Roomba 670 vs 690. A useful Irobot Comparison!

Last updated on Jul 28, 2021 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
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The roomba 670 vs 690 is a popular comparison among most robot vacuum cleaner shoppers because they are both good and one can easily get confused over which one to pick. We do a side by side feature analysis so that you have a clear understanding of their key differences and similarities. For this irobot 670 vs 690 review, we give a quick summary below on which on one you should pick.

To compare roomba 670 and 690; lets start off with reasons why you should buy either one.

Summary of Roomba 690 vs 670

Both the Irobot Roomba 690 and Irobot Roomba 670 perform similar functions. They can both be controlled with a smart phone. They also come come equipped with changeable filters.

The Roomba 670 and Roomba 690 both do really well with corners and edges because their of spinning side brushes that ensure they thoroughly cover them. They additionally come with a pretty neat automatic recharge feature. This allows the roomba to automatically go back to its charging station for a recharge when the battery is low.

Honestly speaking, there is not much that separates these two roombas. They practically offer the same value in terms of operation and have nearly identical features. They are only possibly separated by price.

Our winner for this comparison is the Roomba 690. This is only because it has a large number of ratings on amazon.

Otherwise, you can still check out the roomba 670 especially if you find its price appealing.

Similarities in the Irobot Roomba 670 vs 690

Roomba Cleaning system

Both the roomba 690 and 670 have a 3 stage cleaning system with a special edge sweeping brush. It also includes dual multi-surface brushes that can clean most of the common home surfaces like carpets and hard floors.

Dirt Detection

The above 3 stage cleaning system is further supported by irobot's patented dirt detection technology. This technology will detect areas that have dirt and instruct the robot to work on these areas. Both the Roomba 690 and 670 will concentrate on these areas of dirt until the areas are clean.

image showing how Dirt Detection technology works
Dirt Detection technology

Irobot Roomba Intelligent Navigation

Both roombas have a full range of navigation senors that allow it find its way around your home. The sensors help the roomba easily avoid most obstacles and also to clean below furniture.

As part of this intelligent navigation, is the cliff detection sensors. The cliff detection sensors prevent the roomba from falling over stairs.

Multi-surface Cleaning

The multi-surface cleaning feature is supported by the roomba multi-surface brushes that can clean most home surfaces. This function is also supported by the roomba's auto adjust cleaning head. The cleaning head automatically adjusts its height so that roomba can remain in contact with the different surfaces its cleaning. This function aids in the roomba's smooth transition between surfaces.

Roomba transitioning between surfaces
Roomba transitioning between surfaces

Smart App

The irobot roomba 690 and the irobot roomba 670 also have wifi capability. This means they can easily be integrated into your smart home suite. You can also control your roomba using the irobot mobile application.

The ability to control your roomba using a mobile phone application opens up a host of possibilities for you as a user. You can schedule cleaning times for your roomba, monitor how its cleaning and also view past cleaning history.

Auto recharge and dock

The roomba 690 and roomba 670 have a runtime of 90 minutes. This is a full 1 hour and a half, not bad for a robot. Whenever the roombas are running low on battery, they will automatically return to their docking station for a recharge.

The table below offers a feature comparison checklist for the roomba 670 and 690 so that you can quickly understand how we made our final pick for the irobot 670 vs 690 comparison

The Roomba 670 vs 690 Comparison

FeatureRoomba 670Roomba 690
Deep Cleaning thick Carpets
Cleans carpet and hard floors
Amount of time before it automatically docks to recharge
90 minutes90 minutes
Edge-Sweeping Brush
to tackle corners and skirting boards
Dirt Detect Technology
Allows it to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt
Automatically Recharges when battery low
Intelligent Navigation
adapt to your home and help thoroughly clean your floors
Virtual Wall Barrier
Prevents the robot from reaching a specific room.
Ideal for Homes with Pets
Multi-Surface Brushes
Smartphone control
Clean & schedule anytime, from anywhere
3-Stage Cleaning System
Wi-Fi & Smart Home Connected
Voice-activated control
Alexa / Google Assistant
Cliff detect sensors avoid stairs and other drop-offs.
can fit beneath most beds, sofas and other furniture.
Auto dock
self cleaning
Dimensions13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5 inches

13 x 13 x 3.6 inches

Weight6.77 pounds

7.8 pounds

Conclusion Roomba 670 vs 690

These are one of the many robotic vacuum makes and models that offer very similar features so if you are keen on giving a robot vacuum a test, the Roomba range is often not a bad place to start and these irobot roombas do offer many advantages.

Some of these advantages include ;

  • Auto dock and recharge feature
  • Smart phone and Voice control
  • 90 minute runtime
  • Cliff detection technology
  • Intelligent Navigation
  • Multi surface cleaning
  • Edge Cleaning
  • Dirt Detection Technology

In conclusion, we generally recommend you go for the Roomba 690. It has a number of ratings on amazon and is also more readily available in the United States.

Otherwise, you can still check out the Roomba 670! If you want to satisfy your curiosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference from the Roomba 690 and the Roomba 670?

The roomba 670 is more readily available in Australia while the roomba 690 is more readily available in the USA. Otherwise, these two roombas are practically the same and do offer the same functionality.

You might have other differences in how they are packaged with one having more accessories than the other. But this can vary depending on who the seller is and many other factors.

I have a hardwood floor and carpet. Will it easily make the transition between these two surfaces?

Yes, more often than not both roombas will easily make the switch between these two surfaces. It will do this while keeping in contact with both surfaces for a more thorough clean as it makes the transition.

Where can I find replacement parts for the roomba 670?

You can find replacement parts on their website or on amazon. The general recommendation is that most replacement parts for the 600 series will fit across all devices in the Irobot 600 series.

Do these roombas do well with Pet hair?

For the most part, Yes. They do quite well when up against most pet hair. They are aided by the filter and brushes that easily roll up and trap the hair being sucked into the vacuum.

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