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Anyone with a vehicle at home would like to always park their car in a garage. In fact, most housing plans entail a space for a garage. However, a garage is quite prone to high moisture. High levels of moisture usually lead to the growth of mold and mildew. These two may affect the quality of your structure, especially the floor and walls. Also, condensation on car windows may become a daily issue. The good news is that this is something that can be avoided.  You can use a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture.This article will help you choose the best dehumidifier for a garage. 

Summary Table showing Best Dehumidifiers for a Garage

DehumidifierTOSOT 50 PintHome labs HME020006NMidea 3000Waykar 2000Vremi 22 pint
Bucket (Gal)21.610.660.8
Coverage4500 ft23000 ft23000 ft2000 ft21500 ft2
Auto defrostYesYesYesYesYes
Auto start/shut offYesYesYesYesYes
Max. moisture removal50 pint35 pint35 pint34 pint22 pint
Drain optionsBucket, internal pump and drain hoseBucket and drain hoseBucket and hoseBucket and drain hoseBucket and drain hose

Do you need a dehumidifier in your garage?

The answer is yes. You ultimately need a dehumidifier in your garage. Below we highlight for you the reasons as to why you should have one.

  • Improve indoor air quality

It is impossible to feel comfortable sitting in a garage with high humidity. This is because any environment full of humidity leads to the growth of mold and mildew. Excess mold can cause too many spores in the air. This becomes a problem for those who are sensitive to allergic mold spores. Inhaling them can cause allergic reactions, sneezing, runny nose and red eyes.  A dehumidifier will surely help you out of this mess. Dehumidifiers work by reducing moisture levels in the air by sacking excess water molecules. This helps stop mold as its development is supported by high levels of moisture. Afterwards, your air quality will be safe for everyone.  

  • Prevent mold and mildew growth

Mold and mildew commonly grow in moist environments. Garages commonly have moisture in the air. Most garages are dark inside, and have no windows. Such circumstances are ideal for the growth of mold. A dehumidifier will help you remove moisture from the garage. This will therefore limit the chances of mold or mildew growth.

  • Help protect your floor

When the floor is filled by high levels of moisture, its integrity gets compromised. It develops mold and mildew, which makes it displeasing.  It is actually worse when the floor is wooden. Excessive moisture can make the woods rot. A dehumidifier removes moisture that supports mold and mildew growth. This will help you protect your floor. 

  • Prevent the spread of flu viruses

A dehumidifier can prevent you from getting the flu in your garage. Humid conditions make it easier for flu viruses to transmit and live long. By using a dehumidifier you are minimizing the chances of influenza development. This is because moisture is removed and thus limiting the chances of the virus surviving. This thus reduces the possibility of contracting the flu.

  • Improved Respiratory health

High humidity can increase mucus in the nose and throat. Consequently, this causes sneezing, congestion, post-nasal drip and a runny nose. A dehumidifier will help you reduce humidity to the required level. This will help improve your overall respiratory health.

  • Protect maintenance equipment

Many people would like to keep their maintenance tools, especially metals in the garage. However, with high levels of humidity these might quite easily start to rust. This is because of  the reaction of water compounds making contact with them. A dehumidifier would help remove water molecules from the air to prevent it from reacting with the metal. 

  • Protect your car

The most important role of the garage is to keep the car safe. However, high humidity will significantly affect your car and different car parts that are prone to negative effects of high humidity. The engine, metal parts and leather seats will highly suffer from the effects of high humidity. A dehumidifier can help save you from the related maintenance and repair expenditure. It will always ensure minimum humidity levels in your garage. 

How to pick the best dehumidifier for garage

  • Coverage Capacity. Dehumidifiers come in different shapes and sizes, which determines their performance. When your garage is large, it means you will have to get a dehumidifier with an extended coverage capacity. However, it is not beneficial having a large capacity dehumidifier in a small garage. So, you have to assess the size of the garage in relation to coverage capacity of the dehumidifier. 
  • Bucket Size. You will not enjoy having to constantly empty your dehumidifier bucket. You need to look out for a dehumidifier with a tank that can hold a good amount of water. An average garage will require a dehumidifier with a bucket of at least 0.5 gallons.  
  • Auto defrost . The feature helps the dehumidifier coil not to freeze. This means your device will not stop operating because of freezing. A good dehumidifier for a garage needs to have an auto defrost feature. 
  • Auto Start/off. You may not always be around the garage, but moisture levels will continue to rise. You need a dehumidifier that will sense the rising humidity and automatically start up. When humidity levels drop to required levels, it will shut off immediately. 
  • Maximum moisture removal. The amount of moisture your dehumidifier sacks from air matters. Your garage will need a dehumidifier that removes a good amount of moisture. A garage dehumidifier should be able to remove at least 20 pints of moisture. 
  • Drain Options. In most cases, you may not be able to always drain the bucket as your garage is being dehumidified. You need a dehumidifier that will continuously operate all night. This is possible with a dehumidifier that offers various drain options. A dehumidifier with a drain hose, can help you drain the bucket continuously. This will thus help you to not frequently visit the garage to check the bucket. 

What size dehumidifier do I need for my garage?

Generally, it depends on the size of your garage. Depending on the garage size a 20-50 pint dehumidifier may be enough. The average size of a garage is between 1500-4500 square feet. 

Will a dehumidifier help cool a garage?

A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, leaving the garage a bit cool and dry. Since the relative humidity is reduced, you can feel about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. But, dehumidifiers do not lower the actual temperature.

How do I get rid of humidity in my garage?

  • Ventilation

This is one of the simplest approaches of removing humidity in the garage. You need to open windows and doors to allow moisture escape. Besides, if you have an exhaust fan you can also put it in your garage. This can help you blow out the moisture leaving the room dry, thus getting rid of moisture.

  • Air conditioning

Air conditioner can help you get rid of humidity in your garage. Put on the air conditioner once in a while to allow air circulation to remove excess moisture.

  • Clean small water puddles in the garage

In most cases, water puddles in the garage are ignored, and are usually not drained. This is one of the primary causes for the increasing humidity in the garage. These puddles of water cause evaporation of water into the air. In that case, you need to dry up these puddles, and leave the garage floor dry.

  • Put a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers play a significant role when it comes to getting rid of humidity. These work by sucking out water in the air to prevent condensation. This will help you minimize humidity levels in your garage.

  • Constant checks for drainage leaks

Drainage leaks can have a strong influence on the increasing moisture in your garage. These leaks make walls and floors wet, paving way for moisture development. When you conduct regular checks, you will be able to identify leakages before the situation worsens.

Can a dehumidifier work for low temperatures?

Dehumidifiers are designed to operate at temperatures above 65 degrees. If the temperature drops to less than 65 degrees, the evaporator coils can freeze resulting in motor burnout. However, there are several dehumidifiers that are able to work at low temperatures. These work by shutting down the compressor when the coils become cold, and restart when they are warm.

Will a dehumidifier work in a garage?

The answer to the question is yes. Humidifiers are designed to remove water in the air from open spaces, and a garage is no different. You only have to put it into the garage, and let it operate. It will help you get rid of moisture. 

Best dehumidifiers for a garage

1. TOSOT 50 Pint

tosot 50 pint dehumidifier
Tosot 50 pint

TOSOT 50 pint dehumidifier is first on our list of best dehumidifiers for a garage. At 3 adjustable fan speeds, it can dehumidify up to 4500 square feet. This is more than enough for an average garage.

The unit has 7 buttons and a display screen. Among these is the power button, the filter button for resetting the filter indicator light after 250 hours of operation. The -+ buttons are used to manage the humidity level, which is 5 percent per increase per click. It also comes with a timer button that helps the user control the dehumidifier by either turning it off or on at a time interval of 2 and 4.

The unit comes with an auto restart feature. In case there is a power outage, it will resume immediately power is restored.

TOSOT has a bucket size of 2 gallons. This can help it to store enough water, before needing emptying or shut off.

TOSOT also has various drainage options. These include drain hose, internal pump and bucket. When the bucket is full, you can easily empty it using any of the different drainage options.

The bucket size is big enough for large rooms. It is equipped with a bucket of 2 gallon capacity. 

The unit operates 52 dB at the highest setting. A decibel rating that is 45 and low can be considered silent.

After working for 250 hours, a filter light on the display screen will lighten up to remind you that it needs cleaning. 

Why TOSOT 50 Pint dehumidifier is good for a garage

  • Bucket Capacity. TOSOT 50 Pint is equipped with a 50-pint bucket of 2 gallon capacity. This means you will not struggle with frequent emptying. In addition, only one dehumidifier is enough to have your garage free from high humidity.
  • Coverage. This dehumidifier can cover up to 4500 square feet. This coverage can work for both home and business garages. You will not need as many dehumidifiers to get rid of moisture in your large garage. Furthermore, there will be no room for mold growth as most of the high moisture in the air will be removed. 
  • Auto Defrost. This feature helps the unit to remove more moisture. It works by preventing the evaporator collected water  from freezing. This means the dehumidifier will demist your garage without inconveniences.
  • Auto restart. In the event of a power outage, you do not have to reset the device. The auto restart feature helps the device to resume with the same settings when power is restored. This means you will not need to visit your garage whenever there is a power outage.  
  • Drainage options. TOSOT 50 pint is equipped with 3 drainage options. You can individually drain the bucket. If you do not enjoy draining the bucket, you can connect a garden hose. This is supported by gravity to direct the water to your preferred location. Another option is the internal pump. All these help you dehumidify the garage without having water leaking onto the floor. You can have the device operate for the whole night without stopping due to a full bucket. Your car will also not have condensation on the windows.


  • User control system
  • Less noise
  • Inbuilt internal pump
  • Auto system
  • External drain connect
  • Energy star certified


  • Heavy to carry
  • Causes condensation on the floor if it operates for long
  • Timer is limited to only 2 hours  and 4 hours.

2. Home labs 3000 sq ft HME020006N

Home labs 3000 sq ft dehumidifier
Home labs 3000 sq ft dehumidifier

This type of dehumidifier is made with the proper consideration of modern consumers. It is good for any large space that is moist as it covers about 3000 square feet. 

This dehumidifier removes up to 35 pint of water from the air every day. This dehumidifier helps minimize humidity levels, which are necessary for keeping moisture related allergens at bay.

The unit is designed with an effortless control system along with easy to read humidity levels. It is also adjustable as you can set the humidity levels you want in the room.

This home labs dehumidifier is equipped with a bucket size of 1.6 gallons. This bucket can collect a lot of water. 

It also comes with an auto shut-off, defrost and auto restart functions. These help promote further convenience of using the device.

The dehumidifier also has a drain hose outlet that enables continuous emptying. Besides, its tank is removable, which would simplify your work of drainage in case you do not want to use a drain hose. 

Why Home labs HME020006N is good for a garage

  • Drain options.The unit has a drain hose outlet, which simplifies the tank emptying process. This feature allows you to attach a reservoir and run it to a place where water can flow smoothly. If you have a floor drain, you can use gravity to port the water. As the dehumidifier removes the water molecules from the air, it is put in the unit and then pushed to the drain. If you do not want to use the hose drain. The bucket is removable, so you can empty it personally. This diversity in options  makes it easy for you when dehumidifying the garage.
  • Automatic shut off. Even though you do not want to use a hose, your garage will not be filled with pools of water. The auto shut-off enables the unit to stop operating when the tank gets filled. This means the garage will remain clean and tidy when the tank gets full. 
  • Large coverage. This dehumidifier can remove 50 pints of water from air in a space of 3000 square feet every day. This is more than enough for an average garage. Ultimately, everything in the garage will be protected from moisture related effects.
  • Auto defrost. Most garages experience high levels of moisture. The collected water may get frozen. Consequently, it may have mechanical breakdown or interruptions in its operations. The auto defrost will prevent all these from happening. The unit will operate for long hours without freezing. This will ensure the humidity levels are always kept at a minimum in your garage. 


  • Auto-defrost and Auto shut off
  • Touch control panel
  • Inbuilt drain hole
  • Removable water tank
  • Timer 


  • Slow de-humidification
  • Heavy 

3. Midea 35 pint dehumidifier

Midea 35 pint dehumidifier for garage
Midea 35 pint dehumidifier

Keep your garage comfortable by reducing humidity. This dehumidifier can help you improve the air quality by keeping the optimal humidity level between 45-55 percent.

The unit can cover about 3000 square feet and is able to collect 35 pint of water every day. 

It comes with an auto-restart function. The auto restart limits disruptions caused by power outages. It works by engaging your settings immediately and power is restored.

Midea 3000 is also equipped with an auto defrost feature.  The auto defrost feature helps prevent the collected water from getting frozen and harming the machine.

The unit also comes with 2 drain options. You can empty the tank when it is full. Or, you can also connect a hose to build a socket of continuous draining.

Why Midea 3000 dehumidifier is good for a garage

  • Large coverage capacity. Midea 3000 can collect 35 pints of water from an area space of 3000 square feet. This is quite a large area.  Meaning you will be sure that every corner of the garage will be dehumidified.
  • Auto restart. After setting your dehumidifier you will not have to visit the garage in case of power blackout. This is because the device will automatically power itself on as soon as power is restored. In case it is set for the whole night, you will not find your car windows fogged. 
  • Auto-comfort. With this feature you can set the required levels of moisture in your garage. When moisture in the garage exceeds the set levels, the dehumidifier will automatically turn itself on. In the same way, when the levels are stable according to the defined settings, it will turn off.
  • Draining options. The 2 draining options can help you navigate the draining problems. When you are away, your garage can continuously be dehumidified. This is because the collected water will be drained through the hose. This means the dehumidifier will not stop operations due to the bucket being. 
  • Continuous mode. Midea 3000 offers an option of continuous operation.  This mode will keep the device operating until you turn it off. This is important to those with garages that are constantly filled with pools of water or leakages. The dehumidifier will continuously sack the moisture coming from these waters. Therefore, this will prevent the growth of mold and mildew, that would make your garage feel stuffy. 


  • Quiet operation
  • Convenient mobility
  • Turbo mode
  • Variable fan speed
  • Reusable filter
  • Timer 


  • Filters need frequent cleaning
  • Must be placed near a drainage area
  • Stops functioning at 410c

4. Waykar 2000 dehumidifier

Waykar 2000 dehumidifier
Waykar 2000 dehumidifier

Waykar 2000 dehumidifier can cover a space of up to 2000 square feet. This is good coverage for large rooms.

The dehumidifier can also remove up to 34 pints of moisture every day. This is possible under 950 relative humidity conditions.

The bucket size is 0.66 gallons. This can be good for average size garages.

It comes with auto shut off/on. When the bucket is full, it automatically switches off. It will restart when the bucket is emptied. Even in instances of power outage, it will automatically restart when power comes back on.

The unit offers two drain options. You can automatically drain out the collected water through a hose. Or you can rely on its bucket to keep collecting the water. You eventually have to empty out the water when the bucket gets full.   

A humidity auto control feature also helps the user to set their ideal moisture levels needed in the room. The device will  sense and monitor the room humidity to manage the dehumidification of your garage.

Why the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier is good for your garage

  • Easy movement: the unit is integrated with wheels that allow it to be moved from one place to another. This is supported by a 360 degrees rotation as well as a lift up handle. So, there will be no stress when shifting the device from one corner to the other in the garage. 
  • Drain options. The dehumidifier will stop operating when the tank is full. It will not resume operation until the tank is emptied. You can therefore instead drain the water using the drain hose. The auto drain feature will help you when you are away or during the night. The dehumidifier will operate full time without interruptions.  
  • Humidity control panel. Garages are exposed to various sources of moisture from the external environment. So, you will need a dehumidifier to run very frequently. Molds tend to grow at relative humidity of 60 percent and above. Notably, it is recommendable to keep the garage dehumidifier in a range of 40 to 60 percent. It is almost impossible to individually determine the humidity levels in your garage. However, the auto control feature would help to maintain the required levels of humidity.  
  • Coverage. Waykar 2000 can cover up to 2000 square feet of indoor space. This means however big the garage is, it can be covered. There will be less chances of mold and mildew growth. 
  • Auto shut off/on. This feature will ensure your garage is tidy and safe. When the water bucket is full, it will not overflow. The dehumidifier will automatically shut off until emptied. Also, when there is a power outage, the unit will resume immediately power is restored. This will follow the settings it had before the outage. The garage will be dehumidified without your physical presence. 


  • Auto drain
  • Timer
  • Power outage restart
  • Intelligent humidity control
  • Rotating wheels


  • Water leakage on full tank
  • Noisy on high setting

5. Vremi 22 dehumidifier

Vremi 22 pint dehumidifier
Vremi 22 pint dehumidifier

Finally, on our list of best dehumidifier for a garage is the Vremi 22 pint dehumidifier. Vremi 22 emits heat when operating and it can cover an indoor space of up to 1500 square feet. With this space coverage and tank capacity, Vremi 22 can remove up to 22 pints of water from air every day.

It also has a 3 liter (0.8 gallons) of water tank. This means it can store a reasonable amount of water.

The unit offers 2 drain options. You can personally drain the bucket. Also, it has a hose option. The hose is supported by gravity and helps you channel the tank water outside.

It comes with auto defrost. This helps to prevent the collected water and the coil from freezing. 

Auto shut off/on feature. This makes the dehumidifier respond to various conditions. When the water bucket is full, it automatically shuts off until emptied. When there is a power black out, it can resume with previous settings when power is put back on. 

It also comes with a LED indicator. This informs the user when the unit is full. There is no need to frequently open the unit to check whether it is full.

Why you need Vremi 22 pint in your garage

  • Wide space coverage. With this device, you will be able to protect your garage from hot and humid air. It covers 1500 square feet meaning it can dehumidify a medium-size garage. This will  help keep the moisture levels low and prevent any side effects that could result from high humidity.
  • Drain options. Since this is a 22 pint dehumidifier, it might be difficult to have it operate for the whole night. This means there will be no assurance of dehumidifying the garage to minimum levels. Vremi 22 offers the option of continuous drainage through hose. Therefore, the garage will be dehumidified for an extended time without you worrying about emptying the tank.
  • Auto shut off. When the tank gets full the unit will automatically shut off until it is emptied. Since few people have time to continuously move into the garage to check the water levels in the tank. The auto shut off will prevent water from overflowing around the machine and garage. An aspect that can lead to increased moisture levels. Ultimately, the auto shut off will prevent the dehumidifier from becoming another source of excess moisture. 
  • Auto defrost. You will always be assured of dehumidification. Auto defrost feature will stop the collected water from freezing. This will help stop interruptions that would lead to increased moisture in the garage.


  •   Automatic system
  • Convenience 
  •  Portable
  • Energy frequency
  • Energy star certified


  • Blows out hot water
  • Noisy 

In summary, even though garages are places we do not usually spend a lot of time. It is frustrating to see your floor or walls fading due to excess air moisture. Besides, when the moisture levels significantly increase, mold and mildew will start to grow. It can also cause rot and rusting, thus damaging your belongings. In this case, a dehumidifier is the best way to deal with humidity issues in the garage. It will keep moisture levels in the check, which prevents condensation and growth of mold. The guiding points provided can help you make a better choice regarding the type of dehumidifier that is perfect for your garage. 

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