5 Best Humidifiers For Lash Extensions

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Modern-day ladies understand the beauty of wearing eyelashes. These lash extensions play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of ladies. Perhaps, this could be the reason why most of them cannot leave their homes without eyelash extensions. But maintaining these lash extensions might be difficult without a humidifier. 

Its true lash extensions can enhance your beauty, but they could be short-lasting. If you are considering putting eyelash extensions, you should take caution about the indoor humidity. It does not matter whether in a lash room or home.

For those who live in areas with fluctuating humidity, you might have noticed the difference. Under low humidity, lash extensions tend not to last long as it is under high humidity.

So, to have long-lasting eyelashes, it is important to have moderate relative humidity. A humidifier is the best option for maintaining stable humidity. This will help you ensure optimum adhesive lash extensions.

If you have challenges while looking for a good humidifier for lash extensions, we guide you through them. Below we have selected the best 5 humidifiers for lash extensions.

Summary of the Selected Humidifiers for Lash Extensions

ProductTadliative 6L HumidifierFrida Baby Fridababy 3-in-1 HumidifierLevoit Dual 100 Humidifier Raydrop Cool Mist HumidifierLtYioe Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier
Tank size6L1.9L1.8L1.7L0.3L
Area coverage500 ft2320 ft2260 ft2--
Run time50 hours12 hours20 hours9 hours6 hours
Humidity sensorYesNoNoNoNo

Does Humidity Ruin Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, humidity can ruin your eyelash extensions. High or low, humidity can significantly affect eyelash extensions. When humidity is too high it quickens up the adhesive process. This may make the adhesive cure before attaching lash extensions. Eventually, your lash extensions will be attached badly.

On the other hand, low humidity can slow down the adhesive cure speed. This may lead to lashes sticking to each other. Therefore, you should always take note of your saloon or room humidity.

Are Humidifiers Good for Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, humidifiers are good for lash extensions. Humidifiers release moisture into the air to ensure your studio or room humidity ranges between 45-60%. This humidity range plays a vital role in curing the lash extension adhesive. Certainly, you or your client will have eyelashes attached well and last for long.

What Kind of Humidifier Is Best for Lash Extensions?

When looking for humidifiers, you will always find cool and warm-mist models. Some humidifiers can generate both warm and cool mist. However, you will have to pay more for those humidifiers.

Warm-mist humidifiers boil the water and release vapor into the air. This means fewer contaminants are emitted into the air. Cool-mist humidifiers use less energy and do not pose a risk of burn.

Generally, both humidifiers can increase humidity good for lash extensions. But we recommend cool-mist as the best option. This is because warm-mist may increase indoor heat, which also affects lash extensions.

What Is the Ideal Humidity for Eyelash Extensions?

The ideal humidity for eyelash extensions is between 45-60. Anything above or less may affect the process of curing lash extensions.

How Do You Use a Humidifier with Eyelash Extensions?

You need to use distilled water to avoid releasing contaminants into the air. Then you have to ensure the indoor humidity levels remain between 45-60%. Also, you need to keep your device clean, especially the tank.

How Do You Reduce Humidity in Eye Lash Extensions?

  • Use Air Conditioning

You can use an air conditioner to reduce humidity in your salon or home. You may set it to dry, and it will remove excessive moisture.

  • Use Baking Soda

This is a natural way of absorbing moisture. You may place a plate of baking soda near your lash station or in your bedroom. It will gradually absorb indoor humidity, thus protecting your eyelashes.

  • Use a Dehumidifier

This is the most effective way of reducing humidity in eyelash extensions. Humidifiers work by sacking out moisture in the room. Some come with a built-in hygrometer that helps maintain humidity levels within the required range.

How Can I Make My Eyelash Extensions Stay Longer?

To make your eyelash extensions stay longer, you need to take note of humidity. Humidity is basically the major deciding factor regarding the longevity of your lash extensions. When humidity is low or too high your eyelash may not last long. In a nutshell, you need to make sure your humidity levels remain between 45-60%.

Best Humidifiers For Lash Extensions

1. Tadliative 6L Humidifier

Image showing Tadliative 6L Humidifier
Tadliative 6L Humidifier

You can maintain your eyelash extensions with a Tadliative humidifier. This ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier is designed to increase indoor relative humidity.

The humidifier comes with a 6-liter water tank. This large water tank can help you mist your room for up to 50 hours on a low setting. This will help protect your eyelash extensions.

You can schedule your humidifier with a 1-12-hour timer. Certainly, you do not need to wake up during the middle of the night to turn off your humidifier.

Tadliative can give you automatic humidity monitoring. This humidifier can detect indoor humidity, and automatically adjust to the preset humidity levels. It uses a built-in humidity sensor. It also has a remote control for easy adjustment.

The humidifier is equipped with double protection. When you remove the water tank, the humidifier automatically shuts off. It also stops running when water in the tank drains.

Why Tadliative 6L Humidifier Is Good for Lash Extensions

  • Large Water Tank

Are you looking for a humidifier that can protect your eyelash extensions for long, you can try out Tadliative. The humidifier comes with a 6-liter water tank. This allows it to run for up to 50 hours. In this case, you can maintain stable humidity in your lash room or bedroom without constant refilling.

So, you can help enhance the performance of the adhesive. Hence creating a strong and long-lasting lash extension.

  • Large Area Coverage

If you are considering getting a humidifier for a beauty salon or lash room, checkout for Tadliative. The humidifier has a capacity to humidify rooms of 500 square feet. This coverage is good to maintain the required humidity level in beauty salons. Therefore, this will help prevent poor adhesion on your clients.

  • Automatic Humidity Monitor

You do not need to frequently monitor your humidifier for balanced humidity. Tadliative humidifier is designed with a built-in humidity sensor. This automatically detects indoor relative humidity and automatically adjusts the humidifier.

You only have to preset the humidity levels that favor your lash extensions, and Tadliative will work accordingly. This ensures the room humidity is good for lash adhesion and cure.


  • Timer
  • Auto mode
  • Auto shut-off
  • Operates quietly
  • Essential oil diffuser


  • Hard to clean 

2. Frida Baby 3-in-1 Humidifier

Image showing Frida Baby Humidifier
Frida Baby 3-in-1 Humidifier

Frida Baby 3-in-1 humidifier is another good humidifier for lash extensions. This is a cool-mist humidifier that uses ultrasonic technology to emit moisture.

Frida holds a 1.9-liter water tank. At full capacity, the tank can sustain the humidifier for up to 12 hours on a low setting.

The humidifier can sufficiently generate moisture for rooms of up to 320 square feet. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and lash rooms.

You can control the mist output with Frida. The dial knob allows you to adjust from gentle mist to tropical rainforest and vice-versa.

The humidifier also doubles as an essential oil diffuser. You can add a few drops to the tray and enjoy the soothing atmosphere.

Frida is equipped with a self-protection feature. It can automatically turn off when the water drains up or the tank is removed.

Why Frida Baby 3-in-1 Humidifier is good for Lash Extensions

  • Water Tank

If you want a good humidifier for eyelash extension to use at home, you can get Frida. The humidifier is equipped with a 1.9-liter water tank. This allows the humidifier to run for up to 12 hours. Certainly, this means you can use the humidifier for a whole night. This may help the eyelashes to form and cure faster. 

  • Good Area Coverage

Frida Baby 3-in-1 cancan humidify rooms of up to 320 square feet. In this case, if you need a humidifier for a beauty salon or bedroom, Frida can help you. The humidifier can generate moisture for small and medium rooms. Therefore, this means you can use the humidifier in a beauty salon to ensure proper lash adhesion.

Similarly, you can use the humidifier at your home to protect the lash extensions from drying and breaking off.


  • Easy to use
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Whisper quiet
  • Auto shut-off
  • Color-changing nightlight


  • Makes buzzing noise on high setting 

3. Levoit Dual 100 Humidifier

Image showing Levoit Dual 100 Humidifier
Levoit Dual 100 Humidifier

The Dual 100 humidifier can also help you put and maintain lash extensions. This humidifier uses a spiral air duct and ultrasonic technology to release moisture.  

It is a top-fill humidifier, which makes it easy to fill the water tank.

Moreover, the dual 100 comes with a 1.8-liter water tank. This can sustain the humidifier for up to 20 hours of continuous operation on a low setting.

The humidifier is effective in rooms of up to 260 square feet. This means you can use Dual 100 in bedrooms, lash rooms, or beauty salon.

Levoit dual 100 can give you quiet humidification. Select sleep mode and this humidifier will keep the noise levels below 24 dB.

With Dual 100 you can relax as you put the lashes or protect them. The humidifier is compatible with aromatherapy. You can add in a few drops of essential oil and feel the fresh air.

Why Levoit Dual 100 Is Good For Lash Extensions

  • Maintains A Stable Humidity

If you want to protect your lash extensions when putting and maintaining them for long, you can get Dual 100. The humidifier works by ensuring the humidity levels remain within the range of 40-60%. This can help lash adhesive cure and dry normally. Indeed, this will help the lash extension last longer.

  • Long Run Time

Dual 100 is equipped with a 1.8-liter water tank. This allows the humidifier to run for up to 20 hours on a low setting. So, this can help the lash extensions remain under a calm environment favoring glue adhesion for a long period.

  • Good Area Coverage

If you want to maintain good humidity levels, in your bedroom, lash room, or beauty salon, Dual 100 can be good for you. This humidifier has the capacity to humidify rooms of up to 260 square feet. Certainly, your bedroom and the lash room will have enough moisture that is good for lash extensions.


  • Whisper quietly
  • Top-fill design
  • Easy to wash
  • Sleep mode
  • Auto shut-off
  • Aromatherapy


  • Gets damaged easily

4. Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier

Image showing Raydrop cool mist humidifier
Raydrop cool mist humidifier

Raydrop cool mist humidifier is also good for lash extensions. The humidifier is designed with a small size to enable it to fit everywhere.

Also, you can control the mist output using the dial knob. You can adjust the knob depending on the current humidity levels.

You can use the humidifier in the bedroom at night without causing inconveniences. It generates minimal.

Raydrop is equipped with a 1.7-liter water tank. This allows it to run for up to 9 hours non-stop. Surely, you can protect your lash extensions.

The humidifier is more effective in air-conditioned rooms. It ensures the indoor humidity remains between 40-60%.

Raydrop comes with an auto shut-off feature. When the water in the tank reduces, the humidifier will automatically shut off.

Why Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier is Good For Lash Extensions

  • Maintains Stable Humidity Levels

If you need a humidifier that can maintain favorable humidity for lash extensions, Raydrop can be a good choice. Raydrop ensures the indoor humidity remains between 40-45%. This humidity level is good when putting lashes and making them long-lasting. This is because it helps lash glue to dry properly.

  • Extended Humidification Time

You do not need to worry about constant refills as you are protecting your extensions. Raydrop comes with a 1.7-liter water tank. At full capacity, the humidifier ensures it generates enough moisture for 9 hours on a low setting. This means you can make your skin remain hydrated for a whole night. Therefore, lash extensions will keep moist, thus lasting longer.

  • Customized Mist Output Control Knob

If you want to protect your eyelash extensions, check out Raydrop. This humidifier allows you to adjust the mist output depending on the current status. When humidity is low, you use the dial knob and set it to high. The humidity will be increased in a short time. This may help the lashes not to dry out.


  • Operates quietly
  • Small size
  • Auto shut-off
  • Energy efficient


  • Not compatible with essential oils
  • Hard to clean

 5. LtYioe Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier

LtYioe Colorful cool mini humidifier
LtYioe Colorful cool mini humidifier

In case you need a portable humidifier to help you with your eyelash extensions, LtYioe might be good for you. This is a portable humidifier using a USB for charging.

The humidifier operates quietly. Even on a high setting, it generates 26 dB noise levels. This means you will not be bothered while sleeping.

The humidifier comes with two mist modes. These include intermittent and continuous modes. On intermittent mode, the humidifier will run for six hours and turn off automatically. Whereas on continuous mode, it turns off after four hours.

You do not need to be bothered by a humidifier getting damaged. It automatically shut off when the water in the tank gets low.

The humidifier carries a 300-milliliter water tank. This allows the humidifier to run for six hours on one fill.

Why LtYioe Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier is Good for Lash Extensions

  • Portable

If you want a humidifier for lash extensions that fit anywhere, you can choose LtYioe. Is small enough to fit on a table, and car. You can use the humidifier when putting lash extensions in the salon and at home. It can help the lash extension adhere properly and last long.

  • Two Mist Modes

LtYioe can generate mist depending on its necessity. The humidifier comes with two mist modes; continuous and intermittent. On continuous, it generates less mist compared to intermittent. When humidity is low you can set it to intermittent, and intermittent when high.

This means the humidity will remain within the required range. Notably, this can help the lash glue to adhere in time, and remain intact.


  • Easy to use
  • Operates quietly
  • Use USB to charge
  • Auto shut-off


  • Short spray distance

The selected humidifiers can help you during the process of putting lash extensions as well as maintaining them. They are whole-room humidifiers. This means you can use them in lash rooms, beauty salons, and bedrooms. 

However, if you feel like you want smaller devices that can help you with lash extensions. We recommend using steamers. Steamers work like humidifiers, but with low capacity. 

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