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If you have a fireplace, you definitely need a humidifier. Fireplaces are commonly characterized by low humidity. Although low humidity is not life-threatening, it can trigger or enhance various complications.

In the past, our ancestors used woodstove steamers and humidifier pots for the fireplaces. These people knew that fireplaces can dry out the air around them.

Today, a lot has improved with the introduction of technology. We now have gas, electric, and wood fireplaces. With the improved technology, we also do not need woodstove steamers or humidifier pots. There are improved ways to increase humidity around the fireplaces.

The most improved way of increasing humidity is by using a humidifier. A humidifier can make indoor humidity stable despite using fireplaces. In case you have challenges choosing a good humidifier for the fireplace, we can help you out. Below we have selected for you the best five (5) humidifiers for fireplaces.

Summary of The Selected Humidifiers For Fireplaces

ProductUniflame, C-1242, 5 Qt. Cast Iron HumidifierFire Beauty Humidifying Iron Kettle Stove HumidifierOld Dutch Cast Iron Hakone Teapot/Wood Stove HumidifierWoodeze Home Indoor Decorative HumidifierPanacea 15321 Fireplace Kettle Humidifier
Water Capacity5 Qt3 Qt3 Qt2 Qt-
Size (LxWxH) Inches7.5 x 6.5 x 99 x 9 x 69.5 x 8x1012x 8x 88 x 10 x 10
Easy to cleanYesYesYesYesYes

Do You Need A Humidifier For The Fireplace?

You need a humidifier if you have a fireplace. When feeling cold, we light up fireplaces to make us warm. However, fireplaces do not only make us warm but dry out the surrounding air. Exposure to dry air may trigger allergies, cough, dry eyes, nose bleeds, and other related complications.

A humidifier can help you maintain good relative humidity to make you comfortable and healthier. Therefore, with a humidifier fireplace heat may not affect you.

How Can I Get Humidity in My House Without A Humidifier?

  • Dry Clothes on a Rack

Instead of putting your clothes in a dryer, hang them on racks. Indeed, the clothes will take longer to dry. But the moisture that comes out of wet clothes can help increase room humidity.

  • Take a Bath

When the indoor humidity is low, you may take a bath. However, after bathing you should not drain the water immediately. Just leave the water to cool off and leave the bathroom open. In this case, as the water dries off it releases moisture into the air. This will help you get humidity in your house.

  • Place Bowls Of Water Around The House

Another easier way to add humidity in the house is to use bowls of water. Select particular places that are out-of-reach for children and put your bowls full of water. As the water gets warmer, it starts evaporating slowly. Certainly, this helps to increase moisture in the air.

  • Boil Water On The Stove

This method can also help you add moisture to the air. the boiling evaporates, which steadily increases the humidity levels around the home.

  • Do Gas Fireplaces Increase Humidity?

Yes, gas fireplaces can increase humidity. Because there is no chimney, water vapor from natural gas remains around. Ultimately, this increases the humidity levels around the home.

Do Wood Fires Reduce Humidity?

Yes, wood fires reduce humidity. Wood stoves tend to draw much air to support burning. This leaves the indoor air dry. For those who use fire stoves for long, you might have experienced issues like dry eyes, nosebleeds, irritations of the skin, nose, and not feeling comfortable.  

Why Is There Moisture In My Fireplace

As discussed above, the gas used in the fireplace produces water vapor. However, this vapor is forced to stay around when there is no chimney or vent to usher it out. This may lead to increased moisture around your fireplace.

How Do I Know If I Need A Humidifier?

You may tell that you need a humidifier through various things, especially if you have a fireplace. Some of the signs include dry skin, cracked lips, morning time congestion, and nosebleeds. If you experience any of these indicators, you need a humidifier. 

The 5 Best Humidifiers For Fireplace

1. Uniflame C-1242, 5 Qt. Cast Iron Humidifier

Image showing Uniflame-C-1242-5-Qt Cast Iron humidifier
Uniflame-C-1242-5-Qt Cast Iron humidifier

When you light up the fireplace during the cold winter, add moisture to the air with a Uniflame C-1242 humidifier. This humidifier is designed by Blue Rhino.

The humidifier is elegantly designed using cast iron. It also features a black finishing.

Also, this old-fashioned humidifier features a 5 Qt water pot. This allows it to operate for a long period with one fill.

The humidifier measures 7.5 x 6.5 x 9 and 14.5 ib weight. This makes it portable and can be shifted to different locations.

Uniflame features a chrome handle. This makes carrying and relocation easy as it does not get hot.

Why Uniflame C-1242, 5Qt Cast Iron Humidifier Is Good For Fireplace

  • Protects Home Furnishings

Dry air commonly resulting from fireplaces can be harmful to wood furniture and the floor. If you are experiencing this problem or trying to avoid it, Uniflame might the right choice for you. This humidifier can bring moisturizing relief as it releases the warm-mist. Certainly, the moisturized air prevents your furniture and floors from getting damaged.

  • Boils Water Faster

If you need a humidifier that can quickly moisturize your fireplace, Uniflame can be of great help. This humidifier is designed made of cast iron. This material retains heat, thus making the water boil faster.

  • Long Operation

In case you need a fireplace humidifier that can run for a long time, Uniflame can help you address the problem. Uniflame comes with a 5 Qt water pot. Indeed, this is large enough to sustain the humidifier for a long period.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean


  • It can easily rust

2. Fire Beauty Humidifying Iron Kettle Stove Humidifier

Image showing fire beauty iron kettle humidifier
Fire beauty humidifying iron kettle stove humidifier

You can also add moisture around your fireplace by using Fire beauty humidifying Iron Kettle humidifier. This is designed in a kettle form, but the water is not for human consumption.

When heated this iron kettle humidifier generates steam. This helps to increase indoor humidity, which creates comfort.

The humidifier is designed with a touch chrome handle. This makes it easy to carry. Fire beauty can also be used for wood, pellet, corn, or coal-burning stove.

Additionally, the humidifier is designed with cast-iron construction. This makes it durable.

You do not need to use electricity. This humidifier can be placed on top of the fireplace.

This kettle-like humidifier has a water capacity of 3 quarts. So, this allows the humidifier to run for a long.

Why Fire Beauty Humidifying Iron Kettle Stove Humidifier Is Good For Fireplace

  • Long-Lasting

If you are looking for a one-time buy humidifier, Fire beauty might be right for you. Fire beauty is designed with cast-iron construction. This makes it strong to live for long.

  • Anti-Scald

Do you want a fireplace humidifier that poses minimal risks of burn? A Fire beauty humidifier might be good for you. This iron kettle humidifier comes with a cool-touch chrome spring handle. This does not allow heat to pass through. Therefore, this makes it safe and easy to operate.

  • Save Some Money

When you want to use a humidifier, you do not need to worry about escalating bills. Fire beauty does not require electricity to run. You only need to place it on top of the fireplace. This means the money meant to spend on electricity bills can be saved.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Labor-saving
  • Relieves congestion


  • Cannot be used as a teapot 

3. Old Dutch Cast Iron Hakone Teapot/Wood Stove Humidifier

Image showing Old dutch cast iron teapotwood stove humidifier
Old Dutch Cast Iron Hakone Teapot Wood Stove Humidifier

This is another good humidifier for the fireplace. It is a kettle humidifier. This means it is not only a humidifier but also a teapot. The humidifier is primarily ideal for wood stoves.

Furthermore, the humidifier is manufactured with a cast-iron material. This absorbs heat which helps maintain tea with the required temperature.

The Old Dutch humidifier has a 3 quarts’ water capacity. This allows you to boil some tea as you enjoy the soothing atmosphere.

Given that this humidifier acts as a teapot, its interior is designed to maintain the pure taste of the tea. It is designed with porcelain enamel.

Why Old Dutch Cast Iron Hakone Teapot/Wood Stove Humidifier is Good For Fireplace

  • Multipurpose

In addition to humidification, the Old Dutch humidifier can make you some tea. In fact, its interior is designed using porcelain enamel, which keeps tea pure. So, as you rest around the fireplace, you can as well get a cup of tea.

  • Long Run Time

If you do not use water for tea, this humidifier can run for a long time. Old Dutch humidifier can contain 3 quarts of water. This means without taking some water as tea, the humidifier can continuously generate warm-mist for a long time.

  • Portable

If you need a fireplace humidifier that can easily be shifted, an Old Dutch humidifier can be good for you. The humidifier measures 9.5L x 8Hx10 inches. This means it occupies less space. Besides, it has a handle that makes it easier to carry.


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Multipurpose
  • Large water capacity


  • The top lid tends to rust 

4. Woodeze Home Indoor Decorative Humidifier

Image showing Woodeze home indoor decorative humidifier
Woodeze Home Indoor Decorative Humidifier

We have found out Woodeze home indoor decorative humidifier is one of the best for fireplaces. We have selected it on the list because of its fascinating features and functionality.

The humidifier is made of cast iron. This material is durable and retains heat.

Woodeze is equipped with a decorative filigree top. This gives the visual sparkle of the humidifier, making your fireplace beautiful.

The humidifier also comes with a water tank of 2 quarts. This allows it generates humidity for an extended time.

The size of this humidifier enables it to fit anywhere on the table or end tables. It only measures 12"L x 8" W x 8"H.

The humidifier does not only produce mist, but it can also add a pleasant fragrance to a fireplace. You only need to add cinnamon sticks or mint leaves into the water for a great aroma.

Why Woodeze Home Indoor Decorative Humidifier Is Good For Fireplace

  • Beautifies the Room

If you want a humidifier that can add beauty to your fireplace, consider adding Woodeze. The humidifier comes with a decorative filigree top. This makes it attractive and can make the room more beautiful.

  • Long Run Time

Are you looking for a humidifier that can for as long as you are around the fireplace? checkout for Woodeze. This humidifier features a water tank of 2 quarts. This allows it to run for a long time without just one fill.

  • Help Save Money

Unlike electric humidifiers, Woodeze does not need electricity to run. You can place it on a stove and it will generate soothing warm-mist. This means you will save some money as a result of not using electricity for humidification.

  • Spices Up the Air

At times wood or gas fireplaces produce odors. This humidifier can help you manage it as you enjoy the soothing moisture. Woodeze allows the user to add aroma materials such as cinnamon sticks and mint leaves. This enables the humidifier to give out pleasant fragrances.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Can spice up the air
  • Portable


  • Can easily rust

5. Panacea 15321 Fireplace Kettle Humidifier

Image showing Penacea-15321-Fireplace Kettle humidifier
Panacea 15321 Fireplace Kettle Humidifier

Another good humidifier for a fireplace is the Panacea 15321 fireplace kettle humidifier. This humidifier is also designed in an old fashion style.

The humidifier can add moisture to the fireplace. So, during winter you can light your fireplace and still enjoy the soothing atmosphere.

Panacea is adorned with an attractive handle. This makes the humidifier portable and easy to handle.

This humidifier is durable enough. Certainly, the cast-iron construction makes it able to last for long.

When filled with water, you only need to place it on a wood stove. After reaching the boiling point, the humidifier will start releasing warm-mist.

Why Panacea 15321 Fireplace Kettle Humidifier Is Good For Fireplace

  • Moisturize Skin

Fireplaces are usually characterized by dry air, which is not good for the skin. If you are looking for a humidifier for this problem, Panacea can be good for you. Panacea can put back moisture and prevent dryness.

  • Last Long

You do not need to frequently buy humidifiers for your fireplace. Panacea 15321 can operate for a long period. This is because it is designed with cast iron. This is a strong material, which makes the product strong and durable.

  • Energy Saving

Panacea can help you save some dollars that would have been spent on electricity bills. This humidifier can be placed on a woodstove. This means you do not need to spend more on electricity bills to have good humidity around the fireplace.


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Can help release fragrances around fireplace
  • Eco-friendly


  • Slightly heavier  

To summarize, if you have an indoor fireplace, you need to think about having a humidifier. Most fireplaces are the primary causer of dry air in homes. It may be difficult to avoid using a fireplace, especially during winter. But, with a humidifier, you may minimize the effects of dry air. 

This is the reason we have taken the time to look for the best five humidifiers for fireplaces. All five are good and can help you deal with low humidity.

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