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Last updated on Jul 26, 2021 Robot Vacuum Cleaners
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In today’s comparison, we shall look at the Roborock S5 Max vs S6 MaxV. We look at what makes them different and what similarities they could have. This will help you to properly understand why one is better than the other. You can check out our conclusion to find out our top pick for this comparison.

If you want to spend less time on chores and get the best out of your robot vacuum, you cannot go wrong with the Roborock robot vacuums. It is also important to note that robot vacuums from Roborock usually come with vacuuming and mopping functionality.

Quick Summary of Roborock S6 MaxV vs S5 Max

We recommend the Roborock S6 MaxV as the best robot vacuum for your home.

Why do we recommend the Roborock s6 MaxV?

  • A strong lasting battery
  • Stronger Suction power of 2500 Pa
  • Intelligent Navigation plus Front Camera
  • Better Mapping
  • Bin Full indicator
  • Has a remote Control
  • Bigger water tank

The Roborock S5 Max is still a good choice for a robot vacuum cleaner. We do think you can give it a try especially if you are not moved by the extra features found in the s6 MaxV.

Roborock S5 Max Review

Roborock S5 Max is an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for hard floors. However, it can easily automatically adapt to carpets in case it encounters one in its cleaning routine. It comes with the same vacuuming quality as seen in the S5 but has added performance functionalities as we shall see.

Special Features of the Roborock s5 Max

Mopping Mode

Unlike like other robot vacuums with mops, S5 Max has effective mopping. It comes with an electronic tank that dispenses water intelligently as it mops. It water system ensures it utilizes the right amount of water as it mops. You can be sure that your stained floors will get the care you need.  

Since it’s a mopping robot vacuum, S5 Max has an electronic tank at the back capable of carrying 280 ml of water. Underneath, it carries a microfiber cloth kept in place by a plastic holder.

It also gives you a feature to control the amount of water you want it to dispense on the floor. This feature can be controlled using a mobile app. You can sometimes base this on the type of floor that you want it to clean.

Vacuuming Mode

S5 Max is friendly to hard floors and carpets. With the vacuuming functionality, the robot doesn’t leave any dirt behind.

 It wipes away all small and large spills on your floor, leaving a flawless, clean surface. Note: dirt should be kept in the path of the vacuum for a thorough clean.

 Navigation Mode

S5 Max comes with smart navigation sensors. These sensors enable the robot to navigate around the house with ease. It doesn’t get stuck between objects like; cabinets, couches or doors.

It can also identify staircases so don’t worry about the robot cleaner falling off stairs.

Roborock App

Using the Mobile Application on your phone, you can remotely control your s5 max. You can connect the robot to your home network.

The App can also help you to map out your home area. This map is very important since you can direct the robot to clean particular parts of the house using the map.

No go zones

Still, with the App, you can set no-go-zones that the robot should not access. You can also set your roborock s5 max to specifically vacuum or mop certain areas. For example, the robot won’t access your carpet area once it is in mopping mode.

s5 max no go zones
s5 max no go zones

Power settings

There are several power modes you can choose from. These include Gentle, Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, and Max. Choosing the one to use would entirely depend on how thoroughly you want the robot to do the job.

For example, you will choose ‘Max’ if it must do a deep clean. Otherwise, ‘balanced’ will always work in most conditions.


With scheduling, you can set up quite a number many tasks in one go. You can set restrictions on where the robot should and should not clean on specific days of the week. You can also set the mode of cleaning it should use and the power settings as well.

Voice control

Roborock S5 Max supports voice assistant technologies like Amazon, Alexa and Google-Assistant. You can simply instruct the robot to start cleaning just with your voice. You are not only limited to using a remote control or smart phone app.

Cleaning brushes

S5 Max has a single side brush that pushes the dirt into the vacuum’s path. Underneath, it has another roller brush together with a razor that cuts away hair that can lock the roller brush. It uses the LDS scanners to plan out its path on the floor. This also ensures complete cleaning of the floor. This is because it will cover all areas of the floor.

Roborock s5 Max Pros;

  • s5 Max has a strong Vacuum suction
  • It has two functions in one (Vacuuming and Mopping)
  • It comes with advanced features and functionality.

Roborock s5 Max Cons;

  • The mopping equipment is too stiff to clip under the water tanks.
  • Sometimes, the side brushes can get stuck in the carpet.
  • It requires more maintenance compared to its counterpart the s6 maxv.
  • S5 Max doesn’t clean corners as effectively as the S6 MaxV.
  • It may leave streaks on the floor if it is set to use low water levels.
  • The mopping mode cannot sanitize the floor.
  • It can climb things such as books if left on the floor.

Roborock S6 MaxV Review

Do you have pets at home? If Yes? Then, Roborock S6 MaxV is your best bet at eradicating that pesky pet hair and dander. It also comes equipped with reactive AI that compliments its obstacle avoidance.

It is one of the premier robot vacuums on the market. The s6 MaxV has a lot of interesting features as we shall see on the next section. The S6 MaxV is a very effective cleaner. It has a strong lasting battery, intelligent Navigation, strong suction and remote control capability.

Roborock s6 maxv
Roborock s6 maxv

Special Features of the Roborock s6 MaxV

Suction Power

The S6 MaxV is one of the most powerful Robots manufactured by Roborock. It has a 2500Pa suction power that allows it to perform very deep cleans. It does an excellent job with cleaning since it can also vacuum and mop the floor.


S6 MaxV has an advanced obstacle avoidance feature. The s6 MaxV also uses its sensors together with a ReactiveAI to get around obstacles. It has two cameras that it uses for vision to navigate and spot obstacles. It uses images from the camera to estimate how big obstacles are and how far they are from its current position. All this information is processed intelligently applied in planning out its path.

s6 maxv camera navigation
s6 maxv camera navigation

In addition to that, this robot is capable of identifying and avoiding power cords and pet waste. Most of the cleaning robots on the market would move directly through the pet waste and spread them it over the place.

APPs and Voice control

Like its counterpart, this home cleaning robot also comes installed with voice assistant technology support. Therefore, it supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants.

Scheduling and Mapping

The Roborock s6 Maxv also has support for scheduling and zone cleaning. The Mobile App allows you to save up to 4 maps that your robot will always remember.

It also has recently finished jobs. These include all sections of the house the app recently cleaned. The information explains the minutes it took the robot to clean the place, at what time the cleaning was done and the map of the robot’s path.

Zone control

With zone control, you can also include the order in which you want the robot to do its cleaning. You simply must specify which room should always be cleaned first, second and so on in whatever order you prefer. You can do all this using the Mobile App designed for your robot.

The S6 MaxV will effectively follow your instructions from vacuuming to mopping. That is in addition to mastering all the maps and zones it has created of your house.


Like the S5 Max, S6 MaxV also has many modes that you can use. The modes include; the Gentle Mode, Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, and Max Mode.

Remote Viewer

Another amazing feature that comes in handy with S6 MaxV is the provision of a remote view. You can see what the robot is seeing right from your Smartphone screen using the App. To turn the viewer on, simply press down the 3 buttons on the cleaner. Then, feed in a suitable unlock pattern and you are good to go.

s6 maxv remote viewer
s6 maxv remote viewer

The next time you want to move the vacuum around manually, just use the Remote view functionality. It acts as a navigation tool you can use to move the s6 maxv around the house.

Roborock s6 MaxV Pros

  • s6 MaxV effectively mops and cleans hard floors with ease.
  • It has an effective powerful vacuum.
  • It has a flexible and powerful Mapping as compared to S5 Max

Roborock s6 MaxV Cons

  • Object detection quality may vary

Comparison Table (Roborock s5 Max Vs Roborock s6 MaxV)

Following the individual reviews of the Roborock s5 max vs s6 maxv above, we have created a table that lists their features side by side for a quick comparison analysis.

FeaturesRoborock S5 MaxRoborock S6 MaxV
Mapping or Path Planning
Mapping sensorsLDSLDS
High-precision Map
Front Camera✗  
Recharge and Resume
Auto Dock and Recharge
Noise Level60 dB67 dB
LCD Display✗  ✗  
Side brushes12
Voice prompt
Suction Power2000 Pa2500 Pa
Cleaning Area2691 square feet2691 square feet
Bin Capacity460 ml460 ml
Auto Dirt disposal✗  ✗  
Electric Water flow control
Water Tank Capacity280 ml300 ml
Wet mopping
HEPA filter
Washable Filters
Battery capacity5200 mAh5200 mAh
Runtime180 min180 min
Charging Time240 min360 min
Rated power58 W66 W
Remote control✗  
Mobile App
Google Assistant support
Optical virtual Walls✗  ✗  
Carpet Boost
Cliff sensor
Dirt Detect✗  ✗  
Bin Full indicator✗  

Similarities in the Roborock s5 max vs s6 maxv

Cliff sensor

S6 MaxV and S5 Max come with cliff sensors. This means that there is less worry of these two roborocks tumbling downstairs. They can both detect steps and avoid them.

Mobile App and Voice Assistant support

This is another aspect where S6 MaxV and S5 Max are similar. Both gadgets have a Mobile App that you can use to control them. This means that they can accept voice commands. These robot vacuum cleaners are very compatible with voice assistant technologies like Alexa and Google assistant.

Voice Assistance
Voice Assistance


Like some other Vacuum cleaner robots, these two also support Wi-Fi. You can add them to your home network. This functionality is a great addition to a smart home. So you can easily integrate them into your smart home gadget network.


Like we saw earlier on, the two Vacuum cleaners allow you to add cleaning schedules, edit or delete them. This feature ensures that the robot can know when, where and how you want it to go about cleaning your house..


Both the s5 max and s6 maxV have a runtime of 180 Minutes. This is a good enough runtime to see to it that the robot gets done with its cleaning. But this also depends on the activated cleaning mode and how big your rooms are. Another thing to note about their runtime is that they both have the same battery capacity of 5200 mAh.

Auto Dock and Recharge

This means that the robot automatically goes back to its docking station and recharges whenever its battery is low. It also auto docks if all work is done. Another similar feature is the Recharge and Resume. With recharge and resume the robot will dock to recharge when battery is low and will resume working after its done recharging..

Differences between the Roborock s5 max vs s6 maxv

Front Camera

The s6 maxV has a front camera while the roborock s5 max does not have one. The S6 MaxV comes with two fronts cameras. It uses them to detect and avoid obstacles from a distance. This is before it even approaches them. The S5 Max has no camera and will generally not navigate around obstacles as well as the S6 maxV.

front camera s6 maxv
front camera s6 maxv

Noise Level

Noise is measured in Decibels. S6 MaxV has a noise power of 67dB while S5 Max has 60dB. Even though both these figures are low, S5 Max is still more silent than the S6 MaxV.

Bin Full indicator

S6 MaxV can notify you whenever its bin is full and needs emptying while the s5 Max does not have a bin full indicator. So don’t expect the same experience with the S5 Max. It will go on with the cleaning even when its bin is full.

Charging Time

S6 MaxV battery takes up to 360 minutes to fully charge while S5 Max takes 240 minutes. This means that the S5 Max battery gets full faster than its counterpart.

Rated power

In terms of power, S6 MaxV plus all its functionalities uses more battery power than the S5 Max. The Roborock s6 Maxv uses 66 Watts of power while the roborock S5 Max uses 58 Watts of power.

Conclusion: Roborock S5 Max vs S6 MaxV

Basing on the comparisons of these two Cleaning robots, we recommend the Roborock S6 MaxV as the best robot vacuum for your home. With a strong lasting battery, intelligent Navigation, and extra features as seen above, S6 MaxV is capable of giving you much more functionality than its counterpart.

S5 Max is still a good robot vacuum cleaner and you could consider it if you feel like the roborock s6 maxv is too much for you.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Is it safe to add some detergent to the water?

It is not advisable to add any detergent to the water. So, don’t.

How do I put my robot to cleaning mode without using the APP?

Hold down the dock-button for three seconds or more.

Can S5 Max support 5G WIFI in my home?

No, it doesn’t support 5G WIFI

Can the robot wash uneven floors?

It may not produce the same effect as on flat floors. It is advisable to be used on flat floors.

Can the robot mop in the direction of the wood grain?

No, it doesn’t follow such a pattern while mopping. The robot is based on a predefined navigation system.

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