Are air purifiers a waste of money?

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With all that’s going on in the world today with global warming and air pollution, one really has to wonder, are air purifiers a waste of money? Our understanding is that you want to know if the air purifier will be of use to you and not turn out to be another home relic.

To put it bluntly, air purifiers are not a waste of money.  This is because air purifiers serve the purpose of filtering the air that we breathe. Air purifiers remove dust, mold, allergens and any foul odor that would make our air uncomfortable to breathe. So, air purifiers ultimately guarantee us a fresh and free breathing experience with no side effects.

Therefore, air purifiers are worth the money and we are going to explain in detail why this is so.

What you should remember is that air purifiers only remove particles floating in the air and not particles that have settled down.  You should also know air purifiers come in many shapes, sizes and with varying functionality. But ultimately, they serve one primary goal and that is to purify our air.

Since air purifiers come with different prices, it is important to factor price into any purchase decision. In addition, you should know what exactly you expect the purifier to do for you. Some air purifiers will have advanced features like voice recognition technology and others will have basic features. While other air purifiers will have all features available in one unit so you will everything at your disposal.

Why air purifiers are not a waste of money?

In detail, air purifiers are not a waste of money and are worth every penny because;

Air purifiers reduce dust in the air

Air purifiers help to capture dust floating in the air before it settles on surfaces. Many people believe that air purifiers will pull dirt off surfaces but that’s not true. They only capture dust and dirt particles floating in the air. This is because of the air filters present within the air purifier. The air filters found within air purifiers which are mostly HEPA filters can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. So no dust is going to get past the HEPA filter.

air purifiers remove dust in the air
Air purifiers help reduce dust in the air

Air purifier help with odors.

Some air purifiers come equipped with a carbon filter that adsorbs odors and smells. The odors and smells will react chemically with the carbon filter and will then eventually stick to it. Because this happens every time bad odor and smell is in the air, you will have to change your carbon filter after a period of time. This is because the carbon filter gets clogged from all the particulate matter that gets stuck to it. Here is a list of air purifiers that can help with bad odor, litter box smells and many other odors.

An air purifier removes VOCs.

VOCs is the short form for volatile organic compounds.  Volatile organic compounds are released as gases or liquids from particular substances. These substances can be solids or liquids but the most common sources of VOCs can be found in products that we use in our homes. These can include paints, wood preservatives, household disinfectants and many other similar products.

An air purifier will utilize its combination of HEPA filter and carbon filter to trap and adsorb any VOCs floating in the air.

Air purifiers help with mold

Will an air purifier help with mold? Yes, air purifiers will help with mold. They do this by capturing mold spores floating in the air. This function is performed by the HEPA filter. Some air purifiers go an extra mile and kill the mold spores using UV-C light. So if you are looking for an air purifier to help with mold, you might as well consider one with UV-C light. You can also read more about our recommended best air purifiers for mold and mildew.

image of mold
Air purifiers help with mold

An Air purifier helps with allergies

Air purifiers help with allergies by removing allergens floating in the air. If any allergen is floating in the air, the air purifier will suck it in and capture it. You can be rest assured that you will not be bothered by them anymore. No more stuffy noses and teary itchy eyes.

Air purifiers remove smoke

We never like the smell of smoke in our homes. And this includes; wild fire smoke, kitchen smoke and mostly all other types of smoke. Air purifiers come with an indicated CADR that shows how well they can deal with smoke. CADR means clean air delivery and it signifies how fast your purifier can deliver clean air into the room. The higher the number, the better the air purifier. The HEPA and carbon filters play a very big role in capturing smoke particles. They work hand in hand to remove smoke particles and smoke smell by trapping them.

smoke from wild fire
Air purifiers can help with smoke from wild fires

Air purifiers are also good for babies

Because, most baby lungs are still developing and are wildly irritable to foreign matter, an air purifier would be an excellent addition to your baby’s room.  The air purifier will assist you by making sure the air your baby breathes in is crisp and fresh.  You can check out this article to find out more about the best air purifiers for baby room.

These are some of the reasons why we believe that air purifiers are not a waste of money. We know that air purifiers are worth it and can go a long way in helping us address the air pollution challenges we have within our homes.

Factors to consider when choosing an air purifier.

These factors will help ensure that you make a decent purchase and you do not waste any money. Therefore, your standard air purifier should have the following;

  • HEPA filter: An air purifier should have a HEPA filter. This is because HEPA filters guarantee 99.7% of the air pollutants will be captured.
  • Carbon filter: An activated carbon filter will be useful in handling and removing any unwanted odors.
  • Pre-filter: A pre-filter will assist in capturing large particles as they flow through the air purifier. Because of this function, the carbon and HEPA filter will not be overworked. This means they will last longer and serve you better.

Conclusion: Are air purifiers a waste of money?

In conclusion to our question, are air purifiers a waste of money? We say no, air purifiers are not a waste of money because they improve the quality of the air that we breathe in. Air purifiers rid our air of any smoke, dust, mold spores, odors and any allergy causing particulates. Air purifiers do guarantee us an improved quality of life and air for everyone at home.

So go on ahead and get yourself an air purifier today.

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