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Before we get into why an air purifier is good for you, I think it is important to know what an air purifier is. You will find that not just any type of air purifier is good for your health. Some produce ozone substances that are bad for your health and others do not do the job well. Our article will focus on the HEPA filter based air purifiers that might either have UV filters or carbon filters or both installed.

Why Air Purifiers work?

According to this article from MIT, air pollution causes about 200,000 deaths in the US. These are mind boggling statistics. This goes to show that good air quality could go a long way in keeping more people alive and breathing better. 

I am an allergy sufferer myself and poor air quality does trigger my allergies. This results in me having have long sleepless nights. So believe me when I say, having clean air is your best bet at keeping these allergies at bay.

If your home air circulation is not that great, you are more likely to trap pet dander, smoke, dust mites and mold. These are some of the few things that get trapped in a home with little to no air circulation. So for all the pet lovers who have animal allergies, air purifiers can help out in containing outbreaks.

Air purifiers can go a long way in making not so great air, fresh again thus making it harder to get any underlying health issues triggered.  I think Air purifiers are worth it and good for you and your home.

This article will list the benefits of air purifiers, why I believe an air purifier is good for you and why you should consider getting one. Though, we discourage getting the ionizer air purifiers as their use has negative side effects.


As we all know, poor air quality can worsen health issues like asthma and allergies, cause sleep problems, and even lead to long-term health effects. So having a device that can help to effectively improve quality of air we breathe in is a definite plus.


An air purifier filters out bacteria, unwanted chemical substances and viruses to make your home cleaner and more habitable. This is especially true for people who are very sensitive to allergens. For air purifiers with the HEPA Air Filters, they do this without relying on harsh chemicals or dangerous byproducts!

Some air purifiers use UV light filters to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. As microorganisms in the air pass through the filter, UV rays will kill them.


Air purifiers with carbon filters can capture a number of pollutants including chemicals and gases, smoke, and odors. Once a pollutant is absorbed, it will never be released thus guarantying your air is pollutant free. This is definitely a plus for mostly the elderly and asthma patients.


An air purifier can remove everything from pet dander to smog and pollen from the air. This ensures that common allergens and health-risks are eliminated from your home.

It would be important to note that the air purifiers work by sieving the air for unwanted particles and chemicals. Some of these unwanted substances include:

Smoke:  Filter based Air purifiers do a very good job in removing smoke in the air. This is not limited to smoke fire alone but tobacco smoke as well. It may not get rid of the smell but it gets the job done in regards to freeing your air from the smoke.

Allergens: These are particles or organisms that can activate allergies or asthma in individuals that breathe them in. Some of these include; Pollen, Pet dander and dust mites which are very common in the air. So an air purifier with a HEPA filter will do a very good job in trapping these airborne allergens.

Mold: Indoor mold is a real nuisance for people with mild and severe respiratory illnesses that can go even as far as the lungs. The air purifiers’ filtration system works best to trap and rid the air of the mold particles. An air purifier in conjunction with a dehumidifier work best in making it more difficult for mold spores to grow and spread within your home.

Foreign bodies/ toxins: Aside from the normal pollutants, substances and particles we all know, the air purifiers also works against the lesser known ones. These may come as a result of chemicals used at home or maintenance work done at home that may be a source of foreign particles like saw dust etc.

When you breathe in some of these particles in the air, they can do harm to your body or activate allergic reactions.


Without an air purifier, your home air could harbor lots of dust and unwanted foreign bodies. Filtering your air could really help with removing dust, smoke, mold and allergens that float in the air. This research article can help explain a bit more in regards to benefits of filtering the air. Air purifiers are most certainly not a waste of money. Air purifiers do work but should not be taken as the Holy Grail to all your breathing and respiratory problems. It is better to get professional help from a doctor but they are a good step in the right direction.

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