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Most gun safes do not allow air to escape or pass through. This significantly reduces air circulation inside. Some have ventilation, which allows free air circulation. Both situations can lead to increased humidity in the safe. Notably, high humidity levels lead to moisture. Being metallic, guns are prone to rusting when exposed to moisture. This can seriously affect your gun. Besides, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on felt linings, leather holsters and other related materials. Places with fluctuating temperatures make it hard to control humidity. However, you should note that humidity can be anywhere regardless of the temperature. A good gun safe dehumidifier can help you get rid of humidity problems. This will make your gun safe from related effects. In this article, we have listed the best dehumidifier for gun safe and other dehumidifiers you can consider for gun safe moisture control.  

Summary of the best dehumidifiers for gun safe

DehumidifierSeavon electricPro breeze electricEva-dry E-500Hornady reusable canisterLockdown GoldenRod
Size (inches)6.5 X 25.3X 11.57 X 6 X 115.5 × 2.5 × 5.54 X 5.3 X 4.812, 18, 24 and 36
Recharge durationPlug and operate  Plug and operate12 hours4 hoursPlug and operate
Coverage2200 ft32200 ft3500 ft3333100 ft3
Max. Moisture removed10 oz.9 oz.8 oz.--

Do you need a dehumidifier in a gun safe?

Everyone needs a dehumidifier for their gun safe. It does not matter where you live, humidity can slowly increase and damage your firearms.  When you lock up your safe, it prevents the air from flowing. This means the moisture trapped inside your safe will condense onto your valuables. Condensation may be in form of water droplets that can cause chemical reactions like rusting of your gun. In other scenarios, it can lead to the growth of mold in the safe. This makes a dehumidifier a vital component for your safe. 

Do dehumidifiers work in gun safe?

Yes, dehumidifiers work in gun safes. This is because gun safes can also harbor moisture. Dehumidifiers work by removing water molecules from air. This helps prevent condensation. Dehumidifiers come in all sizes small and big. So, you can lock it in your safe of any size and get rid of all moisture related issues. 

How can I choose a dehumidifier for my gun safe?

  • Size

The size of any dehumidifier you choose to put in your gun safe should be small enough. It should not be big to compete for space with your firearms.

  • Recharge duration

If your device does not operate while charging, you would not want one that takes the whole day recharging. Your dehumidifier should not take more than 15 hours trying to recharge. This is because you want to be able to quickly get the dehumidifier back into your safe. Otherwise, your safe will be left unprotected from moisture. 

  • Type of gun safe

The type of your gun safe will guide you on the dehumidifier to choose. Some gun safes are airtight while others have ventilation. When your safe is airtight you need desiccant dehumidifiers. However, when your safe has ventilation, you could opt for electric dehumidifiers. Desiccant dehumidifiers contain silica-gel or other absorbing material. Electric dehumidifiers work by pulling water molecules from the air into its coil via a fan. When the molecules are exposed to the coils, they start to condense. The condensed droplets will then drip into the water tank. After which, the warm air will be pushed back into the air for circulation.  But, you should note that both types can effectively perform  in all sorts of gun safe

How do gun safe dehumidifiers work?

Gun safe dehumidifiers work by removing water from the air in the safe. This can be done in two ways. One is through air heating and another is absorption. These approaches depend on the type of dehumidifier you have. 

How to install a gun safe dehumidifier

First you need to check the instruction manual of the dehumidifier. This will give you a guide on how to fix the device inside the gun safe. After that you may follow the steps below to install a rod dehumidifier.

  • Place the dehumidifier horizontally in your preferred position.
  • Most gun safes have a pre-drilled hole for wires. You can run through an electrical cord going outside.
  • Mount the rod with clips
  •  Turn the rod or dehumidifier on

Where should a dehumidifier be placed in a gun safe?

It depends on the type of dehumidifier you have. When using an electric dehumidifier, the lower part in the safe is better. This will allow the power cord to connect to the supply. If you use a desiccant dehumidifier, you can place it anywhere in the safe. 

What can you put in a gun safe to keep moisture out?

A dehumidifier would be the best option to keep moisture out of your gun safe. This works by removing water molecules in the air. 

How to recharge gun safe dehumidifiers?

When using a desiccant dehumidifier you can recharge by drying the silica gel. You can put the silica gel in the oven or microwave for some time as indicated by the manufacturer. For electric dehumidifiers, you need to connect the rod to the power supply for a given period of time. 

What size dehumidifier do I need for my gun safe?  

This heavily depends on the type of dehumidifier you have. There are two types of gun-safe dehumidifiers. These include electric and desiccant dehumidifiers.  These differ in terms of size and occupation.  Giving you an example of an electric dehumidifier. A 12 inch dehumidifier covers 100 cubic feet. That of 24 inches can cover 300 cubic feet of your safe. So, you can calculate and determine what fits in your safe. But, when using a descant, size is not a big issue. You only have to understand their capacity. Desiccant dehumidifiers usually come in small sizes. 

Best dehumidifiers for gun safe

1. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier

seavon electric dehumidifier
seavon electric dehumidifier

SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier has good dehumidifying ability. It can remove up to 10 ounces of water at 300C every day.

This dehumidifier can reduce humidity in an indoor space of up to 2200 cubic feet.

The device also comes with a 500ml water tank. This makes it easy to keep a good amount of water as dehumidification takes place. The tank is also removable. When full, it can be removed and emptied and then put back.

It has an automatic off feature. When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically turns off.

The dehumidifier is efficient. Its air outlets can be removed and are washable.

This dehumidifier has built-in thermo-electric cooling technology. The technology makes it operate quietly. Its volume is not more than 30 dB, which is ultra-quiet.

The dehumidifier is small in size. It measures only 6.5X 25.3X 11.5 inches. Its optimal operating temperature is between 59-860F.  

SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier is a plug and operate device. This means you have to connect to the power supply and press the ON button. 

Why SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier is good for a gun safe

  • Size.  SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier  measures only 6.5X 25.3X 11.5 inches. This is a good size for small spaces such as gun safe. So, you will not have to move some things out of the safe to accommodate the device. 
  • Recharging. This dehumidifier does not have batteries. It is a plug and use. This means your safe will continuously be dehumidified for as long as the power supply is on.
  • Capacity. The device can cover an area of up to 2200 cubic feet. This space coverage capacity is good for gun safe. It means, there will be no room for moisture concentration. It also means there will be no growth of mold and mildew or rust. 
  • Auto-shut off. When the device is full, the device automatically shuts off. In this case, water from the dehumidifier tank will not overflow in your safe. 
  • Tank. This dehumidifier has a decent tank capacity. Its tank can carry 500 ml of water. This means you do not need to open your gun safe everyday to empty the tank. With the size of a gun safe, this tank is good enough. 


  • Quiet operation
  • Lengthy cord
  • Auto-turn off


  • Needs to turn off after 12 hours of operation

2. Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

ProBreeze Electric Dehumidifier
ProBreeze Electric Dehumidifier

Another dehumidifier on our list is Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier. This is ideal for small places that are prone to condensation and mold.

This compact dehumidifier can reduce humidity up to 2200 cubic feet in an indoor space.

The device uses the peltier technology. This technology helps create temperature difference by moving heat between electrical junctions. This helps it maintain the water at a specific temperature by controlled heating.

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier can extract up to 9 ounces of water per day. This is supported by the large water tank capacity of 16 ounces.

When full, the device turns off automatically. Thanks to the auto-shut off and LED indicator features.

Pro Breeze Electric is a portable and lightweight dehumidifier. It measures 7 X 6 X 11 inches in size and a weight of 2.4 pounds.

The device operates better in temperatures above 590F.

The device allows for easy dispensing of water. You only need to remove the water tank from the dehumidifier and empty it. You can also drain it via its water outlet.

Why Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier is good for a gun safe

  • Removes excess moisture. Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier has a water tank capacity of 16 ounces. This enables it to remove up to 9 ounces of water from the air. This means your safe will be free from moisture. So, your firearms will not rust and there will be no molds.
  • Auto shut-off. Once the tank is full, the device will automatically shut off and the LED light will turn-on. In this regard, there will be no water overflowing in the safe.  So your gun safe will not only be free from moisture, but also will remain clean and dry.
  • Easy emptying. The water tank is removable. This provides a quick and easy way of draining and cleaning the tank.
  • Recharging. The device is plug and operate. This means you will have a continuous dehumidification for as long as you wish. Though, you have to remember to routinely empty the water tank.
  • Size. The device is small enough for gun safe. It can only occupy a space of 7 X 6 X 11 inches. This means you can place it anywhere in the gun safe. You will not need to displace some of your items in the safe.


  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Large tank
  • Auto-shut off


  • Removes less moisture

3. Eva-dry E-500 Dehumidifier

Eva-dry E-500 Dehumidifier
Eva-dry E-500 Dehumidifier

Next on our list is the improved Eva-dry E-500. This is a moisture absorber that is good for small places like safes. This suits both airtight and ventilated gun safes.  

The device is engineered with crystalized silica gel technology. This technology allows it to efficiently absorb up to 8 oz. of moisture from the air. In fact, this is done without any leaks or spills.

The device is 100 percent renewable. It does not require batteries or cords to charge. Moreover, it can work for up to 10 years.

The E-500 can protect an indoor area of up to 500 cubic feet. This coverage is good for small and large safe guns.

The E-500 dehumidifier weighs 35 oz and measures 5.5 × 2.5 × 5.5 inches. This means the dehumidifier is small and can fit in a gun safe.

The device has a water full indicator. The silica moisture absorbing beads turn from orange to green. This alerts you that they are full, and you need to recharge.

Why Eva-dry E-500 Dehumidifier is good for a gun safe

  • Coverage. Although the device is small in size, it can cover up 500 cubic feet. This coverage suits any gun safe whether small or big.
  • Absorption. The device uses non-toxic crystalized silica gel technology. These crystals can absorb up to 8 oz. of moisture. This means your gun-safe whether airtight or made with ventilation will be free from effects of humidity. When full, these crystals change color to inform you of the need to recharge. This means there will be no leaks or spills in your gun safe.
  • Renewable. The device is renewable and does not require batteries or cords. To recharge, you only need to pull out the plug from the back of the device and connect it to the power source. You can wait for up to 12 hours and when the beads are blue, you can re-use. After recharging it can last up to 4 weeks before needing to recharge.
  • Size. Weighing 35 oz, means it is small enough for gun safe, whether big or small. You will not need to search for spaces in the safe to accommodate the device. Besides, you can connect a hook and hang it at the top of the safe.


  • Can remove light odors
  • Comes with detachable hook
  • Non-toxic and spill free
  • Does not require batteries or electrical plug
  • Wide coverage capacity


  • Takes long to recharge
  • Limited absorption capacity

4. Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier

Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier
Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier

This is a descant type of dehumidifier. It does not require batteries or electricity to remove humidity. This is good for both airtight and ventilated safes.

Hornady canisters can remove humidity in an indoor space of up to 333 cubic feet. This is good enough for small and medium safes.

The unit comes with a recharge indicator. When the moisture absorbing crystals are full, they provide a signal using color code. These crystals change from blue to pink, signaling you to recharge your dehumidifier.

For recharging, you will only need to place each canister in a 3000F oven. You will have to wait until the silica gel canister turns to blue. This approximately takes like four hours.

The canister measures 4 X 5.3 X 4.8 inches. This means it is small in size and does not require much space to do its work.

Why Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier is good for a gun safe?

  • Coverage capacity. Hornady canister dehumidifiers can cover up to 333 cubic feet. This means even if you have a large gun safe. It will be safe from corrosion, rust and moisture.
  • Recharge indicator. You do have to worry about trying to understand whether the unit is full. Hornady canisters use the silica crystals that change from blue to pink when full. This means you will always be aware of when it’s time to recharge your dehumidifier.
  • Size. The canister is small enough for a gun safe. It measures only 4 X 5.3 X 4.8 inches. This means it can be accommodated anywhere inside the gun safe.
  • Reusable. Hornady canister dehumidifiers can be reused several times as long as you recharge it whenever it needs recharging. You can charge it by placing the canister in an oven until the recharge indicator changes color.


  • Can operate for 4 weeks before recharging
  • Reusable
  • Contains no harmful chemical
  • Small in size


  • This dehumidifier comes with an expiration date 

5. LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier

Lockdown GoldenRod Dehumidifier
Lockdown GoldenRod Dehumidifier

Lockdown goldenrod is next on our list. Unlike other dehumidifiers discussed above, this one works differently. The goldenrod works by heating the air inside the safe to make it warm and dry. This causes the inside temperature to rise to some degrees more than temperature outside the safe. In this regard, the heated air will expand forcing moist air out through ventilation, leaving only the dry air inside. 

The golden rod can dehumidify an indoor space of up to 100 cubic feet. This space coverage is good for safes.

This device comes in four different sizes. These include 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches. This means one can have one that suits the size of their safe.

Golden rod is easy to use. It comes with attachable legs for placement. Additionally, it has a cord with a plug attachment. This makes connection easy.

The golden rod can warm the safe up to 700F to reduce moisture inside. This temperature remains constant, thus keeping humidity at bay.

Why Lockdown Goldenrod dehumidifier is good for a gun safe

  • Coverage. Golden rod dehumidifier protects up to 100 cubic feet. This space coverage is enough for an average gun safe.
  • Continuous warming. Golden rod works by continuously warming the air. This creates convection current within the gun safe which will keep temperatures inside the safe warm. This will help prevent the tendency of moisture condensing on metals (guns). Additionally, the wood parts are constantly kept warm. This will eventually stop moisture from building up on wood and other metal-to-wood contact areas. These are more at risk of corrosion, pitting and rust. Therefore, goldenrod will prevent this condition from happening, thus stopping dampness. 
  • Rechargeable. The device comes with detachable legs and a cord with plug attachment. This allows the cord to be run through the back of the safe. The cord measures 6 feet in length. This means you can plug in the device from the back of your safe.
  • Size. Although the device comes in four different sizes, they are small enough to fit in the gun safe. It is more of a stick, meaning you fix it in small or less usable parts of you safe. Certainly, you do not need to create extra space for the dehumidifier.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Maintains consistent humidity levels


  • It can become too hot at times
  • It long to respond to abrupt temperature changes

Generally, if you have been struggling to identify one dehumidifier for your safe. Hope this article has helped you determine what can be the best for your gun safe. Any of the above can help you keep moisture at minimum levels. Also, you will get rid of rust, molds and mildew as well as condensation. You only need to select one that suits your individual needs. 

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