Eufy 15c vs 30c. Similarities and Differences

Last updated on Jul 27, 2021 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
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The RoboVac eufy 30c and RoboVac eufy 15c are both slim and moderately light weight robot vacuum cleaners that come enabled with wifi and voice assistant support guaranteeing a 100% hands free operation. The eufy 15c vs 30c comparison is a very close one because these robot vacuum cleaners are similar in very many aspects. Regardless of that, we believe our comparison will help you make a decision on which one to acquire for yourself. By the way, they come in both white and black colors.

The eufy 30c is definitely the better RoboVac here. This is because it has stronger suction power which means it will do a better job sucking up debris and dust. The 30c further has support for boundary detection which means you can control where the RoboVac can and cannot go.

The eufy 15c is also a good RoboVac because it has almost all the features that the eufy 30c has except for a few as mentioned below. The eufy 15c also costs less than the 30c. So if you can look past these few differences, then the eufy 15c is a definite buy.

Main Differences of the Eufy 15c vs 30c

Boundary strips and Boundary Detection Eufy 30c vs 15c

Eufy 30c has a boundary detection feature while the eufy 15c does not come with this feature installed. This feature works with boundary strips to allow you demarcate areas around your home that you don’t want your eufy RoboVac 30c to access. So what it is essentially doing is creating boundaries in your home that you don’t want the eufy 30c RoboVac crossing over. 

Eufy terms these as “no clean zones” and they can include; a child's play area, pet feeding area or any other area you feel shouldn't be accessed by the eufy 30c.

The RoboVac comes equipped with 13’ boundary strips. The 30c RoboVac has specific dual-Hall Sensors that identify the boundary strips laid around the house to ensure eufy 30c only cleans the areas you want.

image showing eufy 30c boundary detection

Suction Power

The eufy 15c has a suction power of 1300Pa while the eufy 30c has a suction power 1500Pa. Though the eufy 15c suction power is strong, the eufy 30c suction power is super strong and edges out the eufy 15c considerably. This means the eufy 30c cleans up dust and fur match better and more completely than its counterpart the eufy 15c. So, for the eufy 15c vs 30c suction power feature, the eufy 30c is better.


The eufy 30c costs abit more than the eufy 15c but this price issue is usually considered by most buyers after assessing what each has to offer. This means a device can be expensive but doesn’t do what you want it to do or it can be cheap but lacks particular features. It can also be cheap but still have all that you would want. That is why we always like to consider price after reviewing all features that the RoboVacs have to offer.

Main Similarities of the Eufy 30c vs 15c

Design of Eufy 15c vs 30c

When we do comparisons of products from the same company like the eufy 15c vs 30c, design is a good aspect to consider. This is because some manufacturers can choose to drastically change their design or keep similar designs for the products. Here, we shall take a look at what direction Eufy took in regards to the product design. Both the Eufy 30c and 15c are slim RoboVacs of about 2.85in that makes it easy for them to slide under beds and furniture. Both RoboVacs come in white and black colors fitted with anti-scratch tempered glass cover on its top face.

image showing eufy 15c white
Eufy 15c White
image of eufy 30c white
Eufy 30c White

Eufy 30c and 15c Bounce Navigation

Both the eufy RoboVac 15c and 30c use eufy bounce technology. This means it operates by changing direction when it encounters obstacles. It generally works by following a straight-line direction while moving back and forth. It is a pretty standard technology that still gets the job done quite efficiently and effectively.

Smart phone

Both RoboVacs are WIFI enabled and have remote control capabilities using the eufy smart phone app called EufyHome. So for the eufy 15c and 30c, you can get your home cleaned from your smart phone hustle free. You can also control the RoboVacs manually, receive app notifications, set distinct cleaning schedules. Plus, with eufy's “find my robot” feature, you can find your robot if it gets lost somewhere in the house.

Voice Assistant Technology

The eufy 30c and 15c are designed with support for voice assistant technology. This means you can operate the RoboVacs using voice prompts. The voice assistant technologies they currently support are Google voice assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Cleaning modes

The RoboVac 30c and 15c come set with a number of useful cleaning modes namely; Auto, Spot, Edge, Quick cleaning.

  • Auto cleaning: The RoboVac uses the most optimal cleaning path by automatically selecting different modes of cleaning until cleaning is done. This is the most commonly used cleaning mode.
  • Spot cleaning: In this mode, the RoboVac cleans a particular area intensively using a spiral motion pattern. A very useful feature if you have an area that has concentrated dust or debris. This mode runs for 2 minutes after which the robovac will stop cleaning.
  • Edge cleaning: Here, the RoboVac will reduce its speed when it encounters a wall. It will then follow the wall direction while cleaning the edge to make sure the edge is cleaned properly. In this Edge mode setting, the RoboVac will clean for a duration of 20 minutes and after which it will return to the Charging Base.
  • Quick cleaning: The RoboVac automatically stops cleaning an area after a time duration of 30 minutes. It returns to the Charging Base afterwards. If a small room or particular area is dirty and you need it cleaned, this is the recommended mode to use to save both time and power.
  • Manual cleaning: If the RoboVac isn’t doing what you want, you can take control of the robot and do the cleaning yourself. The RoboVac can be directed to clean a particular space using the direction buttons found on the remote control.

Dust Collector

Both the eufy 15c and 30c have a dust collector with 600ml (20.50oz) capacity. This isn’t a bad size and allows you to do cleaning without you having to repeatedly empty it during a cleaning session. The dust collector is also washable.

3 point cleaning system

These RoboVacs use a 3 point cleaning system that has three brushes plus a powerful suction power that does a good job loosening, extracting and vacuuming dirt to give a sparkly clean feel to your floors.

BoostIQ Technology

This BoostIQ technology helps in optimizing cleaning for example when a RoboVac is changing surfaces from a hard floor to a carpet. The BoostIQ feature will automatically increase the RoboVacs suction power if it determines that more power is needed to clean the surface it is on. This makes it extremely ideal for cleaning thick carpets and “messy” messes.

image showing eufy boostIQ


Both the eufy 30c and 15c operate at a noise level of 55db which is pretty quiet. This is because they use an advanced brushless motor that significantly reduces noise during vacuuming. They are said to be seventy five percent quieter than most traditional vacuum cleaners

Multiple Sensors

Both eufys, the 15c and 30c, have built-in drop sensing technology that prevents them from falling over edges and stairs. You needn’t worry about your RoboVacs falling and getting damaged due to falls. The 30c and 15c also come with nine (9) anti-Collision infrared sensors that help RoboVacs avoid colliding with obstacles. This guarantees continuous cleaning without you having to intervene.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

The 30c and 15c eufy models can clean multiple surfaces like hard Floors, medium-Pile Carpets and edges. This is because they have little brushes on each side of the front that can pull dirt out of the edges of walls and surfaces. They also have large wheels that make it easy for the RoboVacs to roll over carpets and door ledges to get to dirty areas.

Runtime & Charging time

The eufy 15c and 30c both clean for a duration of 100 minutes after a single charge. This means for a good number of homes you get to enjoy a completely clean home from a single charge. They both have a charging time of 5 to 6 hours. They also have an Auto-Dock feature which means when they are done cleaning they go back to the dock. Plus, a recharge feature which means you can always be sure to find your RoboVacs fully charged and ready to clean.

It is important to note that for the eufy 15c vs 30c, none of these RoboVacs come with smart Mapping, dirt detection or recharge and resume functionality. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get the job done. A lack of these features is not a deal breaker but we feel it is still go to know that they are not available with these Eufy models.

Conclusion: Eufy 15c vs 30c

Our conclusion for the eufy 15c vs 30c, is summarized as follows;

If you are considering strong suction power and the ability to control where the RoboVac can and cannot clean, then the sure choice is the Eufy RoboVac 30c.

Otherwise, the Eufy RoboVac 15c is still a good choice here plus considering that it is usually cheaper than its counterpart the 30c.

Frequently Asked Questions in Eufy 15c vs 30c

Do the 15c and 30c eufy models have a recharge and resume feature?

They currently have a recharge feature only. So when the battery is low, it will go back to the charging station to recharge but it will not resume operation.

Do the eufy 15c and 30c have smart mapping enabled?

No, they do not. They currently use bounce navigation technology to get around the house and do not have a memory function.

How many cleaning modes do the 30c and 15c have?

They have 5 cleaning modes i.e. Auto, Spot, Edge, Quick cleaning and Manual mode

What is the main difference between the eufy 15c and 30c?

The eufy 30c has a boundary detection feature while the eufy 15c doesn’t have boundary detection. The eufy 30c also has a 1500Pa suction power while the eufy 15c has 1300Pa suction power.

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