Does Air Purifier Cool The Room?

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When planning to buy an air purifier, many people want to reduce indoor air pollution. However, when installed some people feel a change in surrounding temperatures. This has prompted questions such as “Does Air Purifier Cool the Room?” If you are also bothered by this question, read on to find out more.

Generally, air purifiers do not cool down rooms. These units do not have any cooling mechanism in them. This means they cannot cool down a room’s temperature. In this case, if your air purifier is not cooling your room, do not think it is fake.

Does an Air Purifier Act As A Cooling Fan?

Image showing a woman getting cool air from fans
Woman enjoying cool air from fans

No, air purifiers do not act as a cooling fan. This is why it cannot affect your indoor temperatures. It is true air purifiers come with built-in fans. However, these are not as strong as ceiling or any other commonly used fans. The fans in the air purifier blow filtered air at a slow rate. This means it cannot blow away hot air.

This is not the way cooling or electric fans work despite both using motors. The motors in the fans strongly push away the hot air to allow cool air to fill the vacuum created. Certainly, this can cool down your room’s temperature.

Some people may be wondering why they feel cooler when they are near their air purifiers. Let us explain this in detail.

Why Do I Feel Cooler When Running My Air Purifier?

Image showing a woman feeling cool inside the house
Feeling cool

It is true you may feel cooler when running your air purifier. However, this does not mean your air purifier is doubling as a fan. If you sit near your air purifier, you might feel cooler. This is because you might be sitting or standing in the direction of the air purifier's airflow.

The small fans in the air purifier blow the filtered air into the circulation. This is why you can feel cool when standing or sitting in the airflow direction.

But, the airflow from the air purifier is too slow to make you feel as though there is a fan. This can be seen in their circulation ability, which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM defines the amount of air that can move through the room when the fan is operating at maximum speed.

In brief, if the CFM is low, it is hard to lower the temperature. According to Continental Fans, the CFM of ceiling fans ranges between 1000 and 9000. Contrary, on average most air purifiers are below 300 CFM. Therefore, it is evident that air purifiers cannot cool down the room.

Air Purifiers With Fan Combo

Image sAir Purifier and Tower Fan
Air Purifier and Tower Fan Combo

If you feel you want an air purifier that can cool down your room, you can get a 2-in-1 unit. There are brands that produce air purifiers with a fan function. This would be a great option for anyone who wants an air purifier that can cool down room temperatures. However, if you live in areas with above average temperature highs, these kinds of fans may not be so effective.

Let us share with you some of the best air purifiers with fan combo.

  •  Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Air Purifier and Tower Fan
  • ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan and Air Purifier
  • Blueair Pure Fan Auto
  • HAJOAP Bladeless Tower Fan with HEPA Filter
  • Lasko 2505 Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

These can help you balance the room temperature and cleanse the air. You can choose to run either an air purifier or fan. You can also have both of them running. Certainly, this would maintain a cool room that is free from airborne impurities.


In summary, air purifiers cannot cool down rooms. Although they have motors and fans, their CFM is much lower than actual ceiling fans. This makes them unable to cool any room. The reason why you might feel cooler when the air purifier is running is that you may be standing in its airflow direction.

However, if you want an air purifier that can double as a fan, you can check out 2-in-1 units. These units can purify a room and control temperatures to a certain extent. 

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