Eufy 30c vs 11s. How do they compare?

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Cleaning your house shouldn’t be a dreaded act, not with Robot Vacuums in place. Eufy’s smart home appliances from their Robotic Vacuums collection has two very legitimate products that we are going to review today. We are going to compare the eufy 30c vs 11s.

The Eufy 30c and the RoboVac Eufy 11s are both robot vacuums that are best suited for your large home or apartment. Both the 30c and 11s provide you with a simplified cleaning experience that involves the use of a nice handy protable remote control.

These two Eufy Robot Vacuums (30c vs 11s) are popularly known for their user-friendliness. They also have a support base from a large community of Eufy Home appliance users. Lastly, they usually do not differ that much in price. However, if you are given an option to choose from the two, which one would you go with?

Why should I buy the Eufy 30c?

If you are looking for a slim, powerful, automated Robot Vacuum, within mid-range prices, you should consider buying the Eufy 30c. This smart robot vacuum follows its predecessor, the RoboVac 30, and comes with improved technology (It is a second-generation) that integrates well with Wi-Fi internet capability to make for a smarter experience.

robovac eufy 30c
Eufy Robovac 30c

After its release in April 2018, the Eufy 30c is has not disappointed in regards to customer reception. Therefore, this goes to show that several users are enjoying the special features offered by this automated robot cleaner. We shall delve more into the details of its features below, so stick around.

Why should I buy the Eufy 11s?

Before even looking at the specs, the very affordable price of the Eufy 11s worth noting. But remember, prices do vary from time to time for various reasons. So, you should periodically check the current prices.

The cleaning ability of the Eufy 11s Robot Vacuum compared to others in its price range is remarkable. The Eufy 11s makes multiple cleaning rounds in case a particular area of the room is not spot-clean.

Even though it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, the robot vacuum 11s still gets the job done.

If you are on a low budget BUT want to enjoy an automated cleaning experience for your home or apartment, the reasons we give below should be enough to convince you that the Eufy 11s is a good choice for you.

Robovac eufy 11s
Robovac eufy 11s

Feature Comparison: The Eufy 30c vs 11s

Wi-Fi capability

The Eufy 30c is capable of connecting to the internet and can be run remotely with an app while the Eufy 11s cannot. The eufy 11s does not have any wifi capability. The 11s ONLY works with a specific remote control that gives control and access to the features of the Robot Vacuum. This is one of the clear differences in the eufy 30c vs 11s comparison.

The Price

The Eufy RoboVac 30c usually comes at a higher cost as compared to its counterpart the RoboVac 11s. Remember for most comparisons like the eufy 30c vs 11c, you should always be sure to check the current price. Price usually varies on depending on different market forces and can change at any time.

Virtual wall setup

Both Robot Vacuums have no virtual wall setups enabled.

For the Eufy 30c however, you can set up physical boundaries with boundary strips. These are included in the package, so all a user needs to do is place a strip in an area for which they want to create a no-go boundary for the robot.

Battery Life

Both the 30c and 11s have the same battery capacity of 2600 mAh. When running on Maximum power, they take approximately 49 minutes and when running on low power, they take 100 minutes of runtime.

Special Features of the Robovac Eufy 30c

Boundary strips

The Eufy 30c comes with boundary strip accessories. These are used to set up walls or what others may call no-go areas. This strip is 3 meters long and so a user can set up as many boundaries with the available strip length or buy more when it gets used up.

Eufy 30c boundary strips
Eufy 30c boundary detection

The EufyHome app

Just like many Robot Vacuums, the Eufy 30c is controlled with and operated using a mobile application. For a first-time user, setting up your automatic vacuum needs you to follow some steps.

Before connecting your Eufy 30c robot vacuum to the EufyHome phone app, users are encouraged to first charge it to full capacity. Once it is fully charged, you can go ahead to switch on the power button at the bottom and initiate the connection steps below.

How to set up the EufyHome application (for the first time)

  1. Download the EufyHome application from the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. After the app is installed, open it on your smartphone,

3. To ensure strong Wi-Fi signal, keep your smartphone, Wi-Fi router and Eufy RoboVac close to each other. Connect your phone to your Wi-Fi router

4. Register for a EufyHome account or Log-in (if you are an old user)

5. Click the Add Device button on the Home Interface

6. Choose the type of device you are connecting. In this case, select the Robot Vacuums button

7. Your home Wi-Fi router name will be displayed. Make sure you Enter your Wi-Fi Password under your that router name. Press next.

8. You will be asked to check whether your Robot Vacuum is on. Switch it ON by its main switch which is found on its backside.

9. Ensure that the Wi-Fi light on the front face of your Eufy 30c is lighting. If not, long-press the power button for 10 seconds until the robot makes a beep sound

10. Head over to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Eufy RoboVac Wi-Fi network named “eufy Robovac xxxx”

11. Then head back to the app and wait until the connection is successful

12. Give your RoboVac a name by inputting any name of your liking and save (Make sure it is simple to remember, to make your voice command experience easy)

Here is a quick video guide to simplify the whole process for you.

eufy 30c eufyhome app
Image showing eufy 30c smart phone app

The EufyHome application gives you a vast number of cleaning options.

  • Manually clean a room
  • Automatically clean an entire room
  • Create cleaning schedules when away

NOTE: To run the Eufy 30c, there is an additional remote control that comes with it and you can use it as well. You might not need this if you have the EufyHome app. In case you prefer the remote control, then you will have a user manual to guide you on how to use it. The user manual can be found in the box that your eufy 30c device comes in.

Find my Robot feature

In case you cannot seem to locate your Eufy 30c Robot Vacuum, there is an easy way to locate it with the application. The Find my Robot feature helps you know exactly where your Robot Vacuum is.

When this feature is initiated, the Eufy 30c Robot Vacuum uses makes a sound so you can hear it and easily locate it, even if it has gotten stuck below the couch or under the table.

Schedule feature

With the scheduling option, you can specify the date and time which you want the Robot Vacuum to clean the house. This feature can greatly simplify your cleaning experience.

Multiple automated cleaning modes

The Eufy 30c has 3 main cleaning modes, these include;

Standard power-mode: Uses low power.

Boost IQ power-mode: Uses low power and adjusts to high power when it senses that it needs it i.e. based on the surface it is on.

Max power-mode: Uses the highest power.

Pros of the Eufy 30c Robovac

1. A variety of Voice control options

The Eufy 30c allows users to make voice commands with the available voice assistant options like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri. You do not always have to get out your EufyHome app and sear around the Robot Vacuum. If you have one of the above voice control options for your home, you can set up different commands and make requests at any time.

The set up for the commands can be found in the native applications of the particular voice assistants chosen.

2. Redirect with remote or EufyHome app if the robovac gets stuck

The Eufy Robot Vacuum 30c can run into an obstacle and get stuck. To quickly move it on, you can redirect its path with your remote/application and send it in a different direction. You do not need to carry it physically unless the obstacle has entangled with the motion rollers or brush.

Eufy Robovac 30c Cons

1. Low battery life

The Eufy 30c does not have a very strong battery. One needs to re-charge every after 49 minutes if it is running on high power, and 100 minutes if it is running on low power.

2. Small dustbin size

The Eufy 30c has a dustbin capacity of 0.6 liters, that is around one and a half cups. For a big house, you will have to empty every time the bin gets full. This can get hectic and disturbing.

3. No option for setting up virtual walls in the EufyHome application

One of the major disadvantages for the Eufy30c is that you cannot configure virtual walls with your phone app. The only feature available which can help set-up no go zones are the boundary strips. If you are to compare with industry competitors in the Robot Vacuum space, this limitation leaves the Eufy 30c with low points.

Special Features of the Eufy RoboVac 11s

A remote control

Regardless of its limitations, the remote control which comes with the RoboVac 11s helps control and run its operations.

The monochrome display remote control is user friendly; one can easily turn on the Robot Vacuum, switch from one power mode to the next, and also send the Robot Vacuum back to its charger by just pressing a button.

The button functions are specified at the back of the remote control, and a user manual included in the beginner set up.

robovac 11s remote
Image showing Robovac 11s remote

Multiple cleaning options

The Eufy 11s has a variety of cleaning options, depending on the floor, power-usage or area you prefer to clean. These include;

Single room mode: Just like its name, it cleans a specific room or area. This is done for 30 minutes and works best with the room door closed, since the Eufy 11s has no boundary specifications.

Edge mode: This is used to clean walls and other edges. It does this for 20 minutes, and then docks back to its charger to power up.

Spot cleaning mode: The goal for this mode is to focus on an area and thoroughly clean it until when it is spotless and neat. This is done on a specific area in a spiral for two minutes

Manual mode: The manual mode lets the user direct the robot vacuum in any direction with the help of directional buttons on the remote

Boost IQ power-mode: Uses low power and adjusts to high power when it senses that it needs it i.e. based on the surface it is on.

Eufy Robovac 11s Pros

1. Dual sweeper brushes

The cleaning is more effective with two side spinning brushes both driving dust to the central roller brush suction area.

2. Quiet on low power

In high power modes, all Robot Vacuums are usually very loud. However, when it comes to low power, the Eufy 11s makes very minimal sound when compared to other Robot vacuum cleaners on the market.

3. BoostIQ capability

The BoostIQ capability is a power setting where the Robot Vacuum will run on low power until it encouters a carpet, where it will automatically turn on max power for thorough and deeper cleaning. Such a functionality which adjusts optimumly (based on the surface) optimizes your battery life by intelligently reducing or increasing suction power, and thus keeps the robot vacuum running for longer.

4. Effective suction on carpets

The Eufy 11s is efficient at picking up dirt of various kinds. Not just the smaller fine rubbish, but even the larger pieces of rubbish.

5. Edge cleaning

The Eufy 11s is effective in making rounds at the edges of walls and other barriers. This gives it an advantage at traversing corners and ensuring the ends of the room are clean. (Except the smaller corners)

Eufy Robovac 11s Cons

1. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection capability

The Eufy 11s is not able to connect to Wi-Fi like the Eufy 30c. It doesn’t need an app to run. A user is given a remote-control panel with a user manual that guides him/her on how to control and run the robot vacuum.

This also means that you cannot run it remotely, while away from your house. This is a major way the eufy 30c vs 11s differ in this matchup.

2. Not effective on hard floors or wood

When it comes to picking up of dust from hard floors, the Eufy 11s finds it difficult to collect rubbish. Instead, it scatters and blows away the rubbish, due to its two front brushes.

3. Random navigation

During its cleaning, the Eufy 11s makes random movements across its area of cleaning. This gives it a lower chance of effectively routing through every area of the room, thus a room might not be cleaned.

4. Center brush prone to grabbing hairs

The center brush is prone to grabbing hairs and getting tangled with larger debris. This means that the Eufy 11s can easily stop midway its work, therefore, the user has to first remove the stuck rubbish for it to continue the cleaning process from where it stopped.

5. Limited scheduling feature

The remote control offers a scheduling option which only specifies the time of cleaning and not days. This implies that if you select a specific time, it will clean every day at that selected time. This can be prevented by switching the robot vacuum cleaner off after use. (The switch is on the flip side of the Eufy 11s robot)

6. Poor sensor mechanisms

The Eufy 11s robot vacuum doesn’t know when it is done cleaning a room. So, after cleaning a room, it will randomly navigate the room until its battery runs low, and it docks back to its charging station after.

7. Not compatible with voice commands

Since it does not support Wi-Fi capability, the Eufy  11s is not compatible with voice control options like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri.

Eufy 30C Vs. Eufy 11s, which is the best?

To breakdown the functionalities of each Robot Vacuum for the Eufy 30c vs. Eufy 11s, here is a comparison table where we match features and find out which one is better. Below are the results.

Eufy 30c vs 11s FeaturesEufy RoboVac 30cEufy RoboVac 11s
Smart mapsNoNo
Weight5.87 pounds5.7 pounds
Dustbin size0.6 (1½ Cups) liters0.6 liters (1½ Cups)
Height2.85 inches2.85 inches
Maximum Climb Height0.63 inches0.63 inches
Drop detectionYesYes
Running time (on low power)100 minutes100 minutes
Battery size capacity2600 mAh2600 mAh
Color optionsBlack , WhiteWhite, Black
Boundary strips13.2 ftNot supported
Max suction1500 Pa1300 Pa
Triple-filter system
Auto dock and RechargeYesYes
Daily Scheduling
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesNot supported
Voice command optionsGoogle Assistant, Alexa and SiriNot suported
Eufy 30c vs 11s Comparison table

Final verdict: Eufy 30c vs 11s

The Eufy 30c vs 11s battle finally needs to get a winner from the two.

Both have their limitations, but in our opinion, a few extra dollars to enjoy the Wi-Fi enabled Eufy 30c are worth it. Some may argue that at the end of the day, all that matters is the cleaning ability of the robot vacuum. However, we believe that your experience operating it also matters.

Putting that aside, both vacuum cleaners come with special features that may favor your home or apartment in contrast to its counterpart. Do consider what works best for you based on the pros and cons defined above.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Eufy 30c

Q: Which Wi-Fi networks does the Eufy 30c support?

A: The 30c Eufy RoboVac supports these Wi-Fi networks below:

  • The IEEE 802.11b (Not recommended)
  • Second network is the IEEE 802.11g
  • IEEE 802.11n (Support only for 2.4GHz)

Q: What objects or substances affect the 30c Eufy?

A: Some of the substances include;

  • Any form of Liquid or chemicals
  • Sharp objects. These can break the brushes.
  • Excretion from pets like urine or poop

Q: Does the RoboVac 30c support 5G network?

A: The 30c does not support 5GHz networks.

Q: How do I know my Eufy RoboVac 30c current Wi-Fi connectivity status?

A: Different lights mean different things when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity status.

The Slowly flashing blue means that the RoboVac is Waiting for connection.
The Rapidly flashing blue means that the RoboVac is Connecting with your wireless router
The Solid blue means that the Robovac is Connected to your wireless router

Frequently Asked Questions on the Eufy 11s RoboVac

Q: How long will it take my 11s Eufy Robovac to charge from 0 – 100%?

A: It takes about 5 – 6 hours

Q: How can I prevent my RoboVac 11s from falling down the stairs?

A: You don’t have to worry about that. The 11s has drop sensors which prevent it from moving forward when it detects steep drops.

Q: My remote control for the Eufy 11s has suddenly stopped working, what should I do?

A: You should do the following;

  • First, replace the batteries in the remote control with new batteries.
  • Secondly, make sure that the main power switch on the bottom of RoboVac is turn ON (in the "I" position)
  • Lastly, ensure that your RoboVac is fully charged.

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