worth considering. Especially since this article is about the roomba 614 vs 675. We do have an blog post that details how the 675 fairs against the 690.

How about we get started?

The Design

Roomba 675 comes with the same design as Roomba 614. You actually may fail to distinguish between the two design-wise. Just like Roomba 614, it has space for the brushes at the center of its body and at the end are three rollers for easy navigation on the floor.

Size and Dimension

It’s like this feature has remained constant for most Roomba models. Like the earlier and later models, Roomba 675 comes with a body size of 13.3 inches in diameter and not taller than 3.6 inches. Its general body weight is 7.8 pounds which makes it portable for relocation.

Voice Control and Mobile App

With the Voice Control feature, Roomba 675 can follow instructions using its voice sensors. These instructions can also be passed to it through the Mobile App connected to the irobot via wifi. There is less inconvenience of having to point and press the remote control toward the robot.

Automatic Recharge

The cleaning robot will automatically return to its docking station in case its battery is warning. You don’t need to monitor it for such issues because it has automatic recharge functionality. Besides, it is capable of running for two full hours before charging again.


Roomba 675 comes with two types of Brushrolls. The bristle brush and the beater brush. They are responsible for thorough sweeping of the floor. Since they do a great deal of work, they need to be cleaned at least once a week.


Roomba 675 robot also has the removable filters at its core. This ensures easy maintenance of the cleaning tool. These filters should be cleaned twice every week.

Pros of the Roomba 675

  • Lower cost as compared to the later models and yet it comes with similar features puts it in a good position for purchase. You enjoy the advanced technology at a lower price.
  • It comes preinstalled with WIFI Connectivity that allows it to be controlled from your handheld devices such as a tablet or smartphone. Convenience is guaranteed.

Cons of the Roomba 675

  • In regards to cleaning performance, it offers a basic performance when compared to other later Roomba models.
  • It only has the basic dirt detection and filtration features and doesn’t offer more than that.

Main Similarities of the Roomba 614 vs 675


Talking about size and portability, the two Roomba cleaning robots have no exceptions. Both measure 13.3 X 13.3 X 3.6 inches which is an ideal size.

Roomba under furniture
Roomba under furniture

Floor types

The Roomba 614 and 675 are capable of cleaning all floor types. These include; hardwood floors, carpets and tiles.

Bin capacity

The capacity of the dirt bin that comes pre-installed with Roomba 614 and 675 is the same. It carries the same amount of dirt, i.e. 0.5L.


Both 614 and 675 have the same weight of 7.8 pounds. This makes them portable and convenient to carry around the house.


The navigation of these two robots doesn’t differ. They use iAdapt Technology to navigate across the floor of your room in a zig-zag pattern.

Main differences between the Roomba 614 vs 675

Virtual Wall Barrier

Roomba 675 comes with Virtual wall functionality which is missing in 614. Virtual wall simply means that the robot can be blocked from certain areas of the house for example; the shower room. This a core differentiating feature in the roomba 614 vs 675.

Bin Full indicator

Roomba 614 does not have the bin full indicator while the Roomba 675 does have the bin full indicator feature. Therefore, with the Roomba 614, you may not know when the bin needs emptying. Sometimes when the room is too dirty, the bin will need frequent emptying. This prevents overflow of dirt.

iRobot App

With the Mobile App available, Roomba 675 becomes better equipped than the 614 in terms of convenience. The App gives you the peace of remote controlling the 675 robot even when you are away. A good difference to note in this roomba 675 vs 614 in terms of ease of use.


The scheduling functionality gives you the ability to add, delete and edit schedules of the Roomba 675 using the mobile app. This means that your Roomba can be programmed to follow these schedules even in your absence. This feature is not available in the roomba 614.


This is another feature that makes Roomba 675 better than 614. The provision of WI-FI functionality makes wireless communications possible between you and the robot.

Remote control

With just a remote in your hands, you can send instructions to your Roomba 675. You can power it on, add a schedule or instruct it to dock. Something you cannot do with the roomba 614.

Roomba 614 Vs 675: Comparison Table

After looking at the different features, similarities/differences, we have a table layout with most of the specifications to help you ease your purchasing decision.

 SpecificationsRoomba 614Roomba 675
BatteryLithium-IonNiMH battery
Charge Time3 hours3 hours
Runtime120 minutes120 minutes
NavigationiAdapt TechnologyiAdapt Technology
Dirt Detection sensors
Drop Sensors
Bump sensors
Cleaning TechniqueAeroVac 3 stagesAeroVac 3 stages
Remote control
Voice Control
Local Control
Mobile App
Weight7.8 pounds7.8 pounds
Side Brushes11
Bin Full indicator
Entire level cleaning
Automatic Recharge
Carpet Boost
Virtual Wall Barrier
Standard Filters
Collection Bin Capacity0.5L0.5L
All floor types
Camera Navigation
Size13.3 X 13.3 X 3.6 inches13.3 X 13.3 X 3.6 inches

Final Verdict of the roomba 614 vs 675

With wireless communication plus the option for the Mobile App, the Roomba 675 is our best pick. In addition to that, you can add schedules and it also comes fully equipped with a bin full indicator. We recommend Roomba 675 over its counterpart 614.

You can still consider the roomba 614 if you find the price of the roomba 675 is above your current budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the filters and brushes replaceable, if so, how often?

Yes, they are replaceable. Side brushes should be replaced after every two months while filters can take up to four months. This, however, depends on the amount of dirt your Roomba robot is exposed to.

Can Roomba be scheduled to operate more than one time a day?

No, Roomba can only be scheduled to operate once a day through the seven days of the week. If you need an extra vacuuming operation, then manually control the robot. Some models don’t even support the schedule operation.

Can Roomba dry damp areas on my floor, or wipe up water drops from the wall?

Never, Roomba should only be used to clean dry sections of the floor. It shouldn’t come into contact with wet sections of the floor.

Can Roomba be able to clean in the corner and hard to reach walls in my house?

Yes, most preferably reachable corners.  Roomba uses its side brushes to reach corners and walls are a little hard to reach.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can Roomba mistakenly fall off the stairs or from upper floors?

Fortunately, Roomba has the ability and technology to detect staircases and steep falls, so it will not fall off in any case. Even if it’s used on a balcony, it can detect the end and change navigation.

What is the difference between Lighthouse and a virtual wall?

A virtual wall can be used to block areas of the house that you wouldn’t want the Roomba robot to access such as the shower room or store while Lighthouse gives Roomba the capability of cleaning multiple rooms in the house.

Do I need to sit around and supervise Roomba while it does the cleaning?

No, Roomba can supervise itself by using the Virtual wall and Lighthouse features. Just press the clean button and walk away.

Do I need to recharge Roomba whenever it is cleaning my house?

No, Roomba can dock back to its home station to automatically do the recharge itself.

How long can Roomba take to clean the entire house?

The whole work time rate depends on two factors, 1. How big your house is? And 2. How dirty your house is? That is how you measure how long it takes.

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