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You need a good humidifier to safeguard your cigars in a humidor. Some of you have tested the glitches of storing cigars in a humidor. Humidors with unbalanced humidity tend to affect the taste of the stored cigar. This is why properly stored cigars get better with age.

Too much humidity may make it swell and become hard to smoke. Similarly, low humidity makes cigars become frail and dry out faster. Certainly, your cigars will taste bitter or burn fast.

The good news is that you can protect your cigars while in a humidor. You only need to maintain stable humidity in your humidor. The best way to maintain the relative humidity is by using a humidifier. Humidifiers work by releasing continuous moisture to ensure humidity remains balanced.

We understand that choosing the best humidifier for your humidor may be challenging. This is because of too many devices on the market.

In this case, we intend to relieve you of the burden of searching for good humidifiers for your humidor. In this article, we have selected for you the best humidifiers that are good for your humidor.

Summary Of Our Selected Humidifiers for Humidor

HumidifierCigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Electronic HumidifierHumidiCup M1 Electronic Cigar HumidifierJoe Cool Cigar Crystal Gel HumidifierHUMI-CARE HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle HumidifierDrymistat Humidor Humidifier
Humidification capacity1000 cigars800 cigars150 cigars150 Cigars100 cigars
Size (LxWxH inches )6x2x3.56x2x3.35.5x2.5x0.756.5x 2.5x 0.75"5.5 x 0.75 x 0.75
Type of ChargingElectricElectricCrystal gelCrystal gelCrystal gel

What Is the Best Way to Humidify a Humidor?

The best way to humidify a humidor is by using a humidifier. Humidifiers can help release the required level of humidity to protect your stored cigars from getting wet or drying out. Certainly, this makes your cigars taste good after the storage period.

Where Should a Humidifier Be Placed in A Humidor

We recommend always placing your humidifier at the bottommost of your humidor. This is because moist air is always lighter than dry air. Besides, the humidity levels near the humidification source are higher than in other areas. So, your cigars will receive the necessary humidity.

However, if you own a smaller humidor or one that has no trays, you can mount a humidifier at the sides.

How Long Do Humidor Humidifiers Last

This may depend on the type of humidifier you are using. If you are using electric humidifiers, they can last for a long time. Unless they get damaged, electric humidifiers can operate for more than 5 years.

What Is the Best Humidity for Cigars?

The best humidity level for cigars is between 65-75%. This humidity range is good for cigars as it helps maintain the flavor quality. anything less or more can significantly affect the cigar's flavor.

How Does a Humidifier Work in A Humidor?

Humidifiers work by releasing moisture into the humidor. This allows your cigars in the humidor to stay under good humidity.

How Often Should You Season Your Humidor?

Seasoning your humidor can be based on the surrounding climatic conditions. For instance, if you live in dry areas you can season your humidor twice a year. However, for those in cooler areas, seasoning should be done more than two times a year.

Can I Use a Sponge in My Humidor?

If you want to increase humidity in your humidor, you can use a sponge. However, you need to take caution on the type of water you dip in your sponge. We recommend to you to always use distilled water. This helps minimize the risk of exposing cigars in a humidor to chemicals. Certain chemicals do affect the flavor of cigars.

The 5 Best Humidifiers For Humidor

 1. Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

Image showing Cigar Oasis electronic humidifier
Cigar Oasis Plus electronic humidifier

Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 has been selected among the best humidifiers for humidors. The humidifier is adorned with a large backlight display. You can always read the current humidity levels in your humidor.

Cigar Oasis also comes with a built-in humidity sensor. This measures the humidity levels in the humidor and automatically adjusts the humidifier. You can preset your preferred humidity level, and the humidifier will operate accordingly.

The humidifier can humidify humidors of up to 10 cubic feet in size.

It is also equipped with a pre-treated water cartridge. You only need to refill it using distilled water. The cartridge may require refilling after 2-4 months.

You can control Cigar Oasis using two methods. The sensitive touch buttons help you control your device. Additionally, the humidifier has WiFi capability. You can connect to this humidifier using the Cigar Oasis SmartHumidor on android and IOS smartphones.

Furthermore, Cigar Oasis is small enough to fit anywhere in a humidor. It only measures 6x2x3.5 inches (length, width, height respectively).

Why Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 Electronic Humidifier Is Good for Humidor

  • Large Coverage Capacity

In case you are looking for a humidifier for an end-table humidor, Cigar Oasis can be a good addition. This humidifier has the capacity to humidors up to 10 cubic feet. Indeed, this means Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 can protect 300-1000 cigars.

  • Automatic Humidity Monitor

If you want a stable range of humidity in a humidor, consider adding Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0. This humidifier comes with a humidity sensor. This detects the current humidity and helps the humidifier to adjust automatically. It comes with a preset humidity level of 70%. Therefore, this implies that your humidor will not have less or higher humidity.

However, you can always adjust to your preferred humidity levels. So, the cigars in the humidor will have balanced humidity levels.

  • Smart Control 

You do not need to frequently open the humidor to know the humidity levels. Cigar Oasis can be monitored or adjusted using its app on your smartphone. In this regard, you can always be updated with the humidity conditions in the humidor. Basically, this helps keep your cigars fresh for a long time.


  • Sensor controlled
  • Small size
  • Pre-treated water cartridge
  • Large water reservoir


  • It slightly costs much 

 2. HumidiCup M1 Electronic Cigar Humidifier

Image showing HumidiCup-M1 electric cigar humidifier
HumidiCup M1 Cigar Humidifier

You can also effectively maintain good humidity levels with HumidiCup M1 electric cigar humidifier. The humidifier comes with various features that make it good for humidors.

The humidifier is designed for medium-sized humidors or cigar cabinets. it can regulate humidity in humidors of up to 8 cubic feet.

Humidicup M1 is an automatic humidification system. It uses a built-in humidity sensor to effectively adjust the fan speed. When humidity rises or drops, it can be restored to the pre-set value in a short time.

Humidicup M1 features audio and display alerts. When the tank runs out of water, or when there is a fan error, you can always be notified through these alerts.

Moreover, considering its size, Humidicup M1 is small. It only measures 6” length X 2” width X 3.3” height (inches).

The humidifier comes with a pre-set relative humidity of 70%. However, you can adjust it to any value in a range of 60-80%.

Why Humidicup M1 Electronic Cigar Humidifier Is Good for Humidor

  • Automatic Humidification

Humidicup M1 humidifier can ensure a constant humidification in your humidor. It is designed with a humidity sensor that helps detect the current humidity in a humidor. This humidity sensor helps adjust fan speed according to the humidity status. Therefore, your cigars can remain in a good state for a long time, thus enhancing the flavor.

  • Small in Size

Humidicup M1 can help you humidify your humidor without taking a big space. The humidifier measures only 6x2x3.3 inches (LxWxH). With this size, the humidifier can take up a small space in a humidor. In general, you will be able to maintain good humidity without displacing your cigars.

  • Good Area Coverage

If you are looking for a humidifier for a medium-size humidor, checkout for Humidicup M1. The humidifier can cover humidors of up to 8 cubic feet. Surely, this shows that on average it can protect 800 cigars.


  • Wide cartridge
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Automatic humidification
  • Easy to clean the cartridge
  • Low water and fan error alert


  • Only 3% humidity accuracy rating

 3. Joe Cool Cigar Crystal Gel Humidifier

Image showing Joe Cool Cigar crystal gel humidifier
Joe cool cigar crystal gel humidifier

Joe Cool Cigar humidifier is also good for humidors. The humidifier comes in form of jars. The more jars you have the more humidification and area coverage.

In addition, these jars are pre-charged. You only need to remove the top cover and place the humidifier in your humidor.

The humidifier uses propylene glycol solution. When the crystals shrink below the add line, you refill the humidifier with the solution. Only one fill can allow the humidifier to work for up to 90 days.

A 4-ounce jar can humidify up to 100 cigars. This is good for medium-sized humidors.

Joe Cool Cigar crystal gel humidifier works by maintaining 70% relative humidity in your humidor.

Why Joe Cool Cigar Crystal Gel Humidifier Is Good for Humidors

  • Large Area Coverage

Do you own an end-table humidor? A Joe cool cigar humidifier can be a good addition to your cigars. The humidifier suits most medium size humidors with 100 cigar capacity. This means you can protect your cigars with only one humidifier.

  • Maintains Constant Humidity Levels

If you need to maintain a stable humidity inside your humidor, you can get Joe cool cigar humidifier. This jar-shaped humidifier ensures the relative humidity inside your humidor is 70%. Basically, this humidity level can protect the quality of cigars in the humidor.

  • Long Refill Timeframe

For those who do not enjoy frequently opening humidors to refill humidifiers, Joe cool cigar humidifier can help you out. With only one fill, the humidifier can work for up to 90 days (3 months). This means your cigars in the humidor will remain under good conditions without your routine supervision.


  • Maintains 70% relative humidity
  • Lasts up to 90 days on one refill
  • Small size
  • Does not need recharging


  • No hygrometer
  • Does not use water, only propylene glycol solution

4. HUMI-CARE HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier

Image showing Humi-Care HX10 humidifier
Humi-Care HX10 humidifier

Humi-Care HX10 is another good humidifier for humidors. The humidifier uses crystal gel bead technology for humidification. These beads contain the propylene glycol formula to balance humidity.

When refilled with distilled water, the crystal gel beads expand. They again contract when the absorbed water gets low.

When refilling you need to soak the beads in water.  You can only refill the humidifier with distilled water. Each refill takes about 15 minutes.

The humidifier measures 6.5” L x 2.5” W x 0.75” H (inches). This allows it to perfectly fit in any humidor.

Further, Humi-care HX10 crystal gel humidifier is equipped with a magnet. This means you can attach it to the sides of the humidor.

The humidifier can humidify humidors of up to 150 cigars.

Why HUMI-CARE HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier Is Good for Humidor

  • Can Be Placed Anywhere in A Humidor

If your humidor is compacted or has no space for a humidifier, Humi-care can help you. This humidifier is designed with a magnet. You can mount it on the side or lid of the humidor. This helps you not to displace some of your cigars to accommodate a humidifier.

  • Good Area Coverage

In case you have a big humidor with a capacity to store 150 cigars, Humi-care can be good for you. The humidifier can produce moisture in humidors with up to 150 cigars. This coverage is good for end-table humidors.


  • Small size
  • Magnetic
  • Easy to refill
  • Large area coverage capacity
  • Does not require charging


  • No hygrometer

5. Drymistat Humidor Humidifier

Image showing Drymistat humidor humidifier
Drymistat humidor humidifier

Drymistat is another good humidifier for humidors.  Unlike electric humidifiers, drymistat are plastic tubes that release humidity through microspores. You do not need to charge the humidifier.

Drymistat humidor humidifier is equipped with crystals charged with a propylene glycol solution. This enables the humidifier to maintain a constant humidity of 70%.

Drymistat humidor humidifier is good for smaller humidors. One Drymistat can regulate humidity for up to 25 cigars. In case you have more cigars in a humidor, you can add more than 1 tubes.

This humidifier works continuously. As it releases moisture, the crystals inside shrink. When they shrink below the indicator, it means you have to refill the humidifier with water.

You can use any water in this humidifier. However, you should take caution on various kinds of water that favor mold growth.

Why Drymistat Humidor Humidifier Is Good for Humidor

  • Small Size

This humidifier can fit any small humidor without the need to replace your cigars. A Drymistat tube is almost of the same size as cigars. This allows you to lay it down in the humidor just as cigars. In general, you can maintain stable humidity in your humidor without needing a lot of space.

  • Maintains a Stable Humidity

Before Drymistat crystals shrink below the indicator, they can maintain humidity levels in a range of 68-70%. Certainly, this humidity range is good for your cigars in the humidor. This is because humidity levels in this range helps protect the cigars from drying out or getting wet.

  • Require no Charging

You do not need to drill holes in your humidor to connect the cord to a power source. This humidifier does not require charging. It comes with crystals filled with a propylene glycol solution. These allow proper humidification without using power. Conversely, the only way of recharging these crystals is by adding water.


  • No need to recharge
  • Easy to refill
  • Low water indicator
  • Fits every humidor


  • Does not have a hygrometer 

In conclusion, it is always a bad experience getting your cigars after a long storage time, only to realize they are not good. Humidors are good storage containers that can protect your cigars. However, with unbalanced humidity, your goal may not be achieved. 

You need to ensure the relative humidity in your humidor is between 65-75%. Absolutely, the only effective way to achieve this humidity level is by using a humidifier. 

This is the reason we have identified for you some of the best humidifiers for your humidor. You do no longer need to stress while looking for a humidifier for a humidor. 

All the selected humidifiers are good but vary in terms of how they work. Therefore, the information provided intends to help you make an informed choice.

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