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It is quite inconveniencing  having to demist your car every morning. The situation may get  worse as seasons change towards more humid prone seasons. However, the good news is that removing moisture from your car windows is something manageable. A car dehumidifier is one way to get rid of this frustrating situation. If you are experiencing this problem, we have listed the best dehumidifier for cars that may help you get rid of moisture and its related challenges.

Dehumidifiers work by drawing out water from air until the humidity levels equal that of outside. This process helps stop condensation and misting. However, it is never an easy task to identify a dehumidifier that suits your car.

Below, we table our summary of the 5 best car dehumidifiers.

5 Best Dehumidifiers for cars

Dehumidifier1# Eva Dry mini renewable2# Zarpax LV-A3003# Wenko Portable cube4# Barsaka Renewable 150g5# Wisedry 2X500 silica gel
Coverage capacity333 ft3300 ft340 ft3200 ft3162 ft3
Moisture indicatorYesYesYesYesYes
Requires batteriesNoNoNoNoNo
Suggested reactive wayChargingmicrowaveRefill packsMicrowavingmicrowave
Absorption capacity0.17 liters0.13 liters0.8 liters0.14 liters0.16 liters

What causes condensation on car windows?

Moisture is the main cause of condensation on car windows. The moisture that has been trapped inside the car comes into contact with the cold window leading to condensation. Many car owners may wonder how moisture finds its way into a car that is always closed. However, there are some things that may be ignored yet they are the real culprits. Carpets, open bottles of water, and old coffee cups left in the car are some of these things that may hide water. People entering with wet shoes can have some water droplets which later lead to condensation. With time, these water molecules evaporate and the resulting moisture is trapped in the vehicle allowing condensation to take place. 

How to stop condensation on car windows?

When outer temperature levels are greater than those inside, moisture will condense outside the car glass, and vise-versa. In this regard, to stop the condensation you have got to balance the car interior and exterior temperature. You can also use the windshield wipers to remove frost.

Another option could be warming up your car interior. Here you will have to turn down your AC to increase the temperature to match the temperature outside the car.

You can put off the AC recirculation feature to ensure the inside and outside temperature match. 

How to prevent condensation on car windows?   

  • Remove everything containing water. Carpets, wet shoes, umbrellas and others increase the risk of condensation. So try to remove them from your car and ensure anything left is completely dry.
  • Wipe off the water on car windows. Ensure your car windows are dry. This will help reduce the chances through which the water can get into the car.  Actions like this will contribute to the reduction of condensation.
  • Use a Dehumidifier. As highlighted above, condensation comes into play when moist air in the car gets into contact with the cold window. So you will need to prevent moisture from getting into your car. Even though it is almost impossible to prevent moisture from finding its way into your car. Using a proper dehumidifier to get rid of moisture in your car just might be the next best solution. A dehumidifier helps suck out the water molecules from the air. 

Why is there moisture in the car?

Moisture comes into the car because oftentimes materials containing water molecules might be enclosed in your car. For instance, you might be sipping a hot cup of coffee during the cold period. Things such as carpets, umbrellas, or shoes may contain water molecules. All the above can lead to the increase of moisture in your car. This especially happens when the temperatures inside the car vary with those outside. 

What to consider when choosing the best dehumidifier for a car?

  • Absorption capacity. Home dehumidifiers come in huge sizes ranging from 250ml to 20 liters. But for the car the best sizes can range between 0.11 to 1.5 litres. This size is more manageable for your car.
  • Coverage. You will need your dehumidifier to cover at least the whole interior of the car. Various dehumidifiers have different coverage capacity. You should consider a dehumidifier with an average capacity of about 100 to 350 cubic feet. 
  • Moisture Indicator. It will actually inconvenience you to keep guessing if the dehumidifier is full. A dehumidifier with a moisture indicator will help you determine when the dehumidifier is full. 
  • Rechargeability. Your car will completely be free from moisture related challenges with continuous dehumidification. A one time use dehumidifier may be inconvenient. So, you will have to consider whether the device is rechargeable or reusable. 

Can I use a dehumidifier in my car?

Yes, you can use a dehumidifier to remove moisture in your vehicle. Dehumidifiers work by sacking water vapor from air, which is good for preventing condensation. So,if you are tired of problems related to moisture in your car, a dehumidifier can work for you.

Do car dehumidifiers work?

If you are tired of  condensation and misty glasses/windows in the morning and during winter periods. A car dehumidifier will definitely work for you. A dehumidifier is simply a cheaper alternative for keeping your car moisture free. You will not need to frequently clean your car windows every morning. You only have to run it inside the car and forget about moisture and foggy glasses.

Where should I put my car dehumidifier?

You can have your dehumidifier placed anywhere inside your car. Though, it is important to place it somewhere where you think moisture and humidity are concentrated. We have selected some of the places where humidity and moisture concentrate most.

Dashboard: You can have your dehumidifier placed on the car dashboard. This is because there is a high amount of moisture and humidity that gather around the windshield. Due to its proximity to the windshield it means the dashboard will either be the coldest or hottest part in your car. So, having a dehumidifier placed on the dashboard will stop moisture and condensation.

Back window: For those without the rear defroster, placing a dehumidifier at the back window can be a priority. Rear windows usually have free spaces behind the seats where a dehumidifier can perfectly fit. Besides, it might be a bit difficult to keep a dehumidifier on the dashboard.

Trunk: Trunks are commonly characterized by strong odors, since most cars do not have great air flow from the main cabin to the trunk. Excess moisture supports the growth of mildew, which is known for producing smells. Subsequently, placing a dehumidifier in the trunk can help remove moisture that could lead to growth of mildew. This consequently helps prevent mildew odors thus leaving your car smelling fresh.

Under the seats: Cold and hot air can also meet under your car seats leading to an increase in air humidity. This is another area to place the dehumidifier. When you place the dehumidifier near the sources of moisture, you can effectively curb its spread. 

5 Best dehumidifier for Car

1. Eva Dry E-333 Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry Wireless Mini (E-333)
Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier

Renewable system. The Eva-dry E-333 uses a renewable silica gel that requires no batteries or power. This makes it eco-friendly and you will not have your fuel energy consumed while charging.

Coverage Capacity. This unit can dehumidify your indoor area of up to 333 cubic feet. The interior of an average mid size car is between 130-159 cubic feet. This means Eva-Dry E-333 coverage capacity suits any average car.

Full silica beads indicator. As your unit absorbs moisture in the car, there is an indicator that will inform you when it reaches full capacity. The unit contains crystals that change from orange to green, which shows it is full.

Durable. The unit requires no batteries, making it easier to carry from place to place. Besides, it can work for a long time before recharging the silica gel beads. Most importantly, it is renewable and can operate for 10 years.

Design. The compact design of the unit makes it portable for movement, and can be put anywhere in the car.

Hook. This dehumidifier comes with a hook. It helps you hang the device if there is no place to place it. 

Why Eva Dry E- 333 Dehumidifier is good for your car

The unit itself can last for ten years, and you can have your car dehumidified for about 20-30 days before recharging the silica gel beads.

  • Absorption. The unit can absorb up to 0.17 liters of water in 20-30 days. It absorbs this amount before needing to renew the silica gel beads. This would help dehumidify your car for an extended period before renewing the silica beads.
  • Eco-friendly. Eva-Dry E-333 is made without toxic chemicals. This means you do not have to worry about moving with your children or pets in the car. Moreover, their sleek design enables you re-charge anywhere, including the car.
  • Reusable. This dehumidifier requires no batteries or cables for charging. You only need to plug it into a power strip and have your silica beads drying up for reuse. This means even if the silica beads are filled while on the way, you can have them recharged within the car.
  • Coverage. The Eva-Dry E-333 can dehumidify up to 333 cubic feet. This is more than enough for a midsize car. Therefore, you can have your entire car dehumidified without failure. 
  • Hook. This dehumidifier comes with a hook. This can help you to hang the dehumidifier in your car to avoid instances of damage due to it falling down.


  • Non-toxic crystallized silica gel technology
  • 100% renewable
  • Requires no batteries or cords to work
  • Extended lifespan


  • It takes long to charge

2. Zarpax LV-A300 Dehumidifier

Zarpax LV-A300 Dehumidifier
Zarpax LV-A300

LV-A300 dehumidifier is another device capable of removing condensation and that's why it is on our list of best dehumidifiers for a car. The product effectively removes moisture. In this case, you will also prevent the growth of mildew. 

LV-A300 has an absorption capacity of 0.13 liters. 

This dehumidifier is rechargeable. You simply have to place it in a microwave for six minutes and it is ready for use.

LV-A300 comes with a water indicator that informs you about when the device needs to recharge. When time for recharge comes, the indicator will turn pink.

Due to its design, Zarpax LV-A300 can fit in small areas. You can have it placed under the car seats, safe and any other locations. 

Why Zarpax LV-A300 dehumidifier is good for a car

  • Zarpax LV-A300 has an elegant design that makes it look great in the car interior. It can fit anywhere on the front panel, console and even glove compartment. Therefore, you will not struggle looking for spaces to place your dehumidifier.
  • Unlike other calcium chloride dehumidifiers, Zarpax LV-A300 does not leak or leave stains in the car. This does not only protect your car from possible damages, but also makes the car interior exciting.
  • The device comes with a water indicator that tells you when to recharge.  Charging is also not a problem as you only have to put it in the microwave for only 6 minutes. After six minutes it is ready for reuse. 
  • During cold periods, the car windows may get fogged, thus affecting visibility. Having LV-A300 in the car will help you get better visibility. This is because it works by removing moisture that usually leads to condensation on the car windows.
  • Reusable. LV-300 can dehumidify your car for an extended period. This is because it is reusable and only requires six minutes in the microwave to have it renewed. 


  • Convenient
  • Does not leak
  • Eliminates strong odors
  • Quiet operation
  • No refills needed


  • Small absorption rate

3. WENKO Portable Cube Dehumidifier

Wenko Portable Cube Dehumidifier for car
Wenko Portable Cube

Another car dehumidifier on our list is WENKO Portable Cube Dehumidifier. The unit is designed with modern technology to address the condensation challenges. 

Wenko cube dehumidifier contains 500 grams of calcium. This calcium helps it to sack moisture from the air as soon as it is set up.

It comes with the water level indicator. The water collected can be reliably read off. This means the collected water will never flow or leak.

The dehumidifier completely works without electricity. This implies you do not have to charge it for reuse. You only have to get the refill packs and it is ready for reuse. 

This dehumidifier extracts moisture from the air for up to 3 months.  However, this depends on how you use it and the moisture levels around. When it is used up, you can obtain the refill packs from the manufacturer.  

Wenko portable cube dehumidifiers can suck moisture from the air in a space of 40 cubic meters. 

This dehumidifier has a tank capacity of 0.8 liters. It helps it extract moisture for a long time before emptying.

Why WENKO Portable Cube Dehumidifier is good for a car

  • The device ensures the vehicle’s air space is pleasant for everyone. It is filled with 500g of calcium which helps it to extract moisture from the moment it is set on.
  • The dehumidifier does not need electricity to recharge. It means you will not need charging compatibility or charging cables in the car.
  • Cube dehumidifier has a tank capacity of 0.8 liters. When put in the car, it will take long before becoming full. This is because the car has less moisture levels as compared to a house room.
  • The device has a coverage capacity of 40 cubic meters. This means even if you  place it at an extreme end of the car, it can dehumidify the whole interior. 
  • With a cube dehumidifier, your car can be humid for up to 3 months. This is because the calcium in it can work up to that time before being refilled. 
  • It has a water level indicator. This can help you recharge in time, and the car will remain free from moisture.


  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Indicator light
  • Good moisture tank


  • Occupies a lot of space

4. Barska Renewable 150g Dehumidifier

Barska Renewable 150g Dehumidifier for car
Barska Renewable Dehumidifier

Barska Renewable 150g has a humidity indicator. When the device reaches its absorption capacity, it turns from blue to pink. This will inform you that it needs recharging.

The dehumidifier can evaporate the moisture by microwaving. It comes with silicon dioxide that consumes the moisture. These silicons can be drained by microwaving for up to 4 minutes at 600w.

Barska Renewable 150g is convenient as it occupies less space. This pillow-shaped device is small and can be placed anywhere. 

This dehumidifier can dehumidify an interior space of 200 cubic feet. With this coverage capacity it can remove moisture in SUVs as well as other large cars. 

Barsaka renewable 150g requires no batteries. You only need to microwave the silicon.

The dehumidifier 150g has an absorption capacity of 0.14 liters. 

Why is Barska Renewable dehumidifier is good for your car

  • Reusable. This dehumidifier can be reused multiple times. The silicon dioxide in this device acts as a moisture absorber. When full, they can be microwaved for four minutes before being reused. This means you can have these absorbers in your car until they are full. Then you can dry them and put them back in the car. You will have this dehumidifier for a long period. This will also help prevent mildew from growing in your car.
  • Flexible. Barska Renewable 150g dehumidifier can be placed in any corner of the car. You can put it on the dashboard, rear windshield shelf and in the trunk. This means you will not struggle with where to put your device.
  • Continuous operation. Barska Renewable 150g does not shut down not until the silicons are full. This will give your car a continued assurance of minimal levels of moisture. This will help prevent condensation and growth of mildew. Both of which thrive in the presence of moisture.
  • The device is filled with moisture absorbing silicon dioxide. These do not need constant charging to remove moisture. So, the device will dehumidify for a long time. In this case, the valuables in the car that are susceptible to moisture will be protected from moisture related damages. 
  • The absorption capacity of 0.14 liters can help dehumidify the car for a considerable time. When full it does not leak. This means there will be no stains.  


  • Safe to use
  • Safe accessory
  • Renewable
  • Humidity indicator
  • Microwaveable


  • Can easily be damaged by microwave

5. Wisedry 2X500 Silica Gel dehumidifier 

Wisedry 500 Silica Gel Dehumidifier
Wisedry 500 Silica Gel Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is reusable. After getting full, you can reactivate it in the microwave. This process can take up to 16 minutes.

It also indicates when it is full. This desiccant contains orange indicating silica gel that allows users to know when it needs to be recharged. As it becomes increasingly saturated with moisture, the orange crystals change to blackish green.

The desiccant is safely packaged to protect it from moisture before use. With its packaging you can place anywhere without worrying of possible damages.

The silica gel in this dehumidifier is capable of absorbing up to 35 percent of its own weight. This is about 0.16 liters of moisture. They are also cobalt chloride free. This means it is non-toxic, and emits no pollutants. 

This silica gel dehumidifier requires no batteries. This implies no need for charging. 

The dehumidifier can cover a space area of upto 162 cubic feet. 

Why Wisedry 2X500 Silica Gel dehumidifier is good for your car

  • Wisedry 2X500 Silica Gel dehumidifier works continuously. This means it can prevent moisture on car windows, which is a common problem during cold mornings.
  • Rechargeable. After the silica gel packets are full of moisture, it can be recharged via the microwave. Unlike other dehumidifiers, it does not have a tray that will need emptying. When the silicons are full, you just put them in the microwave.
  • Inbuilt indicator. The silicon crystals that absorb the moisture are equipped with a moisture indicator. This will let you know when they are full. It means you will always know when it is time to microwave the silicon.
  • Flexible. The Wisedry 2X500 Silica Gel dehumidifier does not need cables or batteries. This implies you can place anywhere inside the car and not worry about looking for a power source. 
  • Area coverage. Wisedry 2X500 dehumidifier does not cover a wide area. But at 162 cubic feet it is enough to keep the car free from moisture. 
  • The dehumidifier is capable of absorbing 0.16 liters of moisture. The car can get dehumidified for a good time before recharging. 


  • Non toxic
  • Rechargeable 
  • Water level indicator


  • Can get damaged after repeated microwaving

In summary, dehumidifiers are a good addition to your car interior. This article has selected some of those that you can have in your vehicle. You only have to identify the one that fits your priorities. 

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