What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner and How it works?

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Many times we here people ask, what is a robot vacuum cleaner? Some even get into arguments about how it works. Well, we are here to help you with that if you are one of those people that fall into this category.

Getting straight into it, a robot vacuum cleaner also known as a roomba, is a vacuum cleaner that performs its behaviors and tasks with a high level of autonomy. That's it! The high degree of autonomy allows it to clean without human control. A significant advantage of using a robot vacuum cleaner (Roomba) is how convenient it is to use because they can do the vacuuming mostly on their own.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Vs Traditional Vacuum cleaners

AttributesRobot Vacuum CleanersTraditional Vacuum cleaners
Noise levelsQuiet                         Noisy
ConvenienceVacuum on their ownNeeds direct human intervention
StorageCan be kept under beds, desks or in closetsRequires a larger amount of space to be stored
Cleaning timeTakes longer amount of time to vacuum an area due to its sizeShorter time to clean because it covers a bigger area
CostRelatively expensiveModerately affordable

Common Features of Robot Vacuum cleaners

  • UV Sterilization: to disinfect surfaces by using UV light to kill microorganisms
  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air)  Filter: Air filter to remove particles from the air that passes through it
  • Wet Mopping:  Involves cleaning a surface using a somewhat moistened mop 
  • Anti-Drop:  prevents  the robot from falling down stairs
  • Anti-winding: automatically dodge obstacles in its way
  • Anti-twining: stops the robot getting twined by wires.
  • Mapping: creates a floor plan, which can be permanently stored and updated with information on areas which have been (or have not been) cleaned.
  • No Go-lines: This sets boundaries to confine the robots movements to desired cleaning areas.
  • Quick Recharge: Allows the unit to calculate the shortest path to recharge and charge only as much as needed
  • D-shape: This design can help capture dirt in corners and along walls better than some round units.
  • Schedule: timetabling feature that can be programmed weekly using different daily schedules,

What does a robot vacuum cleaner do?

Basically, a robotic vacuum cleaner fundamentally operates the same way as a traditional vacuum cleaner. It uses suction to collect dirt and deposit into a dust cup. The obvious difference with a robot vacuum cleaner is that it can function without human input.

How do robot vacuum cleaners work?    

The Roomba (robot vacuum cleaner) uses its sensors to find its way around the areas its cleaning without bumping into obstacles or falling down steps. It follows logical routes along walls and moving away from the wall to cover the area it has to clean.

The memory storage of a robotic vacuum cleaner serves the purpose of recording everything it does so that it can map out the room and stop following random paths and avoid obstacles in its path based on its memory map of the room

These robot vacuum cleaners are built to learn the layout of your homestead and use this data to compute the most efficient cleaning path. This allows the Roombas to clean your home quicker on a single battery charge.

The robotic vacuum cleaner interacts with humans in the form of an app that is installed on a smartphone or tablet. It uses blue tooth technology to exchange information with us via the application. Most times they tell us how long they have cleaned for and we can check their history to see how well they are working. Roombas also tell us when they get a challenge and if the dust cup needs to be cleaned along with other information that may affect their performance. We control them wirelessly through the app and can change their working schedules as required.

Conclusion (Should you get a robot vacuum cleaner) ?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a great plus to your home and allows you have more time to yourself. Robot vacuums are small and do not take up space in your home. I think they are worth a try if you can afford them

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